I hope that all of you are enjoying the Summer season and the interesting weather we have had in recent days. The City Council has several big issues before it in July and August. On July 7th, the City Council will be taking up the issue of whether to move forward with a feasibility study at the request of Jet Blue to build an international terminal at the Long Beach Airport. There has been much discussion on this subject. The City Council had an informative study session on this topic on February 17. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please click on the link Long Beach Noise Ordinance study session.   Please feel free to email me with any thoughts on this topic prior to the July 7th meeting.

July marks the official start of the budgeting process for the City of Long Beach. The City Manager will release the proposed budget and his recommendations in July and the Mayor will release his budget and recommendations in August. The Council will likely vote on the budget in early September. Please make sure you email me if you have any specific thoughts, suggestions, or requests in terms of our City budget. Also, we will host a budget meeting for the Third District in August or early September. Please stay tuned for more information on the process. 
On July 15, 2015 I will celebrate my first year in office.  As I reflect on my first year as  
Councilwoman of the Third District I am very proud of the numerous accomplishments. Over the last year I have been fortunate to meet many residents who are passionate about improving our community. It is your passion and willingness to be involved that truly makes the Third District a unique gem in this great City. Please celebrate with me the impressive list of accomplishments below, as the list is reflective of our collective work. I am looking forward to an even more productive second year in office.

Finally, I want to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy 4th of July! I encourage you to take a break from the events of the weekend to reflect on what makes this country great. Equality, freedom, opportunity, and diversity are principles worth fighting for today and everyday.  I am honored to be an American and grateful for those who have served our Country in order to protect the democratic principles that define our nation. 

Suzie Price 
3rd District Monthly Meeting

Councilwoman Price will be holding the next 3rd District Community meeting on
Saturday, July 25th at the Band Shell at Recreation Park on 7th Street at 9:00 AM. If you have any questions, please call 562-570-8756 or e-mail our office at

Our guest speaker will be Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna.   We hope you will be available to join us.

--- by Kristina Duggan

 3rd District Field Deputy
National Night Out
On August 4th, our Nation and the City of Long Beach will celebrate "National Night Out, America's night out against crime." City Council will not be meeting that Tuesday in support of this important annual community-building campaign which promotes police partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie in order to make our neighborhoods a safer, better place to live.

National Night Out provides a great opportunity to connect police and neighbors under positive circumstances.  During National Night Out we are asking Community Watch Groups and residents in the 3rd District and throughout Long Beach to hold a "front lawn meeting."  Make it simple:  1) Asking six to twenty surrounding neighbors to join you.  2)  Set a time between 5 PM and 8 PM.  3) Ask your neighbors to bring chairs, a beverage or an appetizer.  4)  Turn on outside lights and spend the evening  getting to know each other.  


Councilwoman Price feels that community watch groups are a great way to deter criminal activity from our neighborhoods.  In addition to hosting her own community watch gathering that night, she will be stopping by several other gatherings throughout the Third District. 


As a host of National Night Out, you can schedule a visit from a Long Beach Police Department representative. East Division Neighborhood Services Specialist Ruth Anne Salau will schedule a representative to stop by for a brief visit to provide information and answer questions. You can reach Ruth Anne at (562) 570-5808 or send an e-mail to  ruthanne.salau@longbeach.gov.   Be sure to schedule with her soon because participation in this campaign is growing.


If you would like a personalized flyer invitation template to hand out to your neighbors, contact our office at kristina.duggan@longbeach.gov and we will forward a copy to you.


Register here to receive the National Night Out information packet.  

--- by Kristina Duggan
3rd District Field Deputy

Live Safely 

Please join Councilwoman Suzie Price at the "Live Safely" event on
Saturday, July 11th from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM at Recreation Park Community Center located at 4900 East 7th Street.

This complimentary event gives residents a wonderful opportunity to hear from industry experts on the most effective crime fighting tips which will focus on home and property safety. Speakers will be covering various crime safety topics which will include Community Watch, crime trends, how to protect against fraud and identity theft, using online and mobile banking safely, choosing quality door locks, and DIY security cameras. The informational speakers will be from LBPD, OneWest Bank, Kwikset lock manufacturer, Lowes and Best Buy. There will be additional tabletop safety information including, but not limited to, CERT (Community Emergency Response Training), fire safety, Community Watch and child car seat safety. Lunch will be available, courtesy of the Long Beach Police Officers Association and Councilwoman Price.


