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Spokane, Washington
                                                    April 10
, 2017
Notes from the Dean


As the final seconds of last Monday's game wound down, the tears on the faces of Gonzaga fans and players alike reminded me, as they always do, of the first time I cried over a sports event. My beloved Baltimore Colts succumbed to Jim Brown and the Cleveland Browns by a score of 27-0 in the 1964 NFL Championship game.  I had always lived in Oregon, and I have no idea why I became such a fan of the Colts, but I did. I suspect it was mostly about Johnny Unitas, but Raymond Berry and Lenny Moore had something to do with it as well. I was devastated by their defeat; there was something hard, unjust, unfair about a world in which this could happen.
     My dad, I must say, handled it poorly. He got irritated that I would invest that much emotion in a bunch of professional athletes, particularly ones I had never seen except on TV. He was of course right; it was silly, ridiculous even to cry over the Colts, and I came to understand that as I grew older. But my grief in the moment was no less real for all that, and that was the point my dad missed.
     Grief when it comes is profound no matter how superficial the cause, and it is never resolved by demeaning the source of it. I hope the dads of the ten-year-old children who cried over the Zags understand that.  I hope those parents told their tearful children that no matter how sad they were in that moment they were still beloved, the Bulldogs would be back next year, and they would be there to root for them just as fervently as ever before. Defeat and failure, though constants of life, are never ultimate. There is always another opportunity for those who care enough, who love enough, to take it.
     What has this to do with Holy Week and Easter? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing; I just felt the need to say this.   We all live with loss, we all live with failure of one sort or another--whether the source of loss and failure is profound in any absolute sense or not--and so we all live nearly all the time with some level of grief.  What I have learned over the course of my life is that there is really only one durable treatment for grief, and that is love.
     When we grieve and don't get love, the grief sets in and hardens until it constricts us in ways we don't understand and often don't even notice. When we grieve and get love, the grief remains pliable, we remain able to move within it, and it doesn't constrict us. Maybe that is what this has to do with this week. This is a grief--filled week, but a week suffused as well with love, and it is the love that has the last word, the love that sees us through.


Committee Formation
Karen Martin and Eric Baldwin,
Co-Chairs, Dean Call Committee 2017

We are excited to move to the next phase of our journey together--seeking Committee members.  By now you have seen the "Interest Form" either in your email or in the Welcome Center.
     If you are interested in being part of the main Committee, or if you would like us to know you are available to help as needed, please complete an Interest Form.  Return the completed form to the turquoise box in the Welcome Center by April 14--this Friday!
     Don't be shy!  We will need a lot of support and participation in order to make this a success!
     Thank you for your interest, questions, prayers, thoughts, and positive encouragement.  Here's our email link:


Dr Timothy Westerhaus, Music Director of the Cathedral, has brought together a rare and outstanding interweaving of music for Holy Week.

GOOD FRIDAY: Seven Last Words in African American Spirituals: April 14. Noon.   Designed as a lunch-hour service, the program presents a compilation of Jesus' Seven Last Words expressed through African American Spirituals. Created during the years of slavery in America, this rich offering of spirituals sung by congregation and choir, will include "There is a Balm in Gilead" and "Soon Ah will be Done," "Sometimes I Feel,"and "Calvary," highlighted by Cathedral soloists : Andrea Olsen, Amanda Rood, Nicholas Fritschler, and Isaac Robbins. 
      TENEBRAE . 7:00pm. The Cathedral youth and Junior Choir, led by Tamara Schupman, Director, offer the Good Friday Candlelight service of Tenebrae at 7:00pm, a participatory service of shadows rich in ritual.
: Buxtehude's 
Membra Jesu Nostri : 8:30pm .
The Cathedral Kantorei Choir, Collegium Orchestra and guest dancers from the Adaptations Dance Company, will perform the baroque Dieterich Buxtehude's Membra Jesu Nostri.  The exquisite music is divided into seven sections with an instrumental introduction; then a series of concerti for instruments and voices.   Buxtehude selected biblical verses and parts of the poem Salve mundi salutare. The poetry is enhanced with dance under the direction of Karla Parbon, dance faculty at Gonzaga and Whitworth Universities.
     Vocal soloists from the Kantorei Choir include Amy Porter, Andrea Olsen, Amanda Rood, Eric Betz and Joshua Vander Plaats.
     While this spiritual musical event is free, donations will be gratefully accepted to help underwrite the costs.
     EASTER SUNDAY . April 16 . 8:00 and 10:30am.   Easter Sunday shines with the resplendence of the Cathedral Brass and Chancel Ringers at both morning services, with the Junior Choir adding their voices for the 10:30am service.  Congregation and choirs together will sing Handel's "Hallelujah" chorus from  Messiah during the final recessional , full of the resurrection joy of new life!

