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May 2015
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Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM, Executive Director
Canadian Institute of Marketing 

Managing the promotional marketing aspect of a global brand:  The role of the expatriate brand manager

By Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr

Prof. Dawn Salter, P.Mgr.
In the field of global marketing management, the matter of standardization has received significant attention over the past few decades, particularly in the area of international advertising and the ideal promotional management strategies. Academics and practitioners continue to debate whether it's best to use the same promotional programs worldwide or adapt to the preferences, tastes, and values of local cultures. For the multinational corporation (MNC), the benefits to standardize brand communications are clear: they allow for a consistent corporate brand image, economies of scale on creative development, production and management, and greater ownership of original creative ideas. Conversely, adaptation permits MNCs to customize advertisements using the lifestyle appeals of local cultures. This approach can lead to increased persuasiveness and likeability among stakeholders and thus generate higher sales.

The need for greater accountability
The common complaint against marketers is that they are not accountable for their expenditure and do not pay attention to this aspect. Hence, in this brief article I will endeavour to address the issue and offer advice to both marketers and non-marketers.

He, she, and the two birds
By  Dr. Abdul Hamad,  MCInst.M

Consultant Health and Rehabilitation Care

In a beautiful garden in a beautiful area in the Eastern Asia, she was leaning on a tree. At the same time and on the other side there was a gentleman sitting alone on a wooden bench.

An exciting and attracting event occurred. One bird with a worm in his beak landed at a nest and fed another bird. The surprise was - the bird in the nest was sick and unable to fly due to its broken wing, which made it a warm and passionate moment.

That story clearly says: Despite the cultural differences we may communicate successfully.

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New International Member Category - ICInst.M
The Canadian Institute of Marketing received its Certificate of Continuance in July, 2014. To secure the documentation from Industry Canada, the Canadian Institute of Marketing adopted the model bylaw provided by Industry Canada and updated the Institute's bylaw. Included in the update is a new membership category - International Associate.

Canadian Institute of Marketing establishes Bureaus to improve member services
Canadian Institute of Marketing "Bureaus" are knowledge exchange places where members can build their networks, hone skills and influence change. They are pages on the Institute's website where members can create virtual special interest spaces to enhance and protect their professional marketer credentials by getting involved in the affairs of the Canadian Institute of Marketing. Bureaus may include regional alignments, market sector interests, cultural sectors and so on, but all are accessible for any member no matter where located on the planet. Three bureaus have been established and being populated by members.

A network of career-oriented professional marketers in Canada and abroad

The Institute was launched to promote and develop the practice of marketing in Canada by encouraging
the adoption of professional Standards and qualifications by people pursuing marketing careers, and to become the recognized body for professional marketers in Canada. Membership is for individuals who have studied marketing and have many years of experience. All applications for membership are peer-reviewed.
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Managing the promotional marketing aspect of a global brand: The role of the expatriate brand manager
International member category
CIM Bureaus established
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Consider a featured article that focuses on the association's mission. Describe what the organization is today and where it wants to be in the future.he Study Guide for challenging the oral and written exams for the Certificate of Registration and privilege to use the post nominal RPM (Registered Professional Marketer) has been updated.

The exam dates are November 14, 2015 for the written exam and November 21, 2015 for the oral. The text book used to draft the exam questions is: Lamb, C., Hair, Jr., J., McDaniel, C., Kapoor, H., & Appleby, R. (2011). MKTG (2nd ed.). Toronto, Ontario: Nelson.

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