May, 2017                                                             Vol. 10, Issue 6
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May and the succeeding months have plenty of Scouting fun! With warmer weather finally arriving, we are preparing to do some serious Scouting. Family Fiesta, Day Camp, roundtables, training, work parties, and more are at hand.

Read through the newsletter below to make sure you, your friends, and your unit know what is coming up. Pass the newsletter along to people you know who may not be receiving it.

Happy Scouting!  
May Roundtable

Thursday, May 4, is the next roundtable. The Cub Scout and Boy Scout sessions start at 7:30. Venturing starts at 7:00 (see below). Come and bring new leaders and parents to learn and be better informed about what is going on around the council.
Roundtable is the first Thursday of every month--starting in September and ending in June. They are held at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael.

Venturing Roundtable Rally
You are invited--and especially all youth officers as well as other crew members--to come to our next Venturing Crew Rally. The Rally will benefit our youth officers and youth crew members. The time is 7:00-8:30 pm.

If you know any new interested youth between the ages of 14 and 20, they are welcome to learn about the Venturing program in Marin and its recognition possibilities. Spread the word within your crew and Scout families!

Please come, get informed, share, and let's discuss interesting topics which we will choose together for each of the following assemblies to strengthen Venturing here in Marin Council.

The rally will be offered quarterly at the same time and place. Dates for upcoming rallies in 2017 are September 7 and December 7.

For questions and information about the Venturing rally, contact Monika Kainz.
Spring Popcorn Kick-Off before Rountable May 4

Once again, we will be holding a spring kick-off for popcorn Kernels and unit leaders at 6:00 p.m. before the May roundtable. We will learn about new products, try samples, share tips for best practices, and enjoy dinner together as we begin preparing for the 2017 season! Contact Nancy Rozell with questions.
Derby Cars Galore
Every year, the Marin Council has a council pinewood derby race at the Marin County Fair. This race is for all the winners of pack races to run off against other packs, and it is the highlight of the year for many Cub Scouts.

We need volunteers to set up, run, and clean up after the race, as well as conduct two check-in days in June for packs to register their cars for the race and provide a track and software. This race cannot happen with people to run it.

If you can help, please send an email to the council office.

Cars that are not in the race can be part of the Marin County Fair pinewood derby car exhibition. Forms will be available on our web site soon. We'd like to get as many cars from Cub Scouts at the Fair as possible.
Cub Scout Camping
Registration is now open on our web site

Cub Scout Day Camps at Camp Tamarancho

Day Camp is the highlight of a Cub Scout's year! However, boys who are not currently in Cub Scouts are welcome attend. Day Camp is open to boys who will be entering the second through fifth grades in the fall of 2017.
  • First Day Camp: June 26-30 (registration open through 6/15/17)
  • Second Day Camp: July 10-14 (registration open through 6/30/17)
  • Third Day Camp: July 24-28 (registration open through 7/13/17)
Bus service is available from many parts of Marin if desired.

Cost for Day Camp is $235.00. If your son is not in Cub Scouts now, a minimal charge of $20.00 will apply to register him.

Bus service is $50 per camp.

New this year, you can only register online. Click here to reserve a spot for your Scout!

Family Fiesta

Scouts from around the World 
May 19-21, Camp Tamarancho

What is Family Fiesta?     Family Fiesta is a family camping experience for Lion and Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, invited friends, and their families. This camp will introduce the Cub Scout and his family to some of the activities that can be experienced in our summer day camp programs. Just like at camp, events and activities are run by Boy Scout troops and Venturing crews. The Cub Scouts will get an opportunity to meet summer day camp staff and older Scouts, and as a bonus, they get an idea of all the fun and exciting things that await them when they become Boy Scouts and Venturers.

Theme and Activities     "Scouts from Around the World" will provide an opportunity for Scouts, siblings, and parents to learn and practice international Scout skills, crafts, and values and maybe earn a patch from distant lands along the way. Marin Council troops and crews will lead campers in events ranging from field sports, climbing, nature hikes, shooting sports, techno craft, and international exploration. The day will close with a campfire program.

The cost is $15 per person age 5 and older. This price does not include food, which varies by meal. Meal ticket sign-up deadline is May 12. 

