July 12, 2012
Temple Heights Spiritual Camp Newsletter
Northport, Maine
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Here's this weeks schedule. Thank you for checking us out. We would like you to visit our website at
www.templeheightscamp.org and even more to come by camp for a visit even if only to sit on the deck and enjoy interesting conversation and rest with the view of the bay.
Experience our Spiritualist Church services every Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening with our visiting mediums and healers.

This week's coupon saves you $5 per night on lodging any night July 16-20, Monday through Friday. Possible $25 savings. Coupon at bottom of this newsletter. 

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 This Week's Healer





Rev. Edna "Violette Raye" Doane, Ph.D, Enfield ME; Violette Raye Vibrations Sound Healings,  Reiki, Polarity, IET,  Cranial - July 16 - 22


Edna is a metaphysician who brings seventeen years experience of integrating Reiki, IET, Polarity, Cranial Bio-Dynamics, Massage, Sound Healing and Holistic Life Coaching to help her students and clients harmonize and balance   Body-Mind and Spirit. She owns the trademark for the Intention Tuners Tuning forks and her private healing practice in Enfield, ME.  She travels throughout the United States teaching sound and energy healing.  www.intentiontuners.com



Next Week's Healer





Kenneth L. Green, Arizona/Maine; Spiritual Healing - July 23 - 28


Ken has been involved in healing for three decades. His interest began in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine where he studied healing techniques with Spiritualist Clifton Mountain. He also brings Native American spirit into his healings. Ken has been involved with Temple Heights Spiritualist Camp for 20 years and is a Temple Heights Board member.




We would like to help you save money when you visit.


We are still looking for people who would like to help us by taking a shift of lodgekeeping through the summer. Shifts are 8-3 and 3-10 daily. Currently at least one shift is open each day. We would prefer people who are familiar with the camp and Spiritualism. We also need people to moderate church services Sunday and Thursday. Call Ernie to interview and schedule 649-9655.




For those not inclined to the above, we are looking for a L-shaped desk for the reception area and a computer type chair for that desk. We need some new outside doormats, hall runners and bathmats. 


Gardening volunteers for work around our flower gardens are always needed. Anybody have leftover flower plants that need some ground?  


Still have leaves from winter around the chapel to rake. We'd like to build compost retainers for leaves and kitchen recycling, so materials and help with that.


Would love food donations for the mediums, healers and staff. Got any extra, fresh garden veggies??? Don't forget to attend potluck suppers on Sundays.


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See updated schedule for the next two weeks below.


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The Mystery Lady and Nickawa, the guiding healing Spirits of Temple Heights Camp



As a healing center, in addition to Spiritualist 'Spirit Healings' offered in our church services and anytime as available by healers present, we now have weekly healing practitioners who offer a wide variety of healing modalities which this year include: Sound Healings, Affirmations and Visualization Healing, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Polarity, Shamanistic, Healings with The Council of Engma, Soul Clearing, Results Therapy, Kinesiology and Body Work, Seichem, Ra-Sheeba, and Angelic Light Energy, Usui Reiki, Lymphatic, Charkra Balance, Breath Work, IET, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Somatic Healing, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Medical Qigong Qi Healing, Emei Buddhist Mantra & Remote Healing, Dragon Gate Daoist Medicinal Brush Healing, and ReUnion Facilitation.

We have a Monday evening Healer's Class where you can be inspired and in-tuned by the healer of the week. At the end of the Healers week, Sunday morning, the healer has a workshop where everyone receives and shares the healing activities and vibrations.

As a spiritual educational center we now have Sunday afternoon classes, Tuesday mediumship development class, Saturday morning and afternoon workshops added to the healers' classes total over seventy opportunities for individual learning, delivering many avenues to increase spiritual awareness and personal change. Additionally look for Late Night Phenomena Workshops scattered throughout the season.


Call the office for reservations NOW 207-338-3029






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As the sunflower turns its face to the sun, so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity to the light of truth. 


Upcoming at Temple Heights



End of WEEK 4





Nedra Foster MPI, Bangor ME; Mediumship - June 17, July 8-14


Nedra is a professional, talented clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient medium, psychic and intuitive providing readings and message circles by appointment.  As a lifetime student of metaphysics her greatest joys and passions are connecting those on the earth plane with those in spirit.  She also serves camps and churches.  A long time member of the Harrison D. Barrett church in Bangor, International Spiritualist Federation Member and past member of the MSSAC Board. 


