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August 18, 2015
When the Hands are Quicker than My Mind!

Working hard to get the latest Update out and clearly my hands were typing faster than my mind could keep up with, so I need to correct something.

I said that the event at NJMP next month was the last of the season...and of course, that's wrong. The Turkey Bowl in November (which I'm not allowed to go to...something about family, yadda, yadda) is our last event of the season.


Probably the only reason I haven't heard from Turkey Bowl Event Chair, Mike Oritt about this faux pas is that he's still working on the transmission of his car...he was flying on Palmer this past weekend until he lost fourth gear.


By the way, make Mike very happy by signing up early for the Turkey Bowl this year...which, I hope I've now made clear, will be the last event of the VRG 2015 season.


Sorry for any confusion. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives...

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