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 MARCH 2013

A Passing, a New Pope, and the Opportunities in Nonprofit Executive Search


"It Isn't the Changes that Do You In"


"It isn't the changes that do you in, it's the transitions," wrote William Bridges in his ground breaking book titled Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change.  "They aren't the same thing," he continues, "Change is situational...Transition, on the other hand, is psychological: it is a three-phase process that people go through as they internalize and come to terms with the details of the new situation that the change brings about."


The New York Times, in its obituary of Mr. Bridges (who passed away on February 17th of this year) noted that Bridges' "...pioneering work on transition transformed the way people think about change...Mr. Bridges had a worldwide impact on educators, psychologists, corporate executives, business consultants, and non-profit leaders, as well as the general public."

We will always be grateful to Mr. Bridges here at the Support Center/Partnership In Philanthropy (SC/PIP), as his work forms the heart of the way we conduct our Executive Search work.  In contrast to traditional executive search - which can be one-dimensional and misses the depth of opportunities in transition - our focus goes beyond the surface of finding the next nonprofit leader, to insuring that the search process not only secures the right next leader, but also minimizes the risks and maximizes the opportunities available during the transition. 


A New Pope - The Change Triggers Transition


In February, quite unexpectedly, Pope Benedict XVI resigned and left a legion of Catholics wondering about future Church leadership and anxious about the future.  Most were surprised, many confused, some were sad and others angry.  William Bridges, of course, would have predicted these reactions suggesting that anger, anxiety, sadness and disorientation are the natural emotions of transitions.  He would, however, have quickly noted that if handled skillfully and thoughtfully, the transition would offer an enormous opportunity for change and growth. Read More...

lnjInterim Executive Leadership - A Powerful Resource in Lead New Jersey's 
Executive Transition  
"Working with [the Support Center's interim placement] Richmond [Rabinowitz] was truly a gift. What a great opportunity to have such an experienced professional serve as the interim executive director for our organization. She is smart, focused, full of energy, has great communication skills and best of all a wonderful sense of humor." 
- Phil Salerno, Lead New Jersey,  Chairman, Board of Trustees [during the transition] 
When Lead New Jersey (LNJ) needed a new leader they came to the Support Center for Executive Search. After undertaking a thorough organizational assessment, it was clear that an Interim Executive Director (IED) would be key to bridging the leadership gap while the search was conducted. The IED's goals were clear-strengthen management practices, undertake a review of fundraising and communications, and recruit a new class of Fellows and organize a seminar series. 
Chicken Little Syndrome - Why Stern's Charity for All Misses the Mark

A book review by Dr. John Brothers, Senior Fellow at the Support Center


Ken Stern Book - With Charity for all This month I had an opportunity to participate in a discussion on HuffPost Live with Ken Stern, the author of the recent book Charity for All.  Having read the book, I had the same reaction to it then as I did when I first read the statement that introduces it on Amazon:


"Vast and largely unexamined, the world of American charities accounts for fully 10 percent of economic activity in this country, yet operates with little accountability, no real barriers to entry, and a stunning lack of evidence of effectiveness. In With Charity for All, Ken Stern reveals a problem hidden in plain sight and prescribes a whole new way for Americans to make a difference."


Overall, the above premise is flawed in a number of ways, many of them coming from a tired narrative that emerges from someone wishing to make a splash by simply stating that nonprofits are weak and we all should be afraid.  The above statement also provides an ideal framework from which I can explore some of the issues I have with the author's viewpoints:


Empire State Fellows Program: Applications Accepted to April 12th 

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo is now accepting applications for the second class of Empire State Fellows. Applications for the
 Empire State Fellows Program must be received no later than April 12, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.  This two-year program is a full-time leadership training program that prepares a new generation of leaders for policy-making roles in New York State government, and encourages professionals from underrepresented groups to join the Governor in creating a New New York. Read more...
March Tweets
We have been doing a lot of reading this month, and here are a few articles that stood out to us. Please let us know what you found interesting on our blog.

It's time for change, through the Activism's Future campaign launched by North Star Fund. 
A case study conducted by the Nonprofit Finance Fund prompted a few pointers on nonprofit collaborations.

A decision to concentrate on multiyear grants, the Jim Joseph Foundation considers that it's more effective to achieve goals. What do you think? 
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