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December 20, 2015



 Formula Ford Stocking Stuffer!
New FF series scheduled for 2016!

The VRG/Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series is being re-launched for the 2016 season! Bigger and better than ever with the series focus on providing a fun and friendly environment for Formula Ford racers and their families with
the largest grids, at the best storied race circuits, in the Eastern United States.....

The VRG/Royal Formula Ford Challenge Series is back and this year will be sponsored by Hoosier!

Mission Statement:

To provide a sustainable, enjoyable, safety-oriented Formula Ford racing series in the eastern United States that
rewards camaraderie, sportsmanship, and preservation of historic racing machinery and principles.

 VIR Wild Hare April 8-10

 Summit Point Jefferson 500 May 12-15

 Lime Rock Historic Festival Sept 2-5

 New Jersey Historic (Lightening Circuit) Sept 16-18

 Watkins Glen (GP Circuit) Oct 7-9

The aim is to create and maintain a fun, safe, and friendly on-track and paddock environment that will encourage
Formula Ford racers and their families to return regularly to the Formula Ford Challenge Series.

We'll do this by always encouraging the spirit and originality of Formula Ford racing. This includes controlling costs
and providing budgeting predictability to our Formula Ford racers by having consistent Sporting Rules, Technical
Regulations, and Race Weekend Formats.

We also aim to deliver value to our competitors by striving to have at least 25+ entries per race weekend, as well as
a dedicated Formula Ford race at each event.

2016 Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series Information:

i) We race to VRG and other Vintage Motorsport Council Club's Safety and Conduct Standards.

a. Safety standards will be expected and enforced in both car-preparation and driver behavior

ii) Three Formula Ford classes will be available to competitors:

iii) Tires: - All cars, in all classes, will run on Dunlop, Avon, or Hoosier (subject to VRG final approval)

a. Historic Formula Ford first generation cars 1967-72 conforming to VRG Rules

b. Post 1972 Club Formula Ford second generation cars conforming to VRG Rules

c. Post 1981 third generation with inboard suspension front and rear, no aero conforming to VRG Rules. Other post 1981 cars may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Class Representative.
(Honda Fit engine cars will NOT be permitted).

Treaded Formula Ford tires ONLY.

Single event exemption for first-time entrants with non-compliant tires at the sole discretion of the Class
Representative (entrant ineligible for Series points or awards).

iv) Series Winner Trophies:

a. The Geoff Clarke Trophy: Historic Formula Ford

b. The John Webb Trophy: Club Formula Ford

c. The Ralph Firman Trophy: Post 1981 Formula Ford

d. The Shoemaker Cup: Overall Winner

v) Scoring Method: As per our Mission Statement, points are biased to reward fellowship between Formula Ford racers. Thus, points are awarded for starting and finishing races, helping fellow competitors, and to a lesser extent race finishing position. 

vi) Normal Race Weekend Format:

a. 6 sessions of 25-30 minutes each over 3 days

b. Most race weekends have an optional test day (free at Summit Point Jefferson 500 for early entrants)

c. Formula Ford only main race

vii) Social:

a. Barbeque and Cocktail parties at every race weekend

b. Raffle for Hoosier Formula Ford tires every race weekend!

c. Other Raffle prizes to be announced

What's not to like?

The 2016 Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series is the ONLY Formula Ford race series in the Eastern United  States that has been created for Formula Ford racers by Formula Ford racers!

We strive to earn our competitor's loyalty by providing a fun, safety-oriented Formula Ford racing series that is
enjoyable both on the track and in the paddock.

Further information is available at the following websites:

www.vrg.com (click on the Royale Formula Ford Challenge Series tab)

www.apexspeed.com (click on the Royal Formula Ford Challenge Series thread)

Or contact the class representatives:

Post 81' Formula Ford: Chris Shoemaker - chris.shoemaker@royaleracingllc.com

Historic Formula Ford: Bernard Bradpiece- bbradpiece@gmail.com

Club Formula Ford: Nigel Cass- nigel.m.cass@gmail.com
Don't Forget Your Membership!

Renewal Info on it's way
In the last Update, we alerted you to the membership materials on their way to you. Some of you have received your emails...others might not have yet, but Membership Chairman, John Faulkner is working hard to make sure these go out early so please help him out and renew earlier than later...he does like to spend some of his time working on his racecar!
Thanks everybody.

Once again, from all of us at the VRG, our very best wishes to you and yours for this holiday season and we hope this new year is filled with all the high speed joy you could possibly imagine.

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