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August 1, 2015



How About A Shot of Whiskey!
The Fun Kicks off the 15th

One of my favorite things is to drive on a new track. There's the excitement of new corners to test both car and driver. There are plenty of these on my bucket list to be discovered. Palmer...or Whiskey Hill is the newest, closest and maybe the most challenging of them all!

Recent racers, commenting on their experience at Palmer called it the closest thing to Spa in the US. That's some praise.


It's a 2 day event, but expect to get 3 days of racing time...and then some! We guarantee you'll be going home tired! Feeling masochistic? There's even a track day on Friday the 14th for those who want to add to their seat time, but you have to sign up with the track for that.


Event Chair Mike Lawton (remember the great show he put on at the Glen?) is excited about the potential for this track, which is still being worked on. It is somewhat primitive in the paddocks, as far as creature comforts, but there will be power outlets for those who want to park RVs or camp at the track.


The track itself is ready for prime time racing, so we hope you'll sign up NOW. Remember, this is run with the VRG refund policy in effect. If you can't make it, for any reason...you get a refund...so come on and join us at Whiskey Hill!


Sign up on Motorsports Reg, check out the FAQs on the VRG website or contact Mike with any questions...but don't wait! Mike is keeping the early bird price up as long as he can...but it won't be too much longer.

Under New Management

Yeah, it happens everywhere!


As a club by racers, for racers and run by volunteers, it's great that we have so many people who have been willing to step up and help out whenever needed.


After many years of serving on the VRG Board and then as the Club Treasurer. It's time for Paul Bova to take a well deserved break and as of this week, that's exactly what he's doing and Cal Trumbo will be stepping up to take over his duties. 


Cal is not the only young member stepping up to help out, as his partner in crime(they co-event chair the Jeff 500), Jim Karamanis will take over Cal's duties as Vice President of VRG.


Wait a minute! Don't these changes always come in threes? Yes, they do. Welcome, Ian Wisbon appointed as VRG's new Chairman of Information Technology. Ian has been taking care of tech problems for us for some time and considering the role technology will be playing in the future we're lucky to have someone with his knowledge helping us moving forward.


Many thanks to Paul Bova for his many years of service in a critical position and thanks to Cal, Jim and Ian for stepping up and taking over their important positions.

And Now,  For Something Completely Different...
Et Tu Dominion?  

We have been informed, that despite their best efforts, Dominion will not have their track finished in time for our planned event in October. It's too bad, as we were very excited about the plans for the new 2 mile track. However, we are working with the owner and hope to have an event there in 2016. We'll give you all the details as they develope.


In other changes, the annual General Meeting, usually held at the Glen, will be held this year at the NJMP event(sign up now!) on September 19th at 4pm in the tech garage (not to be mistaken with Tivvy's trailer).


One last thing from the Land of Logbooks... While it has been on our website for the last 10 years, it seems the rule had to be made more clear, which it now has. To submit an application for a VRG logbook, one must be a VRG member in good standing. It always seemed that was obvious, but now it has been clarified on the website, at the end of the first paragraph here.

This has been an unusually long Update and I thank you for bearing with me. Please excuse any typos as my desktop computer went Tango Uniform as I began this and I took my ancient 10 lb laptop out of the closet to finish it. Hopefully, I will get a new and improved system in the near future.
As always, any constructive criticism on how to make these Updates better is always much appreciated.

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