The Springs at Borrego

Great Blue Heron on the
 Island Green at The Springs
Fishing is not allowed on the island, but
 apparently no one told the heron.

September 2017
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It's September, and the beginning of another glorious season at The Springs is in sight. Soon the evenings and mornings will begin to cool, and snowbirds and coastal Californians will be making their way back to California's Secret Desertâ„¢. 

Imprtant dates to remember are our golf course closures for overseeding. The Springs Course will be closed from September 25 until October 26, and the RoadRunner Course will close on October 9 and re-open on November 10. So from October 9 until October 26 there will be no golf available at our resort.

Summer pricing for RV sites and golf are still in effect, so call today to reserve your place in the tranquility of our beautiful desert. Our reservation team is waiting to hear from you  at 760-767-0004 from 8 AM to 3 PM daily. Or, you can book online at our online booking engine  here .

Borrego Critters
by Cristina Warren

 RV Tech Tip of the Month
Tired of those pesky holding tank odors? We've got the solution...
Matching  his and hers honey buckets!
We hope to see you soon  in sunny and starry Borrego! 

Dan Wright  
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Ocotillo Forest
by Cristina Warren

Patricia Sequieros; 
American Dreamer

Patricia (right) and Maria,
Housekeepers at The Springs at Borrego 

Many Springs guests know Patricia Sequieros, (pronounced pah-
tree-see-ah). She has been our lead housekeeper for seven years now, and she's the main reason people say we have some of the nicest restrooms and facilities they have seen.

Patricia has a sister Maria, and two brothers, Miguel and Lalo, who also work at The Springs. They are a loving and hard working family. Patricia is married to Javier, and together they have four beautiful children, daughters Jazmyne, age 13, Anahi, 11, and sons Javier, 5, and Benjamin, 4.

Patricia immigrated to the United States legally in 2001, in order to be rejoined with members of her family who were living and working here. 

Patricia had long dreamed of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States, but her English was not as good as she felt would be needed. In September 2016 she decided to take the plunge and began working hard at the studies that would be required. In February of this year she formally submitted her application to become naturalized.

In July, she was granted the required interview with the immigration authorities. She was nervous, but it went well.

On August 23, 2017, Patricia joined over 1000 other new citizens in Gold Hall at the San Diego Convention Center, to be sworn in by a court of law as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America.

Standing together to be honored in that ceremony were immigrants from many parts of the world, all of whom have been living and working here and have done the hard work of going through the months- or years-long process and following all of the rules.

No doubt some of those achieving citizenship that day are refugees who came to America in an attempt to merely survive, after being forced out of their war-stricken homelands. Others, like Patricia, merely sought a better life and a decent place to raise their families.

Ours is a nation of immigrants. Our national culture is a blending of many cultures from diverse parts of the world. That blending defines what it means to be an American. Even families that have been here many generations have grown from ancestors who came here to escape persecution or to find opportunity.

Here at the Springs, we are grateful to have Patricia on our team, and thrilled with her achievement. 

She said, "In the years that I have been at The Springs, many of my co-workers and even some guests helped me learn to speak and write better English. That gave me the confidence to do the hard work and go through the process. I am very grateful to all of them, and I am very happy to be a citizen!"

Patricia with her husband Javier

Bombay Beach Becoming Haven
 for Post-Apocolyptic Art
The Bombay Beach Drive-In features wrecked cars for seating and a old truck for a movie screen.

Bombay Beach has been written about in this publication on several occasions. The town is a mostly-abandoned community of manufactured homes and old camper trailers located on the eastern shore of the Salton Sea, about an hour's drive from Borrego Springs.

Once a thriving snow-bird destination, the place was largely destroyed by flooding in the 1970's. About 100 residents remain living there. 

A recent drive-through revealed some new art projects including a "Drive-In" movie theater and new free-form murals painted on some of the abandoned buildings. Hip-looking twenty-somethings wandered in the triple-digit heat taking selfies in front of the murals.

A new cutting-edge "biennale" (every other year) art festival has popped up including performances at an impromptu "Opera House" and outdoor performance and visual art displays.

You can read an entertaining article with great photography on the subject from the LA Weekly here.