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March 22, 2012
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Infrastructure and Natural Resources
Business Growth and Development
April 20, 2012 Full Membership Meeting
Healthcare Conference
Tourism Conference
Green Aviation Update
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Infrastructure and Natural Resources


The infrastructure and Natural Resources committee are keeping an eye on an issue that is very important area of concern for our region. Below is text from a letter sent from the American Great Lakes Ports Association to leadership in Washington DC. The Association represents the public port authorities on the United States side of the Great Lakes. Each of their member port agencies is a division of state of local government, or an independent agency created by state statute. As a group, and individual, Great Lakes ports work to foster maritime commerce in the region and economic development in their communities.



"Every Great Lakes port requires periodic dredging to remove sand and silt that naturally accumulate in navigation channels. These channels enable large cargo ships to safely navigate by providing adequate underwater clearance. more

Business Growth and Development


The Upper Michigan Green Aviation Coalition has established the following metrics for growth:


1-Year Metrics: increase membership by three new manufacturers; Increase membership by one new OEM.


3-Year Metrics: Increase membership by ten new manufacturers; Increase membership by three new OEMs; three companies enter a new supply chain through green aviation efforts.


The working groups have identified strategies to help achieve these metrics, some which are outlined below (watch for future issues for more updates).


Branding & Promotion (Co-Chairs Vikki Kujlu and Christian Perrault) - Increase awareness of the Upper Michigan aerospace sector, its players, competitive advantages & enhancing its visibility and outreach

  • Planning for the MRO show the first week in April.
  • Assisting with Green Aviation Conference marketing and sponsorships. Mailing completed to approximately 200 folks.
  • Ongoing work to improve the website


Business Processes (Co-Chairs Joel Schultz and Vicki Schwab) - Provide techniques and methodologies for the description of inter-organizational business processes and information exchanges

  • The Michigan Small business Technology and Development Center has added capacity to assist companies in counseling around areas related to ITAR (International Traffic of Arms)
  • Assembling additional information on asset mapping and financial resources to add to the website.


Funding (Co-Chairs Kelly Smith and Ken Trazska) - Develop financial sustainability and legal structure if necessary

  • Update provided to the Board of Directors on membership dues and other income generators. The Board provided additional direction on fine-tuning the membership dues. The new structure will be presented at the March 29th Board of Directors meeting for approval and acceptance. 

Please take a moment to review these updates from the UPWard Initiative.  


Thanks to the many UPWard members, and others, that have provided content for these updates. If you have information you would like to share with the group, please email it to me. Holly Peoples


April 20, 2012

Full Membership Meeting


Marquette County Michigan Works! Office: 

1498 O'Dovero Drive  

Marquette, MI 49855 



Introducing Bruce Goddard, Keynote Presenter at Lighten UP, Tourism Conference coming May 29th and 30th.


Most of you have probably never heard of Reynolds, Georgia but you may be familiar with a town like it. Out speaker says it was a town that was very conducive for a child growing up in the early sixties to learn all the lessons he would ever need in life. He says he wouldn't take a million dollars for growing up in that little town.


But he also has another unique perspective. Goddard Funeral Home in Reynolds was founded in 1866 by his great grandfather and our speaker grew up working in the family business. You will quickly learn during his presentation that he made some interesting and humorous observations about lif in the process. Make no mistake about the lessons learned in his small town funeral business have taken our speaker further than he ever dreamed possible. He has entertained and motivated thousands - sharing his stories, wisdom and humor to church groups, civic groups, businesses, corporations and conventions throughout the United States.


We encourage you to hold on to your seat, your sides and your emotions. You will take a trip...a trip that has beginning...and an ending...and some unforgettable delightful sights along the way. He will make you laugh. He will make you cry. But above all, he will make you thankful for the true blessings of life and doing business in a small community.


More information at www.deltami.org


The U.S. Department of Labor has released its employment projections for 2010 to 2020, and the numbers related to direct-care workers are staggering.

Direct-care workers are projected to increase in number by nearly 50 percent over the coming decade, adding 1.5 million new jobs. Of these jobs, 1.3 million will be in home care.

In fact, home care occupations, known by the occupational titles of Personal Care Aides and Home Care Aides, are projected to be the first and second fastest-growing occupations nationally in the next decade.

Personal Care Aides are projected to increase by 70 percent, and Home Health Aides by 69 percent. Additionally, Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides are ranked third and fourth, respectively, in the number of new jobs projected to be added over this time period.

By contrast, jobs overall in the U.S. economy are projected to increase by only 14 percent.

Additionally, the two industries in which home care workers are employed - Services for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (SEPD) and Home Health Care Services - top the list of the fastest growing industries, with expected growth of 87 and 81 percent, respectively, over the coming decade.

More information at http://bls.gov/news.release/ecopro.nr0.htm



2012 Upper Peninsula Healthcare Conference  

June 8, 2012




We are inviting our healthcare industry members to "Invest in the U.P." by sending representatives to this locally sponsored conference. The conference agenda has been developed to address the need for the healthcare industry to develop and grow leadership from within your own organizations.


The Upper Peninsula Healthcare Roundtable and UPWard Initiative Healthcare Committee is made up of representatives from hospitals, long-term home health care, educational institutions and community based organizations from across the Upper Peninsula whose focus is to address workforce issues in the industry, to educate our communities about the economic impact of healthcare in our region, to ensure that our industry has a pipeline of workers to meet today's and tomorrow's workforce needs and to assist the industry in insuring that their current and future workforce have the skill sets needed to remain economically viable and globally competitive.




To register or find out more, click HERE 




Tourism Group Update: 


 Tourism Save The Date May 30 2012






Green Aviation Update: 


Green Aviation May 7










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