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January 20, 2012
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Ward Redistricting
City Council Wrap-up
3030 N. Broadway Community Meeting
Voter Registration
2012 CPS School Council Elections
City Clerk's Dog of Distinction
City of Chicago Summer Internships

Dear Neighbors,
As you may have seen, the City Council yesterday approved a new redistricting map.  I appreciate all of the feedback that neighbors have sent my way as we have gone through this long and difficult process.  My goal from the beginning was to try to keep our 44th Ward boundaries nearly the same and I am happy to have achieved that.  You can read more information on the new City ward map later in this newsletter as well as links to interactive maps.

The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is now closed for 2012.  Thank you to those who participated this year.

The snow is falling and Chicago is currently under a winter storm warning.  You can lend seniors in our community a hand by joining Snow Corps, where volunteers come together to shovel sidewalks of residents in need of snow removal.  Many people in Lakeview have already signed up:  if you would like to sign up to volunteer, please click here.
Have a great weekend!



Alderman Tom Tunney

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Ward Redistricting


Yesterday, the City Council voted to approve a new map that redistricted all of Chicago's 50 wards. 41 aldermen voted yes which means that the map passed the minimum number of required votes to avoid a City-wide referendum. 


I voted for this map because I believed it was the closest representation of our neighborhood and would keep the 44th Ward boundaries as near as to what they have traditionally been. We will miss some of our neighbors in the future but I will always work closely with the 46th Ward and neighbors on all Wrigley Field issues.


City Council Wrap-up

G-8/NATO Ordinance


On Wednesday, the City Council voted to approve Mayor Emanuel's Parade and Public Assembly ordinance.  I know this ordinance raised a lot of apprehension and I shared a good number of those concerns. I believe the Mayor's Office listened to those issues and compromised on some important concessions, including keeping the fines for resisting arrest at their current level. There has been some heated debate as of late to what the new parade ordinance means. Click here for facts on the Parade Ordinance. 


As you can read, the ordinance will not take away anybody's right to protest peacefully on the public way nor does it require protestors to get City approval for signs, banners or sound equipment. With this ordinance, the City allows protest gatherings to change into a parade without an application, as long as the police commander is able to manage public safety.  There is also now a fee waiver provision for permit application fees and insurance requirements.  Ultimately, it makes some important clarifications and improvements to the existing ordinance in preparation for two large and important global events that are coming to our City.  


Click here to read the amended ordinance 


Taxi Reform Ordinance


On Wednesday, the City Council voted to approve several reforms on the taxi industry aimed at improving public safety on our roads and improve the driving experience in Chicago.  Taxi drivers will now be restricted to 12 consecutive hour workdays (excluding breaks) and cab companies will be required to maintain detailed records on how long drivers are on the road each day. Fines for violating certain regulations will go up from $1,000 to $5,000.  The new ordinance will also provide incentives for taxi companies to use cabs that are fuel-efficient and wheelchair-accessible and requires credit card swipe machines to be available in the back of taxis.  


Deleterious Impact Ordinance  


This week, the Committee on License and Consumer Protection passed an amendment to the Deleterious Impact Ordinance.  While there were many previsions of the amendment that were positive one aspect caused concern for our liquor licensees.  There is no change to the community meeting process in the ordinance, whereby five residents or the Alderman can request a meeting with a problematic licensee and the liquor commission.  The three community meetings remain in place.  If, at the end of those meetings, the process has been unsuccessful in resolving the issues, the case can move to a revocation hearing.  Currently, residents need signatures 50% of the registered voters with 250 feet of the licensed establishment to move to a revocation hearing. 


The new ordinance removes the petition requirement and relies on the discretion of the Liquor Commissioner to move to revocation.  This caused concern for many licensees who felt that a more inclusive process with voters would better protect their rights, and more accurately reflect the community sentiment.  The sponsors and officials from Business Affairs have found the 50% requirement to be burdensome and even impossible to achieve in many areas and asked that it be removed.  In spite of these objections, the amendments passed.  We did receive a commitment from the sponsor, Ald. Graham, to continue to work on the ordinance in the hopes of finding compromise language that does not leave the revocation question solely up to the Liquor Commissioner.


Licensees cited for major offenses (drugs, weapons, gambling, serving minors, violence) are still subject to revocation hearings based on the seriousness of the offense.  This change only affects those establishments that unsuccessfully completed the community meeting process.

Community Meeting for 3030 N. Broadway Proposal


Thursday, January 26, 2012 
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Mt. Carmel Church - Casey Hall 
708 W. Belmont

The owners and developers of the property at 3030 N. Broadway will present their new proposal, a mixed-use residential and commercial building that includes a two-story Mariano's grocery store.  This will be a public meeting on this proposed project where residents are invited to learn more and share feedback. All information and drawings will be shared on our website once available.

Voter Registration 

Have you moved or changed your name recently?  Then you need to update your voter registration.  The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming Primary Election is Feb. 21, 2012.

You can register to vote:
  • At our office (1057 W. Belmont) by bringing in two forms of identification; one form MUST show your current address.
  • At the Board of Election office located at 69 W. Washington, Suite 600, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • When you renew your driver's license or are visiting any state agency.
  • At the  Chicago Board of Elections website by printing out a voter registration form to be filled out and mailed back to the Chicago Board of Elections.
You can check the status of your registration by clicking here

You can download an absentee ballot application by clicking here
2012 CPS Local School Council Elections 


Chicago Public Schools Local School Council Elections will be held on Spring Report Card Pick-Up Day-Wednesday, April 18, 2012 for elementary schools and Thursday, April 19, 2012 for high schools. You are encouraged and invited to participate in the election by becoming a candidate for your school's council and by voting in the parent and community election.


Candidate nomination materials are available at schools, network offices, and the Office of Local School Council Relations. For more information, call the Office of Local School Council Relations at (773) 553-1400.


Click here to visit the Council Elections website 

City Clerk's Dog of Distinction

Think your dog has what it takes to be Chicago's Dog of Distinction? Register your dog online with the City Clerk's office by March 31, 2012 and your dog could earn the title of Chicago's first-ever Dog of Distinction! All dogs registered with the City since May 16, 2011 are automatically entered to win.  

Register your dog by clicking here!
In April, the Clerk will choose 5 dogs at random to compete to be Chicago's Dog of Distinction. The public will have a chance to vote online for which dog they think deserves the honor. All finalists will receive great prize package.

For more details please visit the City Clerk's website at
City of Chicago Summer Internships

The Chicago City Clerk's Office is in search of interns for their summer internship program. This program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain leadership skills as well as work experience. Applicants that meet the desired criteria are entered into a lottery and chosen at random for the internship positions. For more information on applying for the internship please visit