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Barbie photo4 Barbie has found her forever home   

There seemed to be nothing wrong with the dog lying on the street very near Poveda School along EDSA.

Her body condition seemed fairly okay for a street dog.

What puzzled rescuers was the fact that the animal could not move even when they used food to lure her into a kennel cab. In the end, they had to carry her after she was successfully muzzled.

After being examined at the clinic, the dog's affliction became more clear. There was a bullet inside her that needed to be removed.

Barbie Op table

Once the bullet was extracted, the dog's recovery was a speedy one. Barbara is a playful dog who wants to make friends with everyone.  

The Mejino family adopts Barbie!

Mejino family with barbie

Below is an email from Barbie's new family.



Just want to share some photos of Barbara - who now goes by the name "Barbie Yarbie" :). She had her "first" haircut and deworming today at the vet. Her doggie sister, Winky, was with her.


So far, Barbie has adjusted well. At first, she barely looked at us and was extremely shy so the first time that she actually barked and approached us was an extremely happy moment.

Now, she and my dad are inseparable. She likes taking long walks around the village and adores Holistic Recipe dog kibble.

She's extremely sweet towards the whole family and gets along well with Winky the dachshund.  

We got her a nice pink shirt as well.
Barbie photo1
My sister calls her "her Malibu Barbie". :) We especially like the photo of Winky "kissing" Barbie :)

We'll try to visit PAWS with Barbie soon.

We're really happy that she joined our family. :)

Best regards,

Joan Mejino

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                                                                           March 15, 2011




There are lots to report since the launch of our e-newsletter in February.

We have been busy with animal rescue and rehabilitation at the PAWS shelter,
attending ongoing cruelty case hearings and filing of new cases, on top of the humane education program which are part of our day to day activities.  


One good news is that Barbara, the dog featured in this issue's shelter update has been adopted out to a loving family and many or our rescued dogs have been physically rehabilitated and waiting to be rehomed.


Santino, shown in the photos below is one of the dogs saved from an animal hoarder who believed she was "rescuing" dogs. The six emaciated dogs - literally skin and bones - were taken from her custody and put into the PAWS shelter on December 13, 2010.   

Santino BEFORE

Santino at the time of rescue                      Santino, 2nd day at the PAWS shelter

santino AFTER

Santino, NOW a happy dog at the PAWS Animal Shelter waiting to be rehomed

Less than a month later, with intensive care and physical rehabilitation efforts, Santino and his other housemates - has bounced back to health - fur has grown back, body condition now fair.  Click here for the full story of Santino.

Like Barbara and Santino, all the other 55 dogs and 240 cats in our shelter today have benefited from your contribution.    


There is still a lot more to be done and your continued support  will go a long way in helping PAWS perform its mandate of fighting for the welfare and humane treatment  

of animals.  





Your pledge of P300, P500 or P1,000 a month, will help us continue our passion of helping abused and neglected animals in need and file legal cases against those who wrongly treat animals.    

Please visit our website at to know more about our advocacy and what we do to help the animals.


PAWS is a volunteer-based organization that relies a lot on the help it gets from volunteers and donors like you.


Again, thank you very much for your support and your concern for the animals.




anna sign 

Anna H. Cabrera

Executive Director

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society   



SpayDay 2011

PAWS SpayDay Fixed 83 Animals for FREE!
On Feb 25, 2011 over 100 people trooped to the PAWS shelter earlier than the announced registration time of 10am to register for free spay or neuter of their pet dogs and cats.

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cats in a sack 

PAWS files Cruelty Charges  vs. alleged Mastermind of Catnappings

Investigative hearings have started against Artemio Sanchez- the alleged mastermind of catnappings in Caloocan and Quezon City.

This was the result of the criminal case filed by PAWS against Sanchez last December 20, 2010.  

Roberto Rasalan, Johnny Yee, Archie Garcia and Arturo Tarlac who were caught with sacks of 50 live cats in Barangay Talipapa, Quezon City on December 14, 2010 earlier identified Sanchez in a GMA 7 TV news interview as the one who instructed them to catch cats.

                                                                                                         >> Read more 


lauren gaile adoption photoOne Enchanted, Furry Evening for a Cause, the PAWS Annual Report  2010
DOG DAZE By Kathy Moran (The Philippine Star)    5 Feb 2011 

I know it's already February. But it's never too late to report about the good things that the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) did for 2010  is it?

I hope you agree with me that good news is welcome anytime, anywhere and anyhow.
This report was made by PAWS at their Black Collar dinner on January 15, 2011.

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SN poster
Save Lives. SPAY or NEUTER your pets!


Pet overpopulation is the number 1 cause of animal cruelty. When people are inconvenienced by too many cats or dogs, they turn to cruel dumping or releasing of their pets into the streets or sidewalks. In these situations, dumped ex-housepets are at the highest risk of getting run over or targeted by cruel individuals.


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