January 3, 2017
Happy 2017 ZimmComm Fans:

It is a new year and already we are heading back on the agriblogging highway.  Chuck is off to Potato Expo in San Francisco, courtesy of Nufarm and Cindy heads to Phoenix this weekend for the AFBF Annual Meeting.  

We'll be on the ground as your eyes and ears at these events with all content posted in its own Virtual Ag Media Room on  AgNewswire.

Taking a look back at 2016, it was a busy one as usual.  We created  almost 70 new Flickr photo albums from events around the globe.  Be sure to check out the top posts from 2016 on each of our news websites.

Now for some news from the ZimmComm News Network:


It's time for the AgWired team to reflect on 2016. We weren't short on ag news this year and 2017 will be no different. It has become a tradition for us to compile our Top 10 viewed posts as we wrap up each year.

If you take lots of photos like we do it gets really hard to decide which is your favorite. In fact, I can't do it. There are too many! But one on the short list would be this one from a beautiful morning at this year's  Farm Progress Show .

As we say farewell to 2016, we also say goodbye to our ZimmPoll. For the past six years we have brought you a weekly poll on current events and issues impacting agriculture.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question,  "What 2016 ag news will have most impact on future?"

As the year comes to a close, it's time to reflect on 2016. As in past year's the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) dominated the news and we began seeing momentum with E15 across the country.

There have been many memorable moments for the  American Ethanol  program this year and its driver Austin Dillon. The 2016 NASCAR racing season was a great one for Dillon finishing 14th in points and securing 13 top-ten CUP finishes during his third full season. Another great moment - Dillon winning the pole position in the Sprint Cup race at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

As Americans celebrate the holiday season, they are paying less for food according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Price Outlook. While biodiesel production is higher than ever, the Consumer Price Index for grocery store items is 2.3 percent less than 2015.

Some people seem anxious for 2016 to hurry up and be over.  Personally, as I look back over the year I find I'm pretty grateful, all in all.  There are always highs and lows, but at the close of the year it's good to focus on the highlights more than the downsides.

In this week's mini series we're bringing you the "Glancing Back and Moving Forward in a Rapidly Changing Industry" session from ASTA CSS, featuring  Sonny Beck , founder of  Beck's Hybrids Paul Schickler  of  DuPont Pioneer , and  Jon Leafstedt  from  Kincannon and Reed .

Part two of the "Glancing Back and Moving Forward in a Rapidly Changing Industry" session from ASTA CSS brings us to  Paul Schickler , President of  DuPont Pioneer , but if you missed  yesterday's post  with Sonny Beck, make sure and check that out too!


As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the year gone by. It was a fun and exciting year for agriculture - especially with some of the brand new technologies like autonomous tractors - and energy with biofuels gaining momentum, and if this year in any indication, 2017 should prove to be just as exciting.

Renewable Fuels Association  president and CEO Bob Dinneen always has an optimistic outlook when it comes to the ethanol industry, despite the challenges it continues to face, but the outlook seems especially rosy this new year.


It's hard to believe 2016 is a wrap. This year we have brought you some of the most talked about animal agriculture issues impacting the beef, dairy, swine, poultry, sheep and equine communities. It's always fun to see at the end of a year what topics attract the largest audiences.

The  Agricultural Relations Council  (ARC) has announced  Alltech  will host the ARC intern in the spring and summer of this new year.

The  National Milk Producers Federation  (NMPF) and  Dairy Management Inc.  (DMI) have released the December Dairy Market Report.
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