December, 2013 
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For 2014 Bay Area Senior Games

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In the spirit of the Olympic Ideal, I pledge:

To abide by the rules of these Games,

To respect the officials that apply them,

To be humble in Victory and Gracious in Defeat,

I am proud to be a Senior Games Athlete.

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CSGA Board of Directors

Anne Warner Cribbs
Bay Area Senior Games

Cynthia Rosedale
Pasadena Senior Games


William Spain           


Amy Crabb
Wine Country Games

John Guislin
At Large

Brenda Nutcher
Palm Desert Senior Games

Karen Brookfield
San Diego Senior Games

Rosie Sundell
Bear Valley Winter Senior Games
Scott MacEachern
At Large




Dear Athletes and Friends:


Happy New Year! And Happy February! I'm pleased to report that registration is now open for the 2014 Bay Area Senior Games.   To register on line, please click on the BIG Red Button at and it will take you right to our on-line registration. If you chose to register by postal mail, please click here and down load our paper application form, fill it out and mail it to our office, 81 Encina, Upper Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301. (Reminder, there is a $15 additional fee for paper registration.)


We have a few updates for 2014. Due to Stanford's Track and Field schedule, we are moving our Track and Field competition to the College of San Mateo, on Saturday, May 10. Race Walk and the 5K run will also take place that day at the College of San Mateo. We have added Women's Basketball on Sunday, May 18 at Cubberley Community Center and hope there are enough women's teams in Northern California to make a good tournament! We are working hard to hold cycling in Ft. Ord - there is no final confirmation yet. If we are not successful, we will have the 5 and 10K Time Trials on Canada Road as we have had in the past. Stanford's famous Treeathlon will again include a Senior Games division and this will be a qualifying event for the 2015 Summer National Senior Games Triathlon. And finally, we are adding PickleBall. It will be held at the Walnut Creek Recreation Center and info will be posted on the web site as soon as this is confirmed.


As I've said in the past, one of the biggest challenges of hosting the Senior Games is coordinating and confirming all the venues. We have had so many calls from athletes wanting to register and make plans for 2014, I wanted to open registration, so as there are several confirmations to be finalized, I'm asking for your patience, flexibility and understanding.


Volunteer registration will open on February 15 at We welcome all the extraordinary volunteers, headed up by our stellar volunteer coordinator, Bob Weder, who helps us make the Games happen!



SPORTS COMMISSIONERS: I am happy to announce most of the 2014 Bay Area Senior Games Sports Commissioners - all of whom use their knowledge and love of their sport to ensure the Games provide the best competitive conditions possible!


Archery: Karen Keating, Dawnell Scott
Badminton: Jeff & Karen Fishback
Basketball: Dave Newman
Bocce: Ben Musolf, Cassie LeBaron
Cycling: Frank Scioscia, Tom Simpson
Feats of Strength: Dale Harder, Bill Weinstock
Fencing: Barbra Higgins, Rita Comes
Golf: Bill Robinson, Robbie Gray
Lawn Bowling: Terry Hogan
PickleBall: Dick Hildebrand

Race Walk: Alex Price, Art Klein

Racquetball: Merijean Kelley
Road Race: Tom Service
Rugby: Frank Merrill, Bob Benson
Soccer: Mike Rohde
Swimming; Michael Moore
Table Tennis: Dennis Davis
Track & Field: Leroy Milam
Triathlon: Stanford Treeathlon & Dave Constant
Volleyball: Alexis Bryce
Water Polo: Andy Burke


Mission: To promote healthy lifestyles for senior through education, fitness and the spirited competition of sports, while inspiring everyone to embrace health and appreciate and enjoy the value of sports related exercise. The Senior Games are the best demonstration that "the competition never ends" and that exercise and physical activity are the keys to a long, happy and healthy life.


