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June 22, 2015
VRG Meet Palmer!

It's a little confusing as the beautiful new Palmer Motorsports Park (official name) is also known and referred to as Whiskey Hill. Whatever you call it though, we're just about a month away from VRG's first Whiskey Hill Historic Races. 


Registration is open, here. It really makes it easiest for the event chair, Mike Lawton, if you register online and then either pay online or mail Mike a check directly. As VRG's "best ever" cancellation policy is in place for this weekend, there's no risk to you should something come up to prevent you from attending. In other words...What are you waiting for? Sign up today!


FAQs and a preliminary schedule are under development and will be found on the VRG website, but here's some things you might like consider:
  • First, this is a two day event, August 15 and 16 and on those days, the track is ours from 8:30am to 5:00pm.
  •  There is a test day available on Friday, the 14th, if you want/need more time. Registration for this test day will be with the track and we'll have more on that in the FAQs.
  • We can enter the facility Friday evening or earlier if you are doing the test day.
  • We will be running the traditional 4 VRG groups. Since we have no partner groups or special feature races, there will be A LOT of track time over the 2 days! Mike is planning to have at least 3 sessions per group per day, possibly more. Think about it... only 4 groups, running over 8 hours/day. Yes, expect tons of seat time and tired arms.  
  • The track layout is great. The pavement is new and smooth with many challenging corners and the scenery in the hills is beautiful. 
  • You should be aware that as the track is brand-new, the paddock facilities are not yet fully complete. Some who have been there have compared it to the old Bridgehampton track. Right now, facilities are somewhat spartan, but the track is first rate. We hope that this event will be a great success so we can return next year and enjoy the amenities which will then be much improved. 
  • The track is easy to get to as it's located just off the Mass Pike, under an hour from Suburban Boston and just over 2 hours from Westchester. 
While there are lots of videos online from people who have tested/run at Palmer, showing the track in various stages of development, there's one that's a bit newer and more instructional put together by a Porsche club racer who seems to know his way around the track quite well.,Check it out here.

More updates on this exciting new venue coming and more info at the VRG website to be posted. This is one you won't want to miss!


If you have any questions direct email to the EC, Mike Lawton, is probably the best way to get answers.

Sign up now for what promises to be a great weekend!



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