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April 2015 Newsletter

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Just yesterday I read the following line in one of the devotional guides that I have been using throughout this Lenten season, "In prayer this week we need to live with the taste of pain and the triumph of evil." (Sacred Space for Lent 2015, p. 90) I have to admit my first reaction was to think, "No thanks." Then as I pondered that reaction I had to own a very real struggle that has been going on in my heart lately. My reaction came from a place of deep knowing; knowing pain, knowing the place of evil in the world, knowing that there is so much evidence all around me of pain and evil that I don't need to be reminded of it. I've seen pain in the lives of friends, family and colleagues and have experienced enough for myself to own its reality in our everyday lives. I've seen evil at work in the larger world, in senseless violence and bloodshed and in systemic injustice that sometimes only seems to grow unchecked in our culture. There is just a point where we all just want to say, "Enough." And that was my first thought as I read that sentence.

But I realize that my reaction is actually the point of this invitation. The truth is that Holy Week is an invitation to go there - to acknowledge the pain, the sin, the suffering of this very broken and messed up world. To walk with Jesus through the events of Holy Week is to look at all that stuff that we would rather dismiss until it lands in our laps and to own how desperately we need help from beyond ourselves. To walk with Jesus during Holy Week is to own the depth of our own pain, brokenness and sin and at the same time to discover the meaning of Christ's own suffering and pain. As we sit with Jesus at the table sharing a meal with friends who will each betray him in some way and as we walk with him to the cross and witness his suffering, we see the lengths to which God was willing to go to enter into the evil and pain and suffering of this world that God loves. We discover that God is with us in the worst and in the best, in the pain and in the joy and in everything we experience in life. And we discover at the cross a depth of love and mercy and grace that we will never fully comprehend. And so yes, I need to sit for a while with the taste of pain and even the triumph of evil, at least for a while, until I own that brokenness as the reality of life.

But I realized as I pondered this that the only way to bear holding the pain and brokenness is to do it knowing that it is not the last word. Evil does seem to triumph at times, at least for "a while." Pain seems to engulf us at times and we don't always have a say in that. But pain and evil and brokenness are only part of the story. The reality that we cling to, the message we proclaim is that Easter is just as real! Healing and hope and restoration and new life are always the end of the story and that is what empowers us to hold the pain and brokenness for a while. Jesus is alive and is still at work in the world and his love and grace will always bring about new beginnings and life, even in the midst of pain. God has the last word in our stories and it is a word of life.

I realize that it is tempting to doubt that message sometimes, especially when we are "tasting" pain and brokenness. But I also realized this week that the best evidence I have of the truth of the resurrection, the best witnesses I know of the power of God to bring healing and hope into our lives are people; people who have overcome pain, people who have discovered life after heartache, people who endure suffering still and yet live each day with a spirit of perseverance of hope and grace. I can name them. I'm guessing you can as well. They are people who are living witnesses of the power of God to create new life and hope and even joy in the wake of pain. They are living proof that Jesus rose from the grave and is still at work helping us to overcome whatever threatens us. And I realize that I am also that kind of living witness. My guess is that you are too.

That is the message of Easter. That is the good news that we have to share with our friends, our neighbors, our communities and beyond. Holy Week and Easter worship experiences are such incredible opportunities for us and for our churches to share this message. We are all the living proof of the power of that message. It is my hope and prayer that during this sacred time of worship and celebration we will each look for ways to share that message with others who need to discover it.

Grace and Peace and an early Happy Easter!


East Central Clergy Meeting - May 13th
Florida UM Children's Home -  9am - 1pm
Looking forward to seeing all Clergy on Wednesday, May 13th at The Florida United Methodist Children's Home for our spring Clergy Meeting. Our schedule is 9:00am - 1:00pm with fellowship  and morning refreshments beginning at 9am. Please sign up today.

In The District
Announcement Sunday moved to April 19, 2015
At the most recent Appointive Cabinet meeting it was decided to move Announcement Sunday from its traditional time, the first Sunday in May, to the Sunday immediately following the final appointment making session.  For this year Sunday, April 19th is Announcement Sunday for all UMC's across the Florida Conference.  All churches who are having a change of pastors on July 1st may announce the name of their newly appointed pastor to the congregation on April 19th.