Sirry Berndsen, Boston MA; Mediumship - July 11-14


Sirr� has been blessed with the gift of mediumship throughout her life. Since childhood, she has recognized her remarkable clairvoyance, the premonitions and vivid dreams, which foretold visions of the future. In time, she came to embrace her unique abilities, and use the gift to heal and comfort those who had lost loved ones through the power of mediumship. Since harnessing her gift, Sirr� has dedicated her life to achieving excellence in mediumship. Sirr� is a positive spirit, filled with light. She believes in miracles, because she sees them happening each day, all around her and every one of us. www.spiritoflight.com 


Please note: All of Sirry's private reading spots are filled. Join her on Saturday for her workshop  "Connecting with Spirit through Music" 




July 13 Friday

Private Readings - Nedra Foster, Sirry Berndsen

Private Healings - Scott Mayer

Healing Circle 7:30 PM: Scott Mayer


July 14 Saturday

Private Readings - Nedra Foster, Sirry Berndsen

Private Healings - Scott Mayer

Morning Workshop 9:30-Noon Sirry Berndsen "Connecting with Spirit through Music" Bring a piece of music with meaning and connection to a Loved One in Spirit. Advance signup perfered.

Afternoon Workshop 1-3:30PM Nedra Foster "How Spiritualism Helps Ease All Types of Loss and Grief" This class delves into the world of various losses and grief from the perspective of Spiritualism. They affect us throughout life and we'll explore ways to help move beyond what has been lost or feels lost. Whether reactions to divorce, jobs, moves, homes, health changes, death, or other losses; join this class and learn ways to ease loss and grief with the help of Spiritualism.  

Message Circles 7:30 PM Nedra Foster, Sirry Berndsen





Rev Sharon Watson, NST Orlando Florida, Mediumship - July 15- 21


Rev Sharon Watson is an Ordained Minister through the NSAC. She is a Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, National Spiritualist Teacher and a Missionary. She is President of the Licentiate Ministers and Certified Mediums Society, and on the Board for the Healer's League. She is a member of the Morris Pratt Institute and serves o the Education Committee. Sharon has authored many articles about spirituality for magazines such as the TNS, Spotlight, Social Issue and Orlando Life. Sharon travels extensively, throughout the country, serving camps and churches, teaching about Spiritualism and demonstrating her Mediumship. She was featured in Down East Magazine. Read the article


Gary Mascher, Litchfield ME; Mediumship -  June 16,17;  July 7,8, 21,22; Aug 4, Sep 1


Gary has served on the Board of Directors of the Augusta Spiritualist Church and is currently on the THSC Board. He comes from a Spiritualist family and has had spirit awareness since an early age. Gary teaches workshops on Spiritual Awareness in Maine and Florida. He also serves churches and camps in Maine and is available for private readings. He has worked in the mental health field for over 40 years.





Alice Bernier, Unity ME; Table Tipping Mediumship - July 15, July 18


A past president of THSChurch. Alice's psychic awareness started at a young age, which led her to Spiritualism. She is a student of Morris Pratt Institute. Her 'On my Spiritual Life Journey' leads her closer to God through love, kindness and service. She focuses her spiritual energy towards serving churches and camps throughout Maine teaching about the continuity of life; offering private readings, group readings and  physical mediumship through table tipping.




July 15 Sunday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Sunday Healer's Workshop 9:30-Noon Scott Mayer "Four Seasons Qigong" Learn simple moving practices to strengthen the body and energy all year long direct from Wudang Mountain the heart and wisdom of the ancient Daoists.

Class 12:30 PM Alice Bernier "Make your own Dream Pillow" Learn about Symbolic Powers of Plants Herbs and Trees and how to use them your choice of 'Psychic Awareness Dream Pillow' or 'No More Night Mares Dream Pillow'.$3 fee for materials?

Church Service 2:30 PM Rev Sharon Watson

Potluck Supper 5:00 PM All are welcome.

S�ance Circle 6:30 PM Rev Sharon Watson


July 16 Monday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Healer's Class 7:30 PM Edna Doane "Vibrational Awakening of Your Sacred Heart" This class identifies the threefold flame, its history, purpose, colors and paths to balancing. Delve into your divine sacred heart by partaking in an extraordinary sacred sound journey with the three fold flame tuning forks.