The Torch Run Continues in 2014: In 2009 for the Summer National Senior Games, we said, "The Senior Games competitors, like the torch that was specially designed for them, are trailblazers and shining examples of how ingenuity, effort, perseverance and vision create a vital new paradigm that promotes health and sustainability for people and the planet." This comment is true in 2014 as well - The Torch Run will take place on Friday, May 16 - each sports chair may choose a female and male athlete to run with the Torch. If you would like to be considered as a 2014 Torch Runner, please send an email to me at 


Finally, I want to share this thought with all of you. "The Senior Games are at the heart of the meaning of the Olympic Movement. Though they inspire us all, It's still true that many people watch the Olympic Games, see mostly younger athletes at the prime of their performance and say "those athletes are amazing, but that's not me..." With the Senior Games, people of all ages, even those who did not think they could swim, run or jump anymore, are inspired to a more active, healthy and fulfilling life...that's the TRUE Olympic spirit and the real meaning of the Olympic Movement, a challenge to all of us to be the best we can be."


We look forward to seeing you in 2014 at the Bay Area Senior Games.  





Anne Warner Cribbs
2014 Bay Area Senior Games Chair  
Chair, California Senior Games Association
1960 Olympian 



Calendar Changes


As we said in our December email, we have been working on the calendar for  2014 - many of you have called or emailed for dates. I appreciate your patience.  Lots of details go into the scheduling - dates for individual sport national championships, availability of venues, relationship to other regional games in California.


We have had to make a few changes - please note that the qualifying event for the 2015 Summer National Senior Games will now be in Pasadena.  And we will have the "second chance" games as indicated in November in Northern California. 


Listed below are the dates for the 2014 Games.   



February 6 -9         Palm Desert Senior Games                         


March 8 & 9          Bear Valley Winter Games (Cross Country

March 15 & 16      Bear Valley Winter Games (Downhill) 


May 3 - June 1       Bay Area Senior Games


May 30 - June 8      Wine Country Games


May 30 - June 29     Pasadena Senior Games

State Championships - qualifying competition for 2015 Summer National Senior Games in Minneapolis.  


August 22 - September 28   San Diego Senior Games  


November 8 - November 11    "Second Chance" State Championships in the Wine Country & Bay Area (Entry info will be available at after July 1, 2014. 


After a long (multi -year) discussion, the NSGA has approved a second qualifier for California - this in recognition of how big our state is and the distances that California athletes have to travel to qualify. Thus, Pasadena will be the State Championship qualifier and the Wine Country Games and the Bay Area Senior Games will work together to hold a "Second Chance Senior Games" qualifier in November.  We are delighted at the opportunity that will allow as many California athletes to qualify for 2015 Summer National Senior Games as possible.  


And from our office, we need your help!


The California Senior Games Board of Directors and the Bay Area Senior Games are looking forward to an exciting year of great competition, good health and lots of fun. 2014 will be a banner year, with two California-based opportunities to qualify for the 2015 National Games in Minneapolis.


The multiple benefits of increased activity is one thing everyone agrees on in the current national conversation on around health care: staying active supports our physical, mental and emotional health. The Senior Games champion this effort and makes it all fun through sports.


Our biggest challenge remains securing sponsorships in order to control the costs for competing athletes and we need your help.


Finding sponsors is challenging because finding the right person to connect with on a personal level is both difficult and time-consuming. This is where we hope you can assist.


Please think about your network of people who work for companies where supporting a healthy and wealthy aging population would benefit both their bottom line and their community engagement. These potential sponsors include companies that conduct business within the following industries: financial, medical, insurance, technology, automotive, travel/leisure, and food/beverage.


You may also be involved, or know those who are, with foundations where healthy aging is among the causes they support.


If you have contacts in these organizations who may be interested in supporting our mission, I am asking you to make an introduction for me and I will take it from there.


Below are a few things to consider about the impact of our demographic and why getting involved would make sense for the right organization: 

  • There are 10,000 of us turning 50 EVERYDAY!
  • We are 100 million strong and we control 77% of the financial assets in this great country of ours.
  • We are a powerful group of people that outspends other generations in nearly EVERY consumer category totaling over one TRILLION dollars annually. 
  • We spend over $7 Billion dollars in on-line purchases, an impressive 2 1/2 times more than the amount teens spend.


The California Senior Games competitions are at the forefront of creating a new model for what it means to be a senior in America. We all have networks built from a lifetime of relationships that include people who believe in the importance of our mission. Please consider supporting the Senior Games by making an introduction that can lead to making competitions available to more Californians.


With gratitude!