Churches that are not experiencing a change of clergy appointment this July should plan to announce and celebrate the return of their pastor with the congregation on Sunday, April 19th.

If you need information, please contact the district office at 386-259-5756 Ext. 4 for assistance. 
2015 Annual Conference  |  June 10-13
Bethune Cookman University, Daytona Beach
173nd Session of the Florida Annual Conference
Wednesday, June 10 through Saturday, June 13

Bethune-Cookman University Performing Arts Center
698 West International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida  32114

Registration open Tuesday, June 9th 1:30pm - 7:00pm - Holmes Business Building.  
Tuesday Only:  Plenty of special short term parking in front of the Holmes Business Building will be available for quick in/out registration plus pick up of voting device.  
Register Tuesday as you arrive in Daytona Beach - you will be glad you did.

8:00am Wed., June 10th Registration Opens
8:30am Wed., June 10th

Meet & Greet Nominees to General & Jurisdictional Conference

Laity - Performing Arts Center
Clergy - Moore Gymnasium 
10:00am Wed., June 10th Laity & Clergy Sessions (Locations above)
1:30pm Wed., June 10th Opening Plenary Session - Performing Arts Center

Click here for the complete AC2015 tentative schedule.
Click here for the Pre-Conference Brochure previewing planned activities.

Check site for AC2015 Information being updated often.

This is an election year, and members will elect delegates to represent them at the 2016 General Conference to be held in Portland, Oregon.
2015 AC Pre-Conference Orientation Videos featuring key information related to Annual Conference available on-line soon.  The EC District will NOT hold orientation meetings this year.
Name Badges  for Lay & Clergy Members to Annual Conference  will NOT be mailed this year.   In keeping with the Church's aim to care for creation and be good stewards of resources, name badges will be distributed at Registration in the Wendall P. Holmes Business Building.

Plan to pick up your name badge when you arrive at registration check-in.

Registration check-in located in the Holmes Business Building opens 1:30pm Tuesday.
Printed Workbook - deadline to Order is today, April 1, 2015.  With rising printing and postage costs we send the 2015 AC Workbooks only to those who request a printed copy.  The entire Workbook will be posted online at  If you wish to have a Workbook printed and mailed to you, please click here  to request a printed copy of the Workbook.
Youth Information - Youth are encouraged to participate and experience Annual Conference.  Housing will be at Bethune Cookman University, and $100 will cover housing and meals (excluding lunch).   Click here  for all the quick links for youth:  registration, schedule, expectations, forms and more detailed information.
Volunteer Opportunities - AC2015
Radical Hospitality Opportunities to
Serve at Annual Conference 2015
June 9 - 13, 2015
Tuesday - Saturday

Bethune Cookman University
Daytona Beach, Florida

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Hospitality Volunteers will be assigned in areas of:
*Greeter and Welcome Hospitality
*Registration Welcome and Voting Machine Distribution
*Guest Services
*Ushers at Daytime Plenary and Evening Worship Sessions
Please be aware that the majority of the above volunteer positions require standing for the shift time.

Information and sign up coming to   soon on how to join the Annual Conference Radical Hospitality Team.

Bus Drivers/Transportation will serve in providing transportation to and from BCU campus building and parking locations.

Authorized Drivers of motor vehicles owned by a United Methodist Church must hold valid Florida Driver's  License, be 21 years old, and have at least one year of U.S. driving experience to operate a church vehicle.

If your church has a bus that is available during Annual Conference, please contact Janet Kelley at
Second Annual Florida Conference 5K
June 11, 2015  at 6:30am - Breakers Oceanfront Park and Daytona Beach Pier 
The FLAC5K Team invites you to join us for the Second Annual Florida Conference 5K.  We will gather on picturesque Daytona Beach to run and walk as a community committed to improving personal health and raising support to end malaria.  The FLAC5K raised $5K for 5K last year and kicked off the Annual Conference's support of the Imagine No Malaria Campaign.  Our hope is that this Annual Conference we can match - and hopefully surpass - $5K for 5K as our Conference works towards our goal of raising $2.5 million dollars to help end malaria.

Now is the time to begin training for the 5K.  Consider using a Couch-2-5K program (like or simply adding a little extra physical activity to your life every day.  Take a walk.  Take the stairs.  Stand instead of sit.  Get outside with your family and your pets.  Every step is a step towards greater health and wholeness!