July 17 Tuesday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Development Class 7:30 PM Ernie VanDenBossche


July 18 Wednesday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Message Circles 7:30 PM Rev Sharon Watson, Ernie VanDenBossche

Table Tipping Circle 7:30 PM Alice Bernier


July 19 Thursday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Church Service 7:30 PM Rev Sharon Watson


July 20 Friday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Healing Circle 7:30 PM Edna Doane



July 21 Saturday

Private Readings - Rev Sharon Watson, Gary Mascher

Private Healings - Edna Doane

Morning Workshop 9:30-Noon Rev Sharon Watson "Prosperity and Abundance" An in depth workshop that teaches you how to create your dreams. Learn the difference between true and perceived. Tap into eternal gain and happiness.

Afternoon Workshop 1-3:30PM Gary Mascher "Perception / Attitude" Explore how positive and negative perceptions are manifested in our life styles. How do we become the way we are? What do we want to create in our relationships?....."My GOD what have I created?" Manifesting positive energy within our conscious mind.

Message Circle 7:30 PM Rev Sharon Watson, Gary Mascher

Table Tipping Circle 7:30 PM Janice Nelson




July 22 Sunday

Private Readings - Ernie VanDenBossche

Healer's Workshop 9:30-Noon Edna Doane "The Ancient Healing Sounds of the Violet Flame" This workshop has a unique spiritual foundation with a non-invasive approach to sound healing. Experience the energy and frequencies of the Intention Tuners tuning forks which are the lost ancient keys of Lemuria. The tones are based on the healing qualities of the Violet Flame which is a fast moving spiritual energy.

Class 12:30 PM Gary Mascher "Forgiveness" Learn how to let go of energy that keeps you for going forward. Open the door in Loving Yourself.

Church Service 2:30 PM Gary Mascher

Potluck Supper 5:00 PM All are welcome.

S�ance Circle 6:30 PM Ernie VanDenBossche







Laura Lee Perkins M.S., Arizona/Maine; Mediumship  July 24 - 29


Laura Lee has been serving Temple Heights Camp for 15 years as a medium and class instructor. Her philosophy embraces the concept that the purpose of life is for the soul and personality to meld, and that can be accomplished only through deep spiritual work. In her message circles, laughter is often heard echoing through the building. Her classes offer experiential processes for expanding spiritual connections. She is the Editor of The National Spiritualist Summit magazine and lives in Maine and Arizona.




July 23 Monday

Private Readings - Ernie VanDenBossche

Private Healings - Ken Green

Healer's Class 7:30 PM Ken Green "Exploring Aspects of Healing"involves exploration of important components necessary for healing: preparation, receptivity, expectations, follow-through, contact & absent healing, and trust.


July 24 Tuesday

Private Readings - Ernie VanDenBossche

Private Healings - Ken Green

Development Class 7:30 PM Ernie VanDenBossche

Late Night Phenomena 9:15-10:45 PM Alice King, Table Tipping


July 25 Wednesday

Private Readings - Laura Lee Perkins

Private Healings - Ken Green

Message Circles 7:30 PM Laura Lee Perkins, Carol Fricke


July 26 Thursday

Private Readings - Laura Lee Perkins

Private Healings - Ken Green

Church Service 7:30 PM Laura Lee Perkins


July 27 Friday   

Private Readings - Rev.Elizabeth Gosslin

Private Healings - Rev.Brad Gosslin

Healing Circle 7:30 Rev.Brad Gosslin


July 28 Saturday

Private Readings - Laura Lee Perkins, Rev.Elizabeth Gosslin

Private Healings - Ken Green

Morning Workshop 9:30-Noon Rev.Elizabeth Gosslin "How We Perceive Angels Through History" How people have perceived angels in different eras of history and reflections of society about angels through visual arts. Lecture with pictures.

Afternoon Workshop 1-3:30PM Rev.Brad Gosslin "The Energy Healing Experiments" Originally by Gary Schwartz, this class will include talk and exercises.

Message Circles 7:30 PM Laura Lee Perkins, Rev.Elizabeth Gosslin, Rev.Malcolm Speirs








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