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September 12, 2015



Getting Down to the Wire!

Are You Joining the Fun Next Weekend?

Not sure why, but the VRG event at NJMP, which is fast approaching, November 18-20, seems to be one of the best kept secrets in racing.

If you haven't been on it, the Lightning Circuit at NJMP is one of the most fun courses we run on all year...and one of the safest to boot, with scads of run off over most of the track. Add to this a huge paddock, so getting in and set up is easier at NJMP than anywhere else on our schedule. There's loads of room for everyone, never any trouble hooking up to hang with friends and speaking of hooking up, this year, there will be no fee's for entrants who are camping at the track. Ditto for power hookups...VRG is picking up the tab! What a great deal. While you're racing, convenient to the paddock are viewing stands for friends and family too. So bring your friends and family too, they'll have a blast.
This event has really grown over the past couple of years, not just in participants but in fun factor and t his year will be no different.

Check out the schedule here and you'll see plenty of seat time is on the menu. When you're not driving, enjoy great action watching the vintage motorcycles, which will be returning to NJMP again this year, along with special races for the marque of the event, Elva. Formula Fords will also be coming back to a track they all loved last year, so plenty of great racing to see...when you're not on the track yourself.

The dinner promises to be fun with more tasty testing of some great local small batch brews and if that's not enough...RALPH'S COMING! That's right folks, we've induced Professor Steinberg to leave his laboratory in PA and he will be at NJMP Friday and Saturday for those of you interested in getting VRG logbooks! Ralph will be happy to examine cars for VRG eligibility, answer any questions you might have about getting a VRG logbook. I understand he's been getting lectures on interpersonal skills from the master...Tivvy, so you'll want to be on hand to experience this!

All the FAQs and latest schedule info are available on the VRG website, but if you want to skip to the chase, you can register now at Motorsportsreg.com. Don't forget the fabulous VRG refund policy will be in effect this weekend, so don't wait any longer and sign up now and discover the secret of why racing at NJMP in September is so great!

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