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October 2017
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Fashion and Design in Scandinavia

Norwegian design: traditional materials in contemporary designs

In recent years, a new wave of Norwegian designers have attracted a growing interest. Norway's stunning  nature and climate has influenced designers, who combine traditional materials such as wool, leather, and wood with contemporary, minimalist, and functional  design.  From furniture to fashion, you can find many gems.  Here are  the top 10 designs to bring home  from travels in Norway.


Meals for the journey with ACP Rail

Book your train tickets to the NSB Railway network through ACP Rail and pre-order delicious food for the journey. Choose from a range of tapas and other dishes from the cold kitchen. If a small or large groups wish, their menus can be custom made. Additionally, c ostumers who have special dietary needs can contact NSB to ensure they are served a safe and delicious meal.

New design hotels in Sweden offer unique experiences 

If you are looking for design hotels that are out of the ordinary, there are a number of options throughout Sweden.  In the heart of Stockholm, Scandic have launched their signature hotel:  Downtown Camper . The hotel is the ultimate base-camp for urban explorers.  L√•dfabriken is a unique hotel s ituated in the west Sweden archipelago. Spend the night in one of the individually styled rooms, and experience it yourself. To have the ultimate immersion into nature stay in the Icehotel, which is completely made of ice, or live out the tree house dream by staying in the Treehotel.

Visit the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen

Copenhagen , Denmark's vibrant and cosmopolitan capital has long been a popular city break destination for the discerning traveler. The city has been voted the world's most livable city multiple times, and one of the reasons for this could be the world-famous Danish design. Copenhagen is home to the Danish Design Museum, which invites visitors to browse through international as well as Danish design history.

Vibrant Oslo offers plenty of memorable experiences

In Oslo, the capital of Norway, you will find an interesting mix of vibrant city life and the great outdoors. The city  is home to contemporary architecture, e.g. The Oslo Opera House and exciting shopping, where you can find Norwegian design gems. 

M any one-of-a-kind locations offer offbeat experiences to travelers. The locals' top 23 guide  list the top suggestions for those wanting an out of the ordinary city break, from alternative stores to cool eateries.

VAT refunds on your shopping

Many stores across Denmark , Norway , Sweden and Finland offer VAT refunds on goods to non-EU citizens. There are two companies offering refund services: Tax Free Worldwide and Global Blue. Look for stores that display a tax free logo, or ask the sales assistant. To receive the refund, a filled out tax free form must be presented in the airport so remember to allow enough time for this. Please note, requirements vary between the four countries.

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World famous Tivoli Gardens and Nimb Hotel set to expand with exciting new retail and restaurant concept opening in November 2017  

One of the world's most well-known historic amusement parks and pleasure gardens, Denmark's Tivoli Gardens, is set to open an exciting new building on its northwesterly corner in November 2017. Aptly named  Tivoli Corner, it will comprise of over 57,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant space along with 22,000 sq ft of hotel space. Accommodating an eclectic food court, Illums Bolighus design shop and two other outlets, it will also add 21 luxurious rooms and a spectacular new rooftop terrace, featuring Copenhagen's first outdoor heated pool, to the park's award-winning Nimb Hotel.

Finnish design is playful and practical

Finland is a true design nation. Some of the world's most imitated and admired designers come from Finland. From Eero Aarnio's Ball chair, a favorite of James Bond to the original Marimekko Poppies print frock worn by Jackie O, Finland has been setting trends for decades.  Finnish design is playful and practical. The underlying characteristics of Finnish design are its intimate relationship with nature. The fashion brand Ivana Helsinki is inspired by elements of the home country, but has a wide appeal and has been featured in international magazines.  Explore the Finnish classics or discover trendy newcomers  by visiting one of the many   shopping destinations  throughout  the country. Helsinki is packed with shops, galleries and museums for the design hunter, and even has its own design district.

Finnish Lapland: Arctic Design Capital

The magical nature of Lapland provides inspiration for designers throughout Finland. But Lapland also has its own set of highly talented homegrown designers. Lappish designs are characterized by their minimalism but also by the vibrant colors inspired by crisp fall days and by the traditional costumes and customs of the local Sami people.  Sami designs also incorporate reindeer leather and antler, a nod to their reindeer herding culture. Rovaniemi, the gateway to Finland's Arctic, also referred to as the Arctic design capital, offers  great options to shop for local designs. The city also hosts an annual Arctic Design Week in the month of February.  


Gothenburg: Sweden's lesser known Design Destination

Sweden's second largest city,
is a hidden gem for design lovers. The city has a well established fashion scene and is home to many local brands.   Explore the exceptional shopping, from small indie shops to international stores. When it is time to relax, the city is full of  hip 
restaurants, and cool spots to hang out. 
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