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August 18, 2015



 Cast Your Vote!
Trump Not On VRG Ballot!

Because of the way the VRG set up their electoral process, every year about this time, we open the polls to our membership to elect members to the Board.

Over the past 10 years, we have been very lucky to have excellent Boards of Directors to guide the club in a very positive way.


We all benefit from having a strong, hard working Board and we hope you'll be part of the process and cast your vote for those you think will best serve us as we move forward into 2016.


All the information is located on the VRG website or simply click here. To vote, you must be a VRG member in good standing. So, if you would like to vote and haven't become a member yet...what are you waiting for?

It's Joisey Time!

NJMP's Historic Race Event is next month!


Sometimes the days just seem to move so quickly that things that seemed way out in the distant future, all of a sudden, loom up in the windshield of life.


VRG's Jersey Historic Races at NJMP are like that this year...they are only a month away, so it's time to make plans and sign up for one of the best events on the VRG schedule. All the information is on our website and registration is now open!


As in previous years, the event will be held on NJMP's Lightning course, which is one of the most fun tracks we go to. Challenging, fun and fast, with lots of runoff all around the track, have made it a one of our favorite places to go.


With a large open paddock area having both paved and grassy spots, it's easy to join up with friends and never feel crowded. Event Chair, Butch O'Connor, has reworked the schedule for this year and those coming will find themselves getting even more seat time than last year...almost 40 minutes more!


This year the Elva is the marque of the meet and there will be a large contingent of these beautiful race cars competing in their own race. Special paddocking for Elva's will also be set up.


Remember all the fun when the vintage motorcycles ran last year? Well, they are looking to have twice as many bikes running this year and if you think it's exciting to see 4 wheelers go around the track, you should check out some of these 2 wheel flyers. Amazing!


Once again, the popular BBQ will be held and will benefit the WWII Museum at the airport. This is always a lot of fun, expect some strange prizes to be given out and the Joisey Boyz will be supplying growlers of local beer, so plan on coming and bringing your thirst with you.


This is a great event and this year it will be the last of the VRG season, so make sure you sign up early! Look forward to seeing you there!

Looking for a few good
Tech, Registration and Grid Help Wanted

As most of you know, one of the cornerstones of the VRG success as a racing club stems from our commitment to safety.


And key to racing safety is our practice of having every car go through a race tech before being able to put a wheel on the track. The VRG philosophy is not to conduct a punitive tech but one that simply helps our members race more safely.


As we have all encountered at almost any event, there's almost always a bottleneck at the beginning of a race weekend when going through the tech process. This is something that is not unique to the VRG but with almost every race organization.


In an effort to help smooth and increase the flow of cars being teched at our events, you might have already noticed we have added some roving tech staff. However, we are now looking to add a few more volunteers to our tech staff to assist our chief of tech Tivvy Shenton and help move things along even more.


If you would like to dedicate some time at the events you attend, we'd certainly like to hear from you.


Likewise, the Event Chairs at different events often can use a helping hand at registration or on the grid during their weekends. If you would like to assist at any event you might be planning to attend, we'd love to hear from you.


Please get in touch with VRG President Mack McCormack and let him know you'd like to help.

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