WMS/PTO Newsletter               September 2014
Betsy Gavron Principal
Dear Parents and Guardians:


Lake Winnipesaukee is my summer retreat to best relax and recharge my battery. There I find time to read books on the beach, run on the shore road, and play games with my family to my heart's content.This year the counterpoint to my relaxation up north was the exciting busyness that came with my family's move to Framingham. In August we arrived at our new home, which we chose to accommodate my expanding family. Click to continue. 

School Picture Order Form
Wednesday, September 17

Please check your child's backpack tonight and you'll find a school portrait order form from Hayward Photography. Please complete the form, enclose payment and send it to school on Wednesday, September 17. Your child will give this form and payment directly to the photographer. Many thanks!

Student Drop-off & Pick-up

Our sincere thanks to WMS families for observing our traffic circle rules during student drop-off and pick-up. We are so grateful for the spirit of cooperation and concern for safety shown by drivers, walkers, and bikers as 673 students and over 100 employees and visitors enter and exit our school building each morning and afternoon.


There are still some details for a few drivers to remember:
  • Students may only exit/enter cars at the sidewalk along side of the building from the gym to the stop sign. Students may not walk down toward the DPW building to enter cars.
  • Do not jump the line when spaces appear. Be patient as drivers in front of you pull forward.
  • Please be sure you are familiar with our complete traffic circle procedures, posted HERE.

If you're not in a carpool, consider trying to form one in your neighborhood. Less cars will make our traffic circle move faster. 

Biking to School
Ring the Bell

We're thrilled to see so many students biking to school. Such a wonderful way to start the day! If your children bike, please remind them to alert walkers as they approach from behind by ringing the bike bell or calling out "on your left/right." Practicing good biking etiquette will help keep both our walkers and bikers safe. Many thanks!

New Wellness Blog!

The Wellness Department is excited to launch our new blog today! The purpose of the blog is to:
  • Increase the lines of communication between the Wellness Department and our students and their families. 
  • Keep families abreast of what their child is learning in class. 
  • Serve as an interactive resource for wellness information where questions can be asked and answered online. 
  • Replace our old & dated website.

By subscribing to the blog you will get an email only when new content is posted. Check out our first post called "Who cares about fitness assessments?" and be sure to subscribe and share it with your children. 


Thank you,

The Wellness Staff:

Pam Riddle, Thomas Cavanaugh, & Natalia Araszkiewicz

Library News

Welcome and welcome back to (y)our library! It was great to have so many of you start off the year retrieving your student's ChromeBook in the library. We're looking forward to helping students put the 1:1 initiative to work leveraging our electronic library resources and further building their information literacy skills. 


Almost all 6th grade Study and Org Skills classes have visited our library for a basic overview of what materials are available and how to access them. ELA classes will soon visit for a longer Library Orientation. 


We're also excited to share the new interface and URL for our library catalog. Navigate to https://www.gofollett.com and type our school's name to search our collection -- and access our streaming ebooks and audiobooks directly from the catalog. More information will soon be available on our library website. Students in 7th and 8th grade will also be learning more about this interface in the coming weeks.


All students are invited to join the WMS-WHS-WPL Teen Library Advisory Board. The group is a collaboration of WPS students in grades 6-12 who meet monthly to discuss library-related topics and give feedback on library programs. Meetings rotate between WMS, WHS and the WPL. To encompass a range of students, we try to offer a variety of activities offer events and to meet on different days of the week, as possible. Students interested in attending our first meeting of the year, tomorrow at WHS, should complete the online RSVP and permission forms today and see Ms. Ravid by break on Tuesday.


We invite you to join the WMS Library volunteer team! Parents/community members and students are all valued members of our library volunteer team. Please see the WMS library website for more information and a sign up form. 


We're looking forward to a great year!


Sara Ravid

Library/Media Specialist 

Fitness Testing Reminder...

Starts Today through 9/26!  


Just a reminder that Fitness Testing starts today in Wellness classes and continues through September 26th. Please be sure your child eats breakfast and stays hydrated as the testing is vigorous--failure to eat or drink can result in headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or fainting. Any child with a history of asthma needs to have the proper paperwork on file with the school nurse and should come to Wellness class equipped with his or her albuterol inhaler. Thank you! ~The Wellness and Health Room Staffs  

Important Dates


9/17School Picture Day

9/25: NO SCHOOL Rosh Hashanah

9/28: Community Picnic, 1 to 4PM, Loker School

10/1: Grade 6 Back-to-School Night, 6:45PM

10/9: Grades 7 & 8 Back-to-School Night, 6:45PM