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 September March 28, 2013

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Vexilar K-Drill is a Perfect Late Ice Tool!!! 
 Ice anglers across much of the ice belt are walking with a little extra pep-in-their-step because their ice fishing season is looking like it will last longer than usual!!! With such a cold winter, we're seeing better than average ice conditions as we approach April and ice  anglers are taking advantage of the extended ice fishing season!! With that being said, there are tools that can make your late ice experience more enjoyable... and efficient. The NEW K-Drill is one of those tools that makes staying mobile a lot easier.

The K-Drill makes cutting holes simple and effortless. Not only does it cut quickly, but it opens old holes better than any other auger on the market and makes moving from spot to spot effortless when chasing late ice panfish. It's no secret that ice anglers hit the ice hard this season, and now you can make your job easier by using the K-Drill to open old holes and cover more ice to help you land more fish!!

Learn more about the NEW K-Drill and take a look for yourself! ... CLICK HERE

Vexilar Pros are Taking Advantage of the Extended Season!!!  

The Vexilar Pros have been all over the ice this season, and it hasn't stopped now that late ice is upon us! Everywhere from Montana all the way to Maine and up into the northern reaches of Canada, the Vexilar Pros are having a blast this season sharing their stories and photos with all of you!! Make sure you check out of the Vexilar Facebook page to stay up-to-date on what the Vexilar Pros are doing... you won't want to miss the action!!


Just in case you missed any of it, here are a few fun shots to show how the season has been going... 



Vexilar Tips and Articles  
  Matt Breuer writes...

Ultimate Sight Fishing...

 Are you a sight fisherman? Do you think a Vexilar is unnecessary while you're in shallow, clear water watching fish come in? Here's a trick I've used to get the most out of my flasher on days when I'm sight fishing. Get a 20' Transducer Extension Cable and drill a hole on the perimeter of the house, and put your transducer down. You can run the cable back to the Fish Trap and watch fish moving through on the outer edges. Works exceptionally well if you're fishing with a buddy, and you can utilize both units on the perimeter. For even more coverage, use your Double Vision, and set up the Vexilar camera in another hole in a different direction. (see diagram below)




   Tony Mariotti writes...

While getting set up for a local fishing derby, I overheard a number of people commenting about how shallow the derby was set up in and how hard it was to find their jig while using their vexilar. I was surprised, simply because I was in the middle of a few of these commenters and I was actually impressed at how good the area looked! Lush, green weeds, 8 feet of water and even with no line in the water, I was getting flickers of fish showing up quite consistently before the derby started.  


It turned out we indeed were fishing the exact same type of water. The difference in what we were seeing down our holes was related to the fact that I had my FL-18 set in "low power" mode. Low Power mode can be achieved by either using an S-Cable adapter on your FL-8 or by choosing the "lp" mode on any other Vexilar flasher. By selecting the "lp" mode, you cut the watts being put out by your transducer from the "normal" 400 watts, to a weed vanishing, clutter clearing, 200 watts of power. By cutting the watts being put out in half, you create a great shallow, weedy water tool.


As I finally figured out why these others hadn't been using their low power mode, I was reminded of just how valuable and often overlooked tool the low power mode is. I use low power mode often. If I am in less than 20 ft. of water chances are that at some point during an outing I will gain advantages by using the lower power mode. At night, it helps to reduce the amount of zooplankton that show up on the screen as clutter. In even heavy weeds I can eliminate most of the weeds, and then I can adjust my gain to find my jig. When I am using larger lures, lines or baits, it seems that the larger surface area of these can create bubbles when they are ripped through the water, which translates to green blips working their way up my vexilar's screen. By using my unit at low power, I eliminate most of the unneeded marks, allowing me to see only what I need to below the ice! Next time you find yourself in a shallow water area, play around with the low power mode. You may see exactly what you have been missing!




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