Click here to register.  If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Sarah Miller at
2016 General Conference Session Elections

Nominees from the Florida Annual Conference for Election to
2016 General Conference Session

During the 2015 Annual Conference Session, we will be electing Lay and Clergy members who will serve as our representatives to the General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions. We will begin by electing nine Lay and nine Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the General Conference Session. We will then elect an additional nine Lay and nine Clergy members to serve as our delegates to the Jurisdictional Conference Session. Finally, members will elect seven Lay and seven Clergy members to be on stand-by as "Reserve" delegates in the event one of those elected above is unable to serve. With all of the ballots to be cast, it will be a busy Annual Conference Session indeed.

At this time we have 38 Lay members and 40 Clergy members of the Florida Annual Conference that have completed the on-line self-nomination process for election to the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions. Below are links that will automatically direct you to the lists of Lay and Clergy nominees. There you will find a picture, a summary of their basic biographical information, their local and connectional Church involvement, and their vision of/for The United Methodist Church in the future.

Eligible members of the Annual Conference will have a second opportunity to nominate themselves for consideration as a delegate to the General and Jurisdictional Sessions. Representatives from the Elections Procedures Committee will be available from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at the locations established for the meetings of the Clergy Session and the Lay Session. Eligible members may complete the registration form at that time. Once verified, those names will be provided to the members of the Annual Conference for consideration of election during the balloting process. No additional names may be added after the 11:00 a.m. deadline.

Click here for laity nominations
Click here for clergy nominations
Click Here General Conference 2016 Information 
What now? Begin to pray for these individuals who have voluntarily offered themselves to serve on our behalf. Begin to pray for those who are sensing a call to serve as delegates between now and the second self-registration opportunity. Begin to pray for God's insight and illumination as you decide those for whom you will cast your vote. Begin to pray for all of those persons who will soon be elected from Annual Conferences all around the world. And, most importantly, begin to pray that the decisions and directions to be established by the General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference Sessions will keep The United Methodist Church ever focused on its mission - to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
A Message from Alice Williams, District Lay Leader 
Was in a conference meeting yesterday where we were asked how are devotional life was going.  Wesley was right, there really is something to be said about holding each other accountable regarding spiritual discipline.  As I thought about all that's been going on I realized my devotions have been a little hit and miss lately what with family visiting and travel.  But then I remembered that with the onset of Spring and the warm weather I have been spending time almost everyday in the yard planting, weeding and watering which has somehow ended up being a good time for prayer.

What I've noticed is that I have developed a different set of eyes.  I see things in the yard that I had overlooked.  I started to notice the weeds that needed pulling, the shrubs that needed pruning and the condition of the soil and leaves on my veggies and herbs.  In the same way it's been an opportunity to reflect on the garden of my soul as well.  It's no different you know, our spiritual lives require just as much nurturing as a healthy garden if we are to be productive.  This certainly isn't new concept, John 15:1-2 talks about how God is the vine dresser and prunes that which bears no fruit.

As laity leaders in the church we need to make sure that we are tending to our own "gardens" as well as helping to equip those around us as they grow in their journey towards perfection.

As we prepare for Easter, I hope you'll join me in a little gardening of the soul!

Blessings and best wishes for a wonderful Easter season,

Local Church Reports WERE due March 31st
The following reports were due into the district office by March 31st.  If you haven't sent in your reports, please do so as soon as possible and mail to:

East Central District
PO Box 4232
Enterprise, FL  32725

Committee Responsible
Child Youth Protection Policy
Fiscal Responsibility & Management Policy
Clergy Employee Conduct Policy
Adoption of Employee Conduct Policy
Annual Parsonage Report
The following reports are submitted online by March 31st - do not send a hardcopy to the district.  You can locate them on your church dashboard under forms.  
Committee Responsible
Fund Balance
Disaster Recovery Resource Survey
Disaster Coordinator or Trustee

The church needs to get a Local Church Employee form signed by each employee and keep in personnel files -- the district does not get them.

You can find instructions and other pertinent information by clicking the link(s) above or going to the conference website,  and click on  2015 Reports Due at the bottom of the page.

