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December 11, 2015



 Coming Soon!
Annual Membership Renewals Enroute!
I've recently heard from the ever talented, but always modest John Faulkner, our VRG Membership Coordinator. He wanted to give you a heads-up, alerting you that he'll be sending out emails for the 2016 VRG membership renewals in the week following Christmas and he begs you, " Please! Don't delete it! If you don't see it, you might find it in your spam folder."
In the email, there will be a form with the information John has in the membership database, mostly contact information and car preferences. He asks that you please print it out and check over the information. Correct anything that needs it and send it back to John with your check. If you are a driver, please note the question about your medical.
John also wanted you to know that if you'd rather, you can also pay your membership dues online by going to our website, www.vrgonline.org/sales and paying by PayPal. If you are using another paypal account not bearing your name please let him know this by email so he can correctly note the payment.
John says he will get the new cards out as soon as he can, once he has received your checks. If you have any questions or problems John's mailing address and email are listed below.
John Faulkner
Membership Coordinator
211 Middle Road,
NY 11782
Email: J.faulkner@insulatedwire.com

The sooner you get your forms and checks in, the sooner your 2016 cards will be in your hands, so don't wait until Spring!

It's Now in your HANS

Head and Neck Restraints for 2016
In 2014 the VRG announced, that while we would still allow head and neck restraints to be optional in 2015, that starting in 2016 these would be mandatory for all racers.

Well, we are only a few weeks from the start of 2016 and if you've been stalling, it's time to make a move and get a HNR for next season.

You'll find the rules regarding the use of head and neck restraints in the VRG rules on our website. As there are now quite a few different makers in the market, prices have come down rather considerably.

I just got a email from an old friend, Bob Zecca, owner of Driving Impressions and a long time supporter of amateur and vintage racing. His email told of a driver who was recently killed in an HPDE event while his passenger was left in critical condition after an on track accident. Neither were wearing HNRs because they are considered to be optional for HPDEs. Bob was pleading with everyone to please get these and never race without one, which echos what we all already know. Use of HNRs can save lives.

There are a number of HNRs on the market, the latest Zamp Ztech 1A is under $400, Necksgen can be found under $500, HANS in the $5-600 range as are the hybrid systems made by Simpson.

It is important to note that HNRs are certified by both SFI and FIA. Under SFI 38.1 rules, the HNRs must be recertified every 5 years.

If you are someone who also races in Canada, you might want to check the rules of those organizations as they might accept only those HNRs with FIA certification. They do not recognize SFI. Imagine making that long tow and not being able to race because your HNR isn't FIA rated.

In any case, be sure to bring and wear your HNRs at all VRG events in 2016...it's no longer optional, so if you want to race, make sure your HNR is in place.

From all of us at the VRG, our very best wishes to you and yours for this holiday season and we hope this new year is filled with all the joy you could possibly imagine.

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