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May 2013
Danger Ahead!!! 
Beware the three dangerous traps in finding new leaders


The hole that is created when a key leader leaves an organization is often frightening, to say the least - and the desire to fill that hole can lead to high anxiety and knee-jerk reactions. The impulse to move quickly can often lead to poor decisions, and poor decisions can lead to a downward spiral of problems for the leadership team and the organization. Beware these traps:
1) The "Rush to Hire" trap - Fear of the "unmanaged" organization or program often leads to a quick hire - sometimes the most convenient hire - someone we know, someone on staff -- without taking the time to get clear about the skills, background, and experience needed to guide the organization successfully into its next phase of life. 


2) The "Good Interview" trap - We are often attracted to good interviewees and may choose based on emotion rather than combining a "good energy" interview with an analysis of whether or not the candidate actually possesses the skills, experience, and demonstrated abilities necessary to deliver in the areas the organization will need in the coming months and years ahead. The skills, experience, and abilities needed are not likely to be the same as those possessed by the last leader. 

3) The "Same or Different?" trap - If the last leader was well-liked and successful, the desire to hire someone similar will be the mode of operation. If the leader was not well liked, was dismissed, or unsuccessful, the inclination might be to look for someone with the opposite or different skills or characteristics. Neither approach is a safe strategy for finding the right next leader.

These traps of engaging a new leader often play out in subtle ways. Here are some ways to avoid these traps and do a better job at finding the right next leader:
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Our friends at Brooklyn Children's Museum are looking for a Vice President for Development 
Brooklyn Children's Museum

Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield CT 
Engrossed in craftsHave you ever wanted to spend a weekend engrossed in working with your hands? 
The Brookfield Craft Center
has been home to artists since 1954 and is in the middle of a two year transition towards long term sustainability - Local media are paying attention ~ see here in the Litchfield County times article   
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Modest Needs Nonprofit Grants


Modest Needs understands that small nonprofits face certain challenges, including securing basic program-related needs. Modest Need's Non-Profit Grant allows small non-profits to appeal directly to the general public for help to afford expenses that will strengthen the programs and services they provide to the communities that they serve.


To be eligible for this grant, your organization must have a gross income of at least $50,000.00, but not more than $500,000.00 dollars and must file a Form 990-EZ or Form 990, and must register with Modest Needs. Click here for more information and to apply.

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