Upon completion, submit copies only, originals should remain in the church office. Preference is for all reports to be mailed together to the district office.

Your timely submission is appreciated.  Questions?  Contact us -
(Janet) or (Claudia)

Disaster 101:  Basic Disaster Ministry Training
April 11, 2015 - Community UMC Casselberry 
This training provides an introduction to the unique and important role the faith community plays in disaster mitigation, preparation and response.  You and your church will hear practical ideas on how to effectively respond to disaster in your community in cooperation with other churches, emergency management officials and the Disaster Recovery Ministry of the conference.  You will understand the importance of communication and collaboration in meeting the needs of disaster survivors and the importance of being the church in the midst of crisis.

There is no cost for this training; however, registration is required for planning purposes. For information and registration, visit and follow the links to the training schedule. 

Training provided by Disaster Recovery Ministry, Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Questions? Contact Pam Garrison 800-282-8011 ext 148 or
Bethune-Cookman University Summer Intern Program
April 9, 2015 Mtg - BCU 
BCU is seeking Host Churches to sponsor students.  Churches interested in the summer intern program are invited to meet on Wednesday, April 9th 11:30am - 3pm in the President's Board Room located in the Performing Arts Center (698 West International Speedway Blvd Daytona Beach) for student interviews and program information.  Lunch will be provided.  

Please contact Mrs. Terry Turner James, for more information and to RSVP.
World Malaria Day
April 25, 2015
On Saturday, April 25th, the global health community will recognize World Malaria Day, and your church is invited to participate! Churches across Florida are hosting pancake breakfasts to raise money and awareness for Imagine No Malaria.  Join the fun!   Click Here for a church guide and visit for an Event Packet and to register your church.  Questions?  Email Field Coordinator Kylie Foley at
ZOE5K and One Mile
Empowering Orphans in Africa

Run 4 Life 4 Miler
May 1, 2015 - Florida United Methodist Children's Home 
The 5th Annual Run 4 Life will take place at 7:30am, Saturday, May 16th.  This is a 4 mile run/walk that starts and finishes at The Florida United Methodist Children's Home in Enterprise.  Run 4 Life is a non-profit organization developed to help raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. As one of the beneficiaries of this event, FUMCH receives funds that help them in their work to address the mental health struggles that many of their children face as they begin the process of healing from traumatic experiences.  

Run or walk...come join us on May 16th!  We would love to have your church register as a team and join us.  Click HERE for the Run 4 Life website where you may register online or print and mail in your registration.
Around The Conference 
Florida Advocacy Days 2015
April 12- 14 - Tallahassee 
"Speak up for those who
cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy."
~Proverbs 31:8-9 NIV
You are invited to join your voice with other brothers and sisters in Christ as we gather in Tallahassee during the 20th Annual Children's Week. Together we will learn about critical justice issues affecting children in all of our communities throughout Florida.

The United Methodist Church and the African Methodist Episcopal Church will come together for a day of prayer and learning as we prepare to meet with our legislators and advocate on behalf of "those who cannot speak for themselves".

In preparation for this year's event, please read the powerful New York Times Bestseller The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. This landmark book provides a new perspective on racial injustice in America today.

Click here to print a brochure with all the details of the event or click here to register.
Click here to learn more about Children's Week.
For information about "Hanging of the Hands" click here.
{ Click Here to Register}
The Journeys of Paul with Bishop Carter
November 7, 2015 
The pilgrimage to Israel in May 2014 with my friend, the beloved teacher Bob Tuttle, and friends from across the Florida Conference and beyond was a wonderful time of fellowship.  I would like to i nvite you to join me as we sail through the Mediterranean following in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul.  I am excited to have Dr. Waite Willis join us from Florida Southern College as our Guest Speaker.  I am inviting pastors, teachers, and members of our churches to join us in this profound experience of travel, study, worship and fellowship aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas.  I hope you will make this pilgrimage with us in 2015!