For more information please see the attached flyer or send an to email to Lisa.West@longbeach.gov.  


--- by Lisa West

3rd District, Business Liaison

A Year in Review...
This is what your Councilwoman, the 3rd District staff and the Long Beach City Council have partnered up to accomplish in only one year...

* Passed a balanced budget for fiscal year 2015
* Created a citywide business friendly growth and retention incentive program
* Championed business interests with regard to the City's first project labor agreement (PLA) policy
* Partnered with local Naples resident Jonathan Schnack and participated in the "Cooking for Kids" challenge, benefiting the Adolescent and Young Adult Program at the Jonathan Jaques Children's Cancer Center at Miller Children's Hospital Long Beach
* Worked with Councilwoman Stacy Mungo to bring forth a partnership with a mobile application called Pulse Point used by the Long Beach Fire Department to alert CPR-trained residents when someone in the immediate vicinity is in need of assistance for life-threatening medical emergencies
* Added art work to delineate Rosie's Dog Beach
* Opened the Bay Shore Public Library on Sundays for 6 months
* Held "Pop up Council" events at the Marine Stadium Farmers' Market and Stroll and Savor
* Studied urban wildlife in our neighborhoods
* Held monthly Third District community meetings with various guest speakers
* Relaxed the regulations for Long Beach Yellow Cab so that they can compete with ride-sharing applications
* Provided 8 students with internships
* Circulated a monthly Third District newsletter
* Dedicated $350,000 to the Long Beach Police Department to target residential burglaries
* Approved new smart parking meters for Belmont Shore
* Continued the stabilization and restoration of our Bluff
* Co-sponsored a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance
* Held an Anti-Bullying workshop for our youth
* Demolished the Belmont Plaza pool which was deemed seismically unsafe in order to build a new world-class aquatics facility
* Finalized programmatic plans for the new state of the art aquatic facility
* Third District was the first in the City to start street repaving and sidewalk repairs for fiscal year 2015
* Reduced the speed limit on Colorado Street in Belmont Heights
* Planted additional parkway trees in University Park Estates, Bluff Park, and Belmont Heights
* Partnered with Cub Scout Pack 007 to landscape the Marine Stadium parking lot (Thank you Pack 007)
* Started and almost complete the rebuild of Phase I of the Naples Seawall project
* Used funds from our officeholder account to host the first ever Council District office sponsored small business workshop with over 50 small businesses in attendance
* Added two new crosswalks on Eliot Street through Marina Vista Park in order to increase safety for our pedestrians and bicyclists
* Established 100 NEW community watch groups
* Used funds from our officeholder account to host a family fun spring BBQ and concert with approximately 1,000 residents in attendance
* Partnered with Justin Rudd to host the inaugural "Touch-a-Truck" event
* Partnering with LB Police Officer's Association, local businesses and residents to host "Live Safely", an event to promote personal and property safety measures.
* Initiated a Youth Participatory Budgeting exercise (only the 2nd in the nation) which resulted in over 700 youth throughout the Third District being educated in the civic budgeting process by voting on a park improvement project
* Served as Honorary Chair for the Ronald McDonald House 5K run
* Opened the new beach pedestrian path
* Passed legislation supporting Urban Agriculture
* Repaired our beach staircases along the Bluff
* Supported construction of the Appian Way low flow diversion system
* Chaired multiple Public Safety Committee meetings

A few exciting projects we are working on for our second year in office...

* Councilwoman Price is the new member of the Budget Oversight Committee and working on passing a balanced budget for fiscal year 2016
* Working with residents, Public Works, and Parks, Recreation and Marine on the redevelopment of Pacific Electric Right of Way (PEROW) in Belmont Heights
* Studying the feasibility of a property sale and parking structure proposal in Belmont Shore
* Working on updating the Belmont Shore parking study
* Making sure the process for updating the Southeast Area Development Improvement Plan (SEADIP) stays on schedule
* Working with our Marine Bureau to support the Alamitos Bay Marina rebuild
* Working on budget and design for Phase two of the Colorado Lagoon restoration project (the open channel)
* As Vice Chair of the Los Cerritos Wetland Authority working with relevant stakeholders to improve pedestrian access to our wetlands
* Supporting plans to add a pop-up educational center for visitors of the wetlands
* Working to create a Senior Center in the Third District
* Hosting a Cyber Bullying workshop for our youth
* Hosting an Aquarium of the Pacific family night
* Working with residents on the 6th Street Bike Boulevard project
* Reviewing the City's policy pertaining to leaf blowers
* Working with residents and the public on the Sorrento Trail mitigation mandate per the CA Coastal Commission
* Supporting critical repairs and eventually rebuild of the Leeway Sailing Center
* Working with our Tidelands team to rebuild the Marina Vista park restrooms
* Working with our traffic engineering team on 32 neighborhood traffic related items
* Working with the relevant stakeholders on developing a list of critical repairs and a feasibility study of the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier
* Supporting the rebuild of Lifeguard Headquarters
* Working to make improvements to the Bay Shore Lifeguard facility
* Initiating an Ocean Boulevard (Belmont Shore) traffic study
* Working with Parks, Recreation and Marine and our Tidelands team to upgrade the Marine Stadium judging stands
* Working with relevant stakeholders and concerned residents on expanding the number of Municipal Band concerts
* Advocating to open two branch libraries in the City on Sundays
* Reviewing the issue of Medical Marijuana dispensaries operating in the City of Long Beach  
--- by Julie Maleki 
3rd District, Chief of Staff 

