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September 12, 2015



Mea Culpa!

What was I thinking?

It has been brought to my attention ( A LOT!) that in this mornings Update, I mistakenly said that the VRG event at NJMP was fast approaching in the wrong month. And yes, you are all correct. Have no idea how, but my fingers for some reason typed in the wrong month. NJMP is next week... September 18-20. Thank you for all the  kind and very funny heads up emails I got. Of course, this was no mistake at all, but a clever gambit to see who's actually reading the Updates! Apparently, most everyone is, so I won't be using that testing technique again in the near future.

Sorry if I confused anyone other than myself...I did proofread the darn thing several times and never saw this. I'm not sure late night editing is such a good idea anymore.

Anyway, the NJMP schedule is  here and if you show up on the correct dates in September, you can expect plenty of seat time, vintage motorcycles, special races for the marque of the event, Elva and a gaggle of Formula Fords coming back to a track they all loved last year.

The mysteries of VRG logbooks will be revealed to all who ask the Amazing Steinberg, who will be at the track to examine cars for VRG eligibility and answer any questions you might have about getting a VRG logbook. It's worth making the trip just for this as Ralph is rarely lured from his cave in PA.

All the FAQs and latest schedule info are available on the VRG website, but why not register now at Motorsportsreg.com. Remember with the fabulous VRG refund policy in effect you're at no risk if you can't make it on the track.
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