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Board of Supervisors: Unanimous Approval for Treasure Island Redevelopment!

On June 7, 2011, at the end of a long, packed hearing, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 to approve Treasure Island redevelopment. TIMA President Claire Isaacs Wahrhaftig testified in support. As many of you know, this approval has been a long time coming. Members of the TIMA board began attending and giving testimony in support of redevelopment years ago. As the time for final votes approached, our participation in hearings became much more urgent.


What does this mean for the future of the Treasure Island Museum? Redevelopment plans have included a museum from the very beginning, but we must continue to seek support and funding, and ensure that our voice continues to be heard. Still, the Board's approval of TI redevelopment has removed much of the uncertainty about the future of the island. That will make it easier for us to share our vision of the future with others.  

Join Us: June 26th,
Treasure Island Flea Market!  
Have you heard about the tremendous success of the Treasure Island Flea Market on Memorial Day weekend? You can help make our exhibit a success at the June market!
Angie and Charles Ansanelli's goal in founding the market was "to provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and products." At least 10,000 shoppers visited the market on its first two days! 
Prior to the first market, Charles contacted TIMA and invited us to exhibit. He had a hunch that visitors would be curious about the island's history and culture, and knew that we were the right group to fill that need. After the first market he reported to us that dozens of flea market visitors were in search of other TI activities, with some asking the location of the museum!   
The first flea market offered specialty foods, stylish clothing and home decor (new and vintage), garden items, and multicultural designs from all over the world. TI Flea is held on the Great Lawn along Avenue of the Palms, just past the Pavilion, in full view of the San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge. Admission is $3 for adults; children 12 and under are free, and parking is easy and free. The market is scheduled to be held on the last Saturday and Sunday of each month through November of 2011. For more information, visit http://www.treasureislandflea.com.


If you are interested in volunteering for TIMA at the June 26th flea market, please contact info@treasureislandmuseum.org or call 650 796 0520.
About Us
The Treasure Island Museum Association (TIMA) is an advocacy organization dedicated to re-establishing a history and culture museum on Treasure Island. We respect the legacy of the former Treasure Island Museum (1976-1997) while recognizing that a new museum will reflect changes that have occurred on the island and in the world since the closure of Naval Station Treasure Island. The new museum, like the original, will encompass all of Treasure Island's "stories": the island's creation, the celebrations and engineering feats that it witnessed, and its long military history. The new museum will also feature Treasure Island's present and future as a San Francisco neighborhood and a green, carbon-zero community utilizing the most advanced environmental engineering techniques.
The dedication of our board members and the loyalty of our membership have kept TIMA's goals and dreams alive since the museum's closure in 1997. We work with the City of San Francisco and the developers who are driving the creation of the new Treasure Island. In addition to advocacy, we manage a small collection, create and install temporary exhibits, and hold public educational events. We also maintain an informative exhibit in Building One on Treasure Island, probably the best presentation of the story of Treasure Island available to the public. This exhibit, "Portal to the Pacific," was created and installed by TIMA volunteers in November of 2008 at the invitation of the Treasure Island Development Authority. 
Join our association, support us financially if you can, and help us find the way to a bright new future for the Treasure Island Museum. Please visit on weekdays when our exhibit is accessible to the public and bring your friends! Browse to our website to find information about our activities, our exhibit schedule, our "Memory Book," and to find links to other organizations. You may also donate online! Donations are fully tax-deductible.
  Bliss Dance on Treasure Island

The next time you come to Treasure Island, be sure to venture up Avenue of the Palms to see the beautiful dancing woman on the Great Lawn. "Bliss Dance," the creation of artist Marco Cochrane, was fabricated on Treasure Island and introduced to the world at the Burning Man Festival in August of 2010. Her installation on Treasure Island is a joint venture of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and the Treasure Island Development Authority. "Bliss Dance" is 40 feet high and fabricated primarily of steel mesh. You are welcome to come dance along the Great Lawn with her! 

Bliss Dance Installed


Bliss was installed on May 1st, 2011 and she is expected to remain in place through October. At an installation reception held on May 18th, artist Cochrane said,  "Follow your bliss and it will open doors where you didn't know doors existed." Cochrane and other artists are currently fabricating new art projects on Treasure Island.

An Invitation to all

Treasure Island Museum Supporters 

Please join us on June 18th as we celebrate a year of extraordinary progress towards our goal of re-establishing the Treasure Island Museum. We can also celebrate the Board of Supervisors' unanimous vote for Treasure Island's future!


Our Annual Meeting will begin at 2:00 p.m. at Winery SF on Treasure Island, and will feature updates about our activities over the past year, a viewing of our new Museum Concept video, display of recent acquisitions, and an opportunity to mingle with our board members and other Treasure Island aficionados. Non-hosted wine tastings will be available, as well as gourmet chocolates and other treats. A 1939 Treasure Island fire truck will be on view through the afternoon. We will offer tours to Building One after the meeting to anyone who would like to see the site of the original Treasure Island Museum and our current displays. 

The Winery SF is located directly behind and east of Building One. Look for the large "Winery SF" sign as you drive down the causeway to Treasure Island. Please park in the spaces between Building One and the Winery, or in the lots to the north and east of the Winery building.
If you have any questions about the meeting or need more complete directions, please call Anne Schnoebelen at 650 796 0520.
TIMA Happenings
In February, we set up a well-attended booth at the San Francisco History Expo. The event, sponsored by the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, was held at the Old Mint. On April 1st, our board and guests embarked on a bay tour of the new Bay Bridge construction with CalTrans staff. In May, TIMA board member Anne Schnoebelen gave a talk about the GGIE's "Pacific Unity" art at the Lafayette Historical Society. As a prelude to the talk, we installed a mini-exhibit at the Lafayette Public Library, which was on display in April and May. On June 4th, board member Mimi Manning and volunteer Lauren Moody hosted a group of 60 from the Sonoma County Historical Society on a walking tour of the island, followed by dinner at the Job Corps.
Bay Bridge tour group
TIMA board and friends embark on Bay Bridge tour, April 1 

Keep TIMA in mind if your organization would like a tour of Treasure Island or a talk on a theme related to our interests

The Collection
 We are frequently asked about the former TI museum collection. The collection is the property of the U.S. Navy. Prior to the closure of the Treasure Island Museum in 1997, the Navy had the collection professionally catalogued and packed for storage. The Treasure Island Museum Association advocates that the collection remain in the Bay Area so that items will be available for museums to borrow and display in the future. TIMA hopes and expects that we will have access to this collection when we are once again a viable museum.


While we do not have the staff or storage space to maintain a large collection, items relevant to our collecting areas do come our way. Our part-time staff accessions and stores these items according to professional museum practices. We look forward to opportunities to display them.  
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new B1

History Note: Treasure Island's Building One served as the Administration Building for the Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-1940), an air terminal for Pan American Airways (1938-c.1945), home of the 12th Naval District (1941-1997), and offices of San Francisco's Treasure Island Development Authority (1998-present). Designed by George Kelham and William P. Day, "B1" is one of three permanent buildings remaining from the exposition. It was the site of the Treasure Island Museum from 1976-1997. Building One joined the National Register of Historic Places on February 26, 2008.


The Treasure Island Museum Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are fully tax deductible. Our future depends upon your generosity. Donations may be made online through Network for Good or by mail to


Treasure Island Museum Association

Building One, Treasure Island

One Avenue of the Palms, Room 111

 San Francisco, CA 94130


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Treasure Island Museum Association | Building One, Treasure Island | Room 111 | One Avenue of the Palms | San Francisco | CA | 94130