100 Community Watch Groups in the 3rd District

One of Councilwoman Price's top priorities has been to help keep our neighborhoods safe and promote programs that will encourage safety for residents and children.  With the help of the East Division Police Department and the motivation and committment of so many 3rd District residents, she has reached the goal of 100 Community Watch Groups in the 3rd District in her first year of office!  This was a challenge from Commander Paul LeBaron last year and now fully supported by East Division Commander Elizabeth Griffin.


What is a Community Watch group and why have one on your block?

Today's Community Watch is focused on knowing one's neighbor and encouraging participants to keep a watchful eye, not only on the block where they live but the community as a whole, and report suspicious and potential criminal behavior to the police department as well as to their Community Watch group. 

Each organized Community Watch group should be registered with the Police Department.   A Community Watch group might be very social including monthly gatherings and weekly email blasts.  For other groups, they may have a meeting on the front-lawn quarterly while texting or emailing the group if there is suspicious activity or reported criminal activity. As a result of today's technology, Community Watch groups can stay in touch easily through email, texting or phone apps like "Next Door".  There is no set structure except to encourage and remind residents to know their neighbor so suspicious or criminal activity is reported to the police department.


Five steps to forming a Community Watch Group


If you would like more information about forming a Community Watch Group, please contact Kristina Duggan at  kristina.duggan@longbeach.gov or (562) 570-8756.


--- by Kristina Duggan
3rd District Field Deputy


4 Things Successful Small-Business Owners Do Every Morning


Distraction is a battle we all face on a daily basis no matter where we work or what we do.  There are so many things we could do that might be worth it.  However, choosing to stay focused, and consistent is what makes a productive person excel.  According to an article in the Huffington Post, several successful small-businesses share their morning habits that help them stay productive and positive all day long.  


 Huffington Post Article 

--- by Lisa West 
3rd District Business Liaison

Parking Permits


The City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department, Marine Bureau is happy to announce that Annual Beach Parking and Overnight Parking permits are now available for purchase via the internet or phone. 

The 12-month Beach Parking

Permit costs $155, (senior rate is $75) and are valid between the hours of 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM in the following lots:

Pier Point Park, Marina Green, Marina Mole Road (Metered spaces only), Alamitos Beach, Junipero Beach, Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, Granada Beach, La Verne, 54th Place, Bayshore, 72nd Place, Colorado Lagoon Marina Park.


Overnight Parking

Permit cost varies and are based on the lot and if purchased monthly or annually ($33.00 monthly, $336.00 annually if paid in advance)  They are valid between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM only in the following lots: 
Alamitos Avenue Beach, Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, 54th Place, Junipero Beach and LaVerne Avenue parking lots. 
Persons interested in purchasing these permits may register on-line at  www.thepermitstore.com and enter "Long Beach". Those without internet access may register by calling (805) 624-6672 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. 


--- by Kristina Duggan
3rd District Field Deputy
Fireworks are I llegal  in Long Beach


Yes, even the safe and sane fireworks.  That includes sparklers and ground snakes.  If you have to drive to another city to purchase fireworks, then consider them illegal in Long Beach.  Please be safe this year, there are a lot of dry lawns and shrubs due to water conservation.
--- by Antonella Schaub 
3rd District Communications Director
Participate in 
National Night Out  on  
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Register here to receive the NNO information packet.

Please look to our City Website for some great locations to view fireworks on the 3rd and 4th of July

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