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1925 Hupmobile
1942 Alfa Romeo Pininfarina Roadster
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A Happy Client


The Guild restored this car over nineteen years ago and its owner, Hugh Montgomery still uses it almost every day in the summer. It is very satisfying for the restorer to know and have constant contact with the owner of a car as the restoration matures. This is a car of which we have always been very proud.


Reincarnation: Auction was Disneyland for collectors


Read the full article written by the owner of Guild. (David Grainger)


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What's New at The Guild 

The Guild is one of the largest and most experienced antique and classic car restoration companies in North America. With well over 1,000 vehicle restorations under its belt ranging from early Brass Era Cars, Grand Classics to the Fifties showboats and muscle cars of the Sixties, the Guild's expertise is unquestioned.
The 1925 Model E Hupmobile

The Guild has a long history of restoring Hupmobiles and we have a very soft spot for the marque.


It all started when Hugh Montgomery, known by many as Hughie Hup, brought his prized 1929 Hupmobile sedan for us to restore at least twenty years ago. Since then we have worked on two more of Hughe's Hupmobiles and last year Hugh persuaded a friend to bring his families very special Hupmobile for the Guild to work on.


When it arrived we all knew it was a very special car. It was stunningly original and untouched. The paint while faded was applied at the factory and the rest of the car was just as original. In fact the car was very little used and the reasons were both historically fascinating and also quite sad. Read the full story and view all photos.


The Elegant 1942 Alfa Romeo Pinin Farina Roadster


This vehicles history oddly enough begins before its birth. An Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Chassis number 915.169 with motor number 923.969 was sold to Giovanni Battista "Pinin" Farina on Oct 22 1942. During the war most coachbuilders throughout Europe focused on designing because materials and facilities were all occupied by the war machine. So Pinin Farina held on to the chassis from late 1942 in hopes that it would be used to build a new Cabriolet whenever the war came to an end. In early 1946 with the war finally at an end, Pinin Farina was free to continue his work and began construction of his Cabriolet. Although no official finish date was ever recorded for this Alfa we do know that it was sold in October of 1946 to Giuliana Tortoli de Cuccoli. Giuliana Tortoli de Cuccoli was a very high class woman who owned a perfume design company and displayed the Alfa at numerous Consours events such as the Concorso D'Eleganza des Ente Moda in late 1946 and winning Grand Prix D'Honneur category "C" at Concours D'Elegance, Monte Carlo October 31 of 1947.

Read the full story.

Introducing Wingman

The Guild's new Wingman Membership Program - Personal consultations with the Guild's experts


In order to make the life of the amateur classic car restorer easier, the Guild is implementing a member program that you can join. You will receive phone and/or email advice and support from the experts, your new "Wingmen" at the Guild. Their guidance and expertise, combined with the Guild's world spanning contact base for parts and information, can help you with your project from start to finish.


Contact our General Manager, Paul Taylor Sr. at 905-775-0499 or at


About the Program


The Guild of Automotive Restorers is proud to announce a new program called Wingman aimed at providing service to all enthusiasts in the antique, classic and collectible car hobby.

Many readers of this publication might feel rightly or wrongly that the Guild, or for that matter any good restoration shop is too expensive to take your car to. Instead you have opted to do it yourself and after all, that really is the purest form and most satisfying part of the hobby. Nothing beats being able to say, "Hey I restored this car myself!" Read More....

David Grainger and Janice Stone
The Guild of Automotive Restorers
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