Bishop Ken Carter
Florida Conference
United Methodist Church 

Click Here for more details and to view a video.
Click Here for a bulletin insert. 
2015 United Methodist Connectional Federal Credit Union Scholarship 
Deadline:  April 30, 2015 
UMC FCU offers four $1000 scholarships every year, one for each of our four Conferences (Alabama-West Florida, Florida, North Georgia, and South Georgia). Eligible candidates must be between the ages of 17-35 and a member of UMC FCU. Click the link below for the application and complete guidelines.
Cancer Care Outreach Ministry
May 5th - Conference Building, Lakeland
The Office of Multi-Cultural and Jusice Ministries will host representatives from the Cancer Treatment Center of America from Newnan, Georgia to share with local pastors the possiblities of implementing a Cancer Care Outreach Ministry through their local churches.
  • Tuesday, May 5, 2015
  • 11:00am - 2:00pm
  • Methodist Conference Building
A cancer care ministry has the power to touch a church and community with the love of God in an unprecedented way.  Pastors who are interested in learning more about this opportunity and marvelous calling should register for the orientation at:  

Questions?  Contact Harold D. Lewis, Sr., Director of Multi-Cultural and Justice Ministries at 800-282-8011 ext 346 or
Institute of Preaching
2015 - 2016 Academic Year 
The Advisory Board of the Institute of Preaching and The Office of Clergy Excellence is excited to offer this year's Institute of Preaching in conjunction with Duke Divinty School for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.  The Institute is a three-retreat program that allows clergy from the Florida and Western North Caroling Conferences of the United Methodist Church to examine and re-imagine their practice of preaching.  It is intentionally designed for talented and experienced elders in full connection who want to learn from colleagues and experts.

To get more information &/or apply, please Click HERE

Questions?  Contact the program director and co-facilitator, Nathan Kirpatrick,
The Mary Retreat 
April 17 - 19  - Life Enrichment Center
The Mary Retreat is back and better than ever!  April 17-19 will be a weekend of relaxation and renewal for a special group of women.

This Sabbath retreat will include great food, beautiful views, and of course - everyone's favorite - our wonderful massage therapists!

Click HERE for more information or to register.  Questions? Email Rev. Melissa Cooper, Program Coordinator @  We offer some scholarships, with priority given to church staff members.
10th Annual Native American Ministry Gathering
April 17 - April 19 - Life Enrichment Center
News from Heidi Aspinwall
Office of Missional Engagement 
The Florida Conference has been selected to be one of 10 affiliates in the new alignment of the US-2 and Mission Intern program for young adults in two years of mission service through GBGM - The General Board of Global Ministries.  This partnership will facilitate young adults from the wider church to serve in Florida for two year terms.  This opportunity is in addition to the one year program our conference began this year, The Young Adult Missional Movement.  The one year program is designed for Florida's young adults to serve one year with in the state.

For information on the two year program, now titled Global Mission Fellows, click HERE . For information on the one year program, Young Adult Missional Movement, click HERE . Questions?  Contact Heidi Aspinwall @
Warren W. Willis Retreats & Summer Camp
Check out Warren W. Willis for many  opportunities to reflect and fellowship.

Classic Summer Camp
, June - August 2015   
Created By God, April 2015 
Summer Opportunities 
59th Annual Church Music Workshop
June 15th - 19th - Life Enrichment Center
Registration is now open for the 59th Annual Church Music Workshop sponsored by the Florida Chapter of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts.  

Pathways to Grace:  God's Riches at Christ's Expense
Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park
June 15 - 19, 2015

Anyone involved in church music or worship planning, traditional and contemporary, adults or youth, are invited to join us.  Our Annual Workshop for adults and youth has a variety of seminars to meet everyone's music and worship ministry needs.  Take this opportunity to renew yourself spiritually and connect with other church musicians and worship leaders from around the state.

Information and registration, visit or contact Robert Jackson at or Joan FitzGerald at
Youth Trip to Cuba
 July 21 - 28, 2015
If you want to change the life of a young student between the ages of 15-19 years of age, have them go on this trip to Cuba.  This is the fourth year the Southwest District will be sending students on this exciting trip.  The trip is scheduled for July 21 - 28 and the cost is approximately $1,500 per traveler.  Click Here for more details.  Click Here for the application.

