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May, 2012
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Please come to my Open Studio!
May 12 & 13 

May 12 & 13
The Alameda Art Works
Studio 4
1068 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126
I hope you can make it!
I'll have lovely matted prints, note cards, framed quilts, perfect for Mother's Day!



Prosperity and money are important to us all.  One time I read a book called "The Trick to Money is Having Some."  I think this is true.  It really begins with learning to recognize and appreciate what you already have.  "Prosperity for all" is a successful attitude because when we believe that there is enough to go around, someone else's wealth doesn't take away from ours. There is something for everyone and  the Universe will always give us whatever we ask for.



11x35" painted art quilt 

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Baby Breath
I updated this quilt by quilting it on my longarm recently, adding to its charm--I love it!
Therese May
Therese May Studio

  Artist of the Month 

Leaf ix
This absolutely breath taking photo
, "Leaf" was done by the beautiful, intelligent artist, Della Calfee , who is in the same Wonderful Women's artist group as I am.