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November 3, 2015



Go To Turkey Bowl and Do Some Good!


Those of you with understanding spouses are probably getting ready for the upcoming Turkey Bowl, which promises, once again, to be a great deal of fun with a great deal of track time.


If you're one of the lucky ones headed to the Turkey Bowl, then you also have the opportunity to do something very wonderful too.


I got this note from Jim Arnett, who races his Mini #27, with us...and I hope you take the time to read it.


Hello VRG Members,


For the past couple of decades I've volunteered with a charitable organization called "Volunteers for Medical Engineering."


A few year ago it merged with another group and now is called "V-Linc." You can check out it's website here.


Lately, we've been designing and building specialized bicycles, tricycles and what we call "chariots" for children and adults who cannot operate conventional bikes.


One problem that we've run into, is finding a method for securing patients, who have little or no upper body strength, from falling off or out of these vehicles.


Upon reflection I thought racing seats and belts would be perfect for doing the job.


So, what I'm wondering is if VRG drivers would be interesting in donating any seats that aren't being used and outdated belts to this charity. Big or small, it doesn't matter.


There must be a few of them (the seats, not the drivers :) gathering dust in garages, right?


V-Linc will provide receipts for your taxes, of course.


I'll be at the Turkey Bowl in November and at other events next year to collect any seats and belts that are donated.


Thanks very much!

Jim Arnett


I can't think of a better use for gear you no longer use than donating it to this wonderful cause.


If you have any questions, you can contact Jim directly at jim_arnett@rocketmail.com

News from Another Member

Going Fast Momma, Going Fast!
Pardon the quote from Ricky Bobby, but every time Frank Grimaldi blasts by me in his awesome '68 Camaro, I always think of that line.

This letter just came in from him and the VRG Board wanted to pass it on to the membership, so here it is...


You might have heard about the 20,000 square foot North East Motor Sports Museum to be built on the grounds of the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Rt 106, Louden, NH.

Groundbreaking was September 25, 2015 and the Grand Opening is scheduled on NASCAR weekend next September. Details here.

The goal of the museum is to find, protect and display surviving examples of cars, motorcycles, artifacts and memorabilia used by drag racers, oval racers, road racers and hill climbers from every era of New England motorsports.

I have agreed to be on the museum Board and I will be working to ensure that our road racing is well represented and that we can present museum displays that our rich Northeast road racing history deserves.

I am contacting you, because you are a potential link to helping us locate an early car or artifact or memorabilia from our early road racing pioneers. You, or a family member, may even have a history in early road racing and will be able to find and donate information, artifacts or memorabilia. In that case, you might also consider buying a brick inscribed with a permanent remembrance of those efforts in road racing. Regardless, I hope you will join me and become a member of the North East Motor Sports Museum.

Please see the museum website for the exciting status of this project and news about our progress so far here.

Within the site you will also find forms for your online membership application and for the Buy a Brick program.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member of the North East Motor Sports Museum.

Frank Grimaldi
Feel free to pass on this information from Jim and Frank to all your racing buddies and don't forget to register for the Turkey Bowl if there's a chance you can make it. The super VRG refund policy is in effect so, there's no risk to you and it helps Event Chair, Michael Oritt tremendously with his preparations. Stay safe!

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