Contact Dan Christopherson, SW District Cuba Coordinator at or 941-468-7209.
Summer Mission Intern Program
May 31 - August 7, 2015
The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, in partnership with affiliated Community Outreach Ministries, is seeking young adults to serve in the 2015 Summer Mission Intern Program.  The Intern Program mission is to provide hands-on opportunities for young adults to make a difference in the world by serving out of a deep level of their Christian faith, particularly with children and youth in under-served communities.  Summer Mission Interns are placed in one of three Christian community day camps and outreach ministries, including CROS Ministries in Palm Beach County, Grace Place for Children and Families in Naples, and Riverside Retreat in LaBelle.  Information about these particular ministries can be found on the FL Conference website.

The internship is 10 weeks (May 31 - August 7, 2015).  A $2,250 stipend and housing with a host family (if not living at home or current residence is not within reasonable driving distance of assigned ministry site) are provided.  Young adults ages 19 (by 8/31/15) - 25, who are eager to be part of God's transformative work in local communities are encouraged to apply.  A link to the online application can be found HERE.   Submit completed application, recommendation letter, and resume via email to Shelly Denmark, Program Director, by May 1, 2015.  For more information about the Summer Mission Intern Program, contact Shelly Denmark.
Young Adults Interested In Exploring Pastoral Ministry

Are there young adults in your church who want to explore pastoral ministry?

If so, please give them the attached application for the 2015 Summer Pastoral Ministry Internship Program -- and encourage them to apply!   Click Here for application and description.

Email Rwth Fuquay with any questions about the program: or call 863-393-1416. 
LEC Family Programs
Want to help create meaningful experiences for your church's families this year?  Want to encourage your parents to be more active in their kids' spiritual lives? Be sure they know about LECFamily programs!

Grandparents and Me - June 15-18; July 13-16 
Family Camp - June 12-14; July 17-19
Mom and Me Weekend - September 18-20 

Email Melissa at if you're interested in a group discount for your church's families! 
Lake Junaluska Summer Camp
Nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, Lake Junaluska is the perfect summer youth retreat for 6th through 12th graders.  Each week will feature a morning and evening session that will reflect his year's theme, "Prepare the Way," (Isaiah 40:3)

For more information and to register: 
District Calendar of Events
April 2015
April 3: Good Friday District Office Closed
April 5: EASTER!!!
April 7: EC NCD Mtg - 11:30am - 1:30pm - Sanlando UMC, Longwood
April 12: Children's Week in Tallahassee
April 19: Announcement Sunday
April 20: EC District Leadership Team Mtg - 10:00am-12:00noon - District Office
April 23: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland
April 25: World Malaria Day - Imagine No Malaria Pancake Fundraisers at many UMC Churches

May 2015
May 7: EC District Leadership Team Mtg - 10:00am-12:00pm - District Office - CANCELLED
May 13: EC Clergy Meeting - 9am-1pm - Lunch included - FUMCH Gym - Note Date Change
May 14: Right Start Training for all Clergy Moving within the FL Conference - First Lakeland 10am-4pm
May 21&22: Sexual Ethics & First Time Appointed Pastors in FL Conference - Conference Center, Lakeland
May 23: UMW "President's Lunch" - Grace UMC Lake Mary
May 27: Extension Ministry Gathering with Bishop Carter & Wayne Wiatt - 9am -4pm Bethany Retreat Center, Lutz, FL
May 28: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland

June 2015
June 10 - 13, 2015: Annual Conference - Bethune-Cookman University, Daytona Beach
June 25: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland
June 30: Florida Conference Moving Day

July 2015
July 9-12: UMW Mission U - Bethune Cookman University
July 10 - 11: Candidacy Retreat

August 2015
August 27: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland

September 2015
September 19: UMW Mission Sampler - First Pine Hills, Orlando
September 24: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland
September 27: EC District SundayServe Day

October 2015
October 17: UMW District Annual Meeting - Location TBD
October 29: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland

November 2015
November 19: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland

December 2015
December 17: EC dCOM - 9:00am-4:00pm Asbury UMC, Maitland
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Imagine No Malaria 
How can you Imagine a World with NO Malaria, if you already believe you live in One?

Text  MALARIA FLA to 27722  to give $10  to the  United Methodist Communications Imagine No Malaria program .  
Click here  for a slide that you can use during worship.
MissionInsite - Florida Conference Demographic Information
As part of the Florida Conference United Methodist Church you have free access to MissionInsite and the demographics around your church.  This free service is provided to you and your church by the Florida Conference New Church Development office.  Click HERE to find out more.