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February 2014 Volume 4 Issue 1
Celebrating 15 Years of ZenGenius!
We are so happy to be celebrating our 15th anniversary here at ZenGenius, and we cannot thank you enough.  If it weren't for our amazing clients trusting in our abilities, we wouldn't be able to do what we love.  Thank you, and cheers to another 15!

#Zengenius is officially 15 years old! Special thanks to Joe & Paul for ma
We're Headed to Euroshop!
Throughout our 15 years we've always tried to remain in-the-know with industry resources and merchandising strategies so that we can provide you with the best of the best.  In hopes of being able to share the "What's Hot" of 2014 with you, we've decided to attend the Euroshop Tradefair in Dusseldorf, Germany!  Stay tuned for our upcoming 2014 Euroshop Zeitgeist, available for purchase beginning March 1st!

As you can see in the photo below, Joe and Rickelle are SUPER excited to be heading to Germany.  Cute outfits, guys...really.

Did You Know...
ZenGenius provides contract labor for all of your creative needs.  From Visual Merchandising to Graphic Design, our team of Zens can help you bring your project to life.  Let's work together - contact us today for more information!
This Issue's Headliners
Zen Spotlight
Congratulations to Fredeline Charlot from our NYC team for being selected for the Zen of the Month. Learn more.
Verizon Wireless Store 
Our team of creative Zen's collaborated with Chute Gerdeman to bring this amazing store to life. Learn more.
Law Enforcement Shop   
Visual merchandising of a different kind.  From panties to SWAT uniforms, we do it all. Learn more.
Also in this Issue: Value City Furniture, OPGMA Congress, Resident Diva & Fun D.I.Y. Projects.

Zen Spotlight
Fredeline Charlot is a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist at ZenGenius. She has been with us for 3 months, and we're proud to have her as part of our team in NYC.

My inspiration: 
My inspiration comes primarily from art, nature, romanticism, and minimalism.    

My favorite part about working with ZG:
Being able to travel and work with so many great artists.  At ZenGenuis, you can't get bored because everyday there is a different project.  You never know what to expect.  
A favorite project/experience: 
There are many, but my favorite was traveling to Florida to work with the Chico's visual team.  They were so great to work with, and it was also nice to get away from the cold weather.       

A random fun fact about me:

Whenever I'm not working I like to write, listen to jazz music and read poetry.  I also love to dress-up.  As a stylist, I always find myself creating and revamping my wardrobe. 
Truly remarkable architecture, design and merchandising helped Verizon Wireless to execute a new business strategy which connects retail, online, mobile and customer service under one techno-centric roof.  As part of a collaboration with the renowned retail design firm, Chute Gerdeman, we had the privilege of providing temporary visual merchandising support during the week-long installation.  Click HERE for more information about this exciting project.

IronMerchantLaw Enforcement Shop-in-Shop
We recently had the honor of developing folding and merchandising standards for a 600 square-feet law enforcement shop-in-shop concept as part of a collaboration with Rainmaker and Fechheimer.  Our team of creative gurus are currently in the process of rolling-out these new standards to new and existing stores throughout the country.

Value City Furniture - 2013 Holiday Windows
We are honored to have been presented with the opportunity to collaborate with SBC Advertising for the design and implementation of the Value City Furniture Holiday windows.  What's even more exciting is that this project was featured in a VMSD Magazine article alongside Liverpool of Mexico, Bergdorf Goodman and more! 

The windows focused on branded storytelling as part of an overall effort to revamp the Value City Furniture image.  We wish them much success and are looking forward to future opportunities.

Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association Congress
Yet another successful OPGMA Congress took place this January 20-22 in Sandusky, Ohio and we are so happy to have been part of it.  Now in our 2nd year of working with OPGMA, ZenGenius founder Joe Baer captivated attendees with a workshop focusing on The Power of Smart Merchandising, along with a standing room only presentation about The Power of Storytelling.  The OPGMA Congress always attracts a great group of people, and we're already planning for next year! 

#opgma #workshop featuring #zengenius signature #fixtures #visualmerchandi

 Resident Diva
As promised, we're proud to bring you the 2nd edition of Resident Diva.  Our own Rickelle Viney continues to impress us daily with her seemingly never ending wardrobe and sense of style. 

Here she is at our recent Holiday party looking super diva-licious.

In all seriousness, we couldn't be happier or more appreciative to have Rickelle as part of our team.  She wears the most hats (haha) of all of us and somehow keeps everything running smoothly.
Everybody Loves a Good Weekend D.I.Y. Project!
D.I.Y. Rustic Shelf  
Create the perfect shelf from reclaimed wood and pipes.  Beautiful and easy as pie! Learn more.
D.I.Y. Pendant Lamp 
Add unique character to your space with this rustic pendant lamp. Learn more.

D.I.Y. Terrarium  
A super-easy and fun succulent terrarium activity for those lazy Saturdays. Learn more.

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