Experience the Joy of Christ at The Well                 September 29, 2016
From Our Lead Pastor 

What is Discipleship?
Over the years, discipleship ministries have been based on the understanding that disciple is synonymous with "learner." This was easy and convenient. We could teach what it means to be a disciple. So, the Church developed a very academic approach to equipping disciples, like year-long bible studies called Disciple for example. More and more people learned about Jesus. That's great, but missed the point:
Discipleship is not just learning about Jesus; it is becoming like Jesus.
Discipleship is not just about education; it is about transformation.
Discipleship is not just about knowledge; it is about behaviors.

A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ who is committed to: 1) becoming a part of the Body of Christ; 2) becoming more like Jesus; and, 3) joining Jesus in ministry. There is no one formula for making disciples, but if we focus on these three commitments, perhaps we can agree that becoming a part of the Body of Christ includes living a life of hospitality and a life of worship; becoming more like Jesus involves opening to the teachings of Jesus and then obeying the most basic commands of Jesus; and, joining Jesus in ministry is reflected in a life of service and generous giving.

The Apostle Paul urged his friends to grow into maturity and completeness. John Wesley used the language of "Christian perfection." Whichever way we look at it, from the very beginning discipleship has been a journey toward the fullness of life that is offered to us in Jesus Christ. Many find it helpful to have a companion on this journey of self-discovery and transformation.

If you would like to know about working with a Discipleship Coach or Spiritual Director, Pastor Warren or Annelise Clifton would welcome the opportunity to talk to you one-on-one or in a small group. Email: warren@thewellumc.com

Join us this Sunday at First United Methodist Church in Ponchatoula as The Well gathers at 11:15 a.m. to explore together what it means to be a disciple. This week: A Life of Worship.

What's Happening at The Well
From our Head of Trustees: I have met with the Board of Trustees, and it is our recommendation to continue worshiping at First UMC Ponchatoula for the month of October. We feel this will allow us time to get our building back in order and make it safe for all who attend. As of now we have open electrical and limited restroom facilities. In addition, our nursery is not yet ready to receive little ones.

Please be on the lookout for the announcement of a Work Day at The Well -- we will have tasks that anyone can complete to help us get back into our building.  

We look forward to being back in our location on the I-12 Service Road November 6, 2016 for All Saints Day and the baptism of Sev Folk, IV.  

Please make plans to join us this Sunday at 11:15 am at FUMC Ponchatoula, and bring a friend! We will have a nursery for babies and toddlers, and children's worship for school-aged children. We look forward to another morning of heart-stirring Well worship as Pastor Warren talks to us about what it really means to be a disciple, and not just a believer.

--James Lirette  

As many of you know, our Worship and Formation Director, Heather Sullivan, is pursuing the opportunity to become a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church. As part of this multi-step process, Heather must be recommended for ministry by her congregation. The Leadership Team has already approved Heather's candidacy, so our next step is to take a congregational vote. This Sunday in worship Heather will briefly share her call story and you will have the opportunity to support her with your vote.

Youth will meet this Sunday for their October series, Wired.
6th-7th graders will meet from 3-4 pm.
8th-12th graders will meet from 5-7 pm (meal provided).
Contact Melissa Guerra at melissa.durand127@gmail.com for location info.

Saturday, October 1st at 9:00 am
All pets and their people are invited to a special blessing of the animals at FUMC Ponchatoula, facilitated by Rev. Mike McLaurin.

October 3rd @ The Wesley at SLU
Every Monday Matters intends to inspire the people who gather to understand how much they matter and empower them to get involved and make a difference one Monday, one action at a time. All ages are invited to join us each Monday evening for four weeks. We will tailgate at 6:30 p.m. (bring a dish to share), have a "pep talk" at 7:00 p.m. (including mission action), and then watch the first half of Monday Night Football beginning at 7:30 p.m. At halftime we will share prayer concerns and pray for those gathered. After that, folks are welcome to stay and watch the rest of the game or head home. Each Tuesday morning, we will share an "extra point" message to remind small group members that they matter and their efforts to improve the world matter too. It's an introduction to making disciples for the transformation of the world.

Retirement as Spiritual Pilgrimage
Wednesdays at 2 pm
Those in or approaching retirement are invited to a new small group facilitated by Rev. Warren Clifton. The group will meet at The Villas of Hammond (900 Richsmith Lane). No materials or fees are required. Join us and bring a friend! 

If you would like to sing with FUMC's choir for their Advent program, you are invited to choir practice every Wednesday from 6:30-7:00 pm to rehearse Christmas music.

Our Spotify playlist has been updated and is now in a new location! It has all the songs you will hear coming up in worship, and then some! Spotify is free and easy to download. Click here to give it a listen!

You can support flood relief, as well as other missions and ministries of The Well at any time by scanning this QR code with your smart phone. It's an easy way to stay connected, even when you can't be present in worship.

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Are You Ready?
Do you have your 3 -5 minutes elevator speech ready to share with someone? How has being a part of The Well changed your life? Where is God at work in your life?
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