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February 2013 Volume 3 Issue I   

Hello ZG Fans, 
LOVE is in the air and we're definitely feeling it at ZenGenius. With the influx of well wishes for the new year, plus great feedback from recent projects we've done for our clients, it seems like we've been celebrating Valentines Day all month long! From all of the love ZG has received, it's only natural that we share some of that love with you, our fans. 
Thank you for all you do: your business, your support, your encouragement, your praise and your friendship. It means the world to us and helps to constantly remind us of why we do what we do. 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and know that ZG Loves and appreciates You! 

Meet our Zen of the Month
Jeanine Lyster 
Jeanine Lyster
Jeanine is a  Visual Merchandiser/Seamstress/Creative Hand  at ZenGenius. She has been connected to ZenGenius for almost 1 year.
My inspiration:
Creativity is a gene that has been in my family for generations. My mother and grandmother can and could create anything with the utmost perfection. I am inspired by everyday things that unexpectedly catch my attention.
My favorite part about working with ZG: No matter the job title of persons put on a project, teamwork just always seems to find its place. If a predicament arises, everyone is willing to listen and consider one anothers ideas, which leads to a fabulous solution.
A favorite project/experience:

I really enjoyed the Holiday Decor project at the Limited Brands DC3 building this past year. We gave it all we had to make those snowflakes and trees look beautiful and it was great to get to work with so many ZENS!  

A random fun fact about me: 

I have three sisters who are just like me. We make up "the lyster sisters". 

Designs by Jeanine:

Hand Painted Glasses 
Jeanine Lyster: Custom Painting Project 
 Custom Vest/Tie/Dress Shirt
Custome Vest/Shirt/Tie Set by Jeaninine Lyster  

Go Red For Women

By the looks of the photos, you can tell that ZG had fun with this project. We enjoyed designing and building these Go Red for Women displays at Westfield Mall in New Jersey. The ZG team went to town handcrafting these pieces with roses, rose petals and paper. Visit the American Heart Association's website to learn more about this campaign. Click here
Displays designed and created by Joshua Bookman & Paul Cook
Westfield Mall: Go Red for Women 4
Westfield Mall: Go Red for Women 1    
2013 OPGMA Conference

We love Visual Merchandising workshops! We were rated #1 Workshop for the entire OPGMA conference this year! ZG is so proud of the work that all teams accomplished. We love what you did OPGMA!

OPGMA Conference Workshop 4
OPGMA Conference Workshop 3
OPGMA Conference Workshop 1
OPGMA Conference Workshop 2
More Ohio & Industry Events
  • Digital Signage Expo 2013 (Las Vegas, NV)|Digital signage and interactive technology industry
    •  Feb 26-28, 2013
  • DesignColumbus 2013 Presentations (Columbus, OH) I  Cosi
    • April 15, 2013
  • SPACE New York (New York, NY) I Javits Center North
    • May 18-20, 2013
  • 2013 Global Supply Chain Company (Dallas, TX)  I Adolphus Hotel 
    • May 19-21, 2013  








Find out what events are happening in your area and get involved! 

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Zen Spotlight
Go Red For Women
2013 OPGMA Conference
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Need a last minute  V-Day gift idea that's affordable?



Blown up definition in a frameTake a pic of the definition of the word love or another word that describes your special someone. Have it blown up, draw a heart around it and frame it. 



Heart + Names written in the sand

You don't have to be near a beach to get this effect. Buy a cheap bag of sand and get to writing! Then take a pic and frame it.  



I love you because: Daily Log

How about creating a simple "I love you because" text in a frame and fill in the blanks daily/weekly to woo your Love...

(A dry erase marker wipes off very easily from glass)



Chalkboard Mug

Make a chalkboard mug using chalkboard adhesive. Your significant other can enjoy a cup of coffee as they think about the sweet message you've left for them.  



50 things you love about your valentine in a jar

Write 50 things you love about your Valentine on individual pieces of paper and place them in a jar. This will be a big hit!  


Drop a handwritten note into your Loves briefcase, pocket, or purse.  It doesn't cost anything, but will go a long way.