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile
 and pray to the Lord on its behalf, 
for in its welfare you will find your welfare....
I know the plans I have for you, 
plans for your welfare and not for harm, 
to give you a future with hope...

Jeremiah 29:7, 11

April 22
Please join us for Callings, a one-day retreat where we begin to answer the question: What is God calling me to do with this life?
     Through conversation with those who have discerned their call, exploration of the spiritual gifts we have received, and hearing from one another, we will give you the tools to be open to hearing what God is calling you to do with your one life, whether that be a stay-at-home mom (or dad), a social justice warrior, a librarian, a plumber, or even a priest.
      Callings is April 22 nd at St. John's Cathedral, beginning with check-in at 8:30am and ending with dinner at 6:00pm. Callings is geared towards the 20s-30s crowd but we are open to anyone who feels so moved to join us. Please RSVP by April 19 th to Fr. Nic Mather at .

Childcare will be provided if there is enough need, so please RSVP by April 14th if you need childcare so that we can plan accordingly.  The cost for the event is free. We can also provide overnight accommodations at the Cathedral free of charge, on a case-by-case basis.

Rosie Banta

On April 18th, the Cathedral will be moving our email from the server to the Cloud. Because of this, there could be a few days after the 18th where not all of our email will be accessible to us.
     Don't panic if you don't receive a reply right away. All the kinks should be worked out by the end of that week. This will not affect how you email us, so you do not need to change anything.  If you have any questions about this just let me know.
     Thanks in advance for your patience during that week and please feel free to share this information.
News from the Curate's

Please join us on Sunday, April 23rd for a Parish Health and Wellness Day. In addition to Flowering of the Cross Sunday and the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, we will have the Great Hall set up with information and activities about general health and wellness. As Christians and as human beings who are in relationship with others, it is vitally important that we maintain our overall health and wellness. We can do this by educating ourselves about how to lead healthier lives, being aware of our vital health numbers, and treating ourselves to full body healing. For our Health and Wellness Day, we will provide information from cancer screenings to stress and time management. We will offer blood pressure checks by our Parish Nurse. We will even be providing 5 minute chair massages (free of charge!) from a couple of local licensed massage therapists.
     In addition to these activities focused on our personal health and wellness, we also have the opportunity to better the health of others, even possibly saving someone's life, through a Spring Blood Drive.
If you would like to pre-register, either online here or in person with Fr. Nic, 
it will greatly cut down on the amount of time needed to donate, making the whole process last only about 20 minutes!  Please do this ASAP so that we can confirm there is enough participation.
I look forward to sharing this celebratory day with all of you and providing some new information and fun activities to promote our collective overall general health and wellness. It's a small step towards living a healthy life, but it is a step in the right direction!

Fr Nic

Starting today and running through April 23rd, we will be accepting pre-orders for St. John's Cathedral T-shirts!   Above is the logo that we will be using.  It will be printed on a purple (Cathedral color) shirt.
       The cost for each shirt is $10.   You can order in person the next two Sundays or via email at  Please  pay by cash or check (made out to St. John's Cathedral, with "T-shirt" on the memo line).  All orders and payments will be collected by Fr. Nic,
Why a T-shirt you ask? One of the ways we can spread the name of the Cathedral is through our work in the community, whether it be volunteering or community activism. And what better way to spread the name than wearing one of our t-shirts while you are out making real change?!
       If you have any questions feel free to contact Fr. Nic at the office.

  • April 14        Good Friday Service.  12:00pm.  Seven Last Words in the African-American Spirituals Tradition. 
  • April 14        Tenebrae.  Led by the youth and Junior Choir. 7:00pm  
  • April 14        Buxtehude's Membra Jesu Nostri, Kantorei Choir, Collegium orchestra and dance                     led by Adaptation Dance Company.  8:30pm.
  • April 16        Easter Sunday.  9:00am and 10:30am.
  • April 19        Inquirer's Class Begins.  7:00pm.
  • April 22        Callings: All day retreat.  Great Hall. Registration: 8:30am.  Dinner: 6:00pm
  • April 23        Flowering of the Cross Sunday.  10:30am.  Easter Egg Hunt following the service.                      Parish Health and Wellness Presentation, Great Hall.
The May issue will be published on May 8, the second Monday of the month.  Articles or announcements are invited.  Please send copy by the previous Thursday