More information is on our web site. Registration is only online, so click here for more information and to register.

Meet Our Cub Scout Camping Committee

Since moving on from roundtable, Ron Poggi has taken over as our new Cub Scout camping committee chairman. He is excited to lead a well-established group of Scouters who continue to contribute in running the Cub Scout camping events throughout the year. He brings many years of experience running and enhancing these events through the years when his son was a youth in Scouts.

The committee is responsible for running all our Cub camping events including Family Fiesta, Day Camp (3 weeks), Webelos Woods, Cub Scout Adventure Weekend, and Tiger Expedition. Each event requires both a camp director and a program director plus many staff members. Activities for these events are run by troops, crews, certified shooting sports and aquatics leaders, and volunteers. This ensures a fun and safe program for all involved.

The goals of the committee are to build and increase the opportunity for more Cub Scouts to attend camp. We strive to do our best to make each event score a 10 out of 10; however, we are in need of more committee members and volunteers to help with this endeavor.

For information on the committee and our events, please contact Ron Poggi by email or call (415) 717-8853 or Nancy Rozell at the council office or call (415) 454-1081. 
Training: Sign Up Today!

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
June 18-24, Camp Tamarancho

Training of youth leaders is an important step in enabling the individual Boy Scout or Venturer and helping your troop or crew grow. National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the BSA's advanced youth training experience, which is now open to both Venturers and Boy Scouts, young men and young women, starting at age 13 (Venturers must have graduated 8th grade).

Find out all about NYLT and learn how to register by clicking this link. Registration is online only.

Training for Adults

Wood Badge
, August 25-27 and September 16-18, 2017
In-depth adult leadership training for every level of Scouting.

Also, don't forget about supplemental online adult training that can be taken at

"Teach Scouts not how to get a living, but how to live" --Robert Baden-Powell
Almost Time to Party at Marin Sierra

Everyone loves a party! What are we talking about? The annual Memorial Day camp-opening work party at Marin Sierra May 27-29. Every year, a team of enthusiastic workers descend on Marin Sierra to open up camp for the summer. It indeed takes a lot of muscle and willing hearted participants.

We feed and house you for the weekend. The fellowship with other adults and camp staff is wonderful. Plus, the beauty of the camp during that time of year is incredible.

All you'll need to bring is gloves, hat, work clothes, water bottle, and all the usual stuff you would take when coming to camp.

Please plan on attending. You can come for one day or all days--whatever works for you. If you can help, email Tim Wells with your RSVP by May 22 so that we can make sure to have enough food.
Order of the Arrow News

Spring Ordeal 2017--Talako performed a number of service projects on Saturday April, 15, at Camp Tamarancho. Primarily notable are the improvements to the front gate. We enjoyed a warm and finally dry spell.
We are looking forward to Family Fiesta on May 20!
A Talako contingent went to the Section W3S Conclave in Santa Cruz on April 22 and spent quality time with officers and other members of W3N as well as 300 other Arrowmen.

Rotary Ice Cream Booth--Talako will manage the booth at the Marin County Fair again this year--6/29-7/4. We will be offering service shifts to troops within Marin Council. These shifts will receive a portion of the amount awarded at the end of the year. We will distribute the funds at June roundtable on June 1 and discuss signups for this year. Let us know if you are interested by emailing Kenn Moynihan.

Family Friends of Scouting

Assuming you all love the Scout program, you know how important it is to reach as many youth as possible. Keeping fees low, offering scholarships when needed, and providing the best program and support for leaders are all done on a very tight budget. That being said, we've begun our 2017 Friends of Scouting campaign! You should have just received our brochure in the mail.
Volunteers and professionals alike count on donations to do what we do and couldn't function without the support of friends like you.
Please remind your families that Friends of Scouting makes up almost a quarter of our annual budget and that every dollar helps!
Make Sure Your Scouting Door is Open!

Recently, a troop leader from a fairly large troop was participating in a community service project. There were people coming by and helping who were not part of the troop as well. One parent asked the leader who they were. The leader replied with their troop number and where they met. The parent said that they didn't even know the troop existed and that they wanted to join Scouting.

This simple story illustrates the real truth that even though we think people know we exist, doesn't mean they actually know we are there. We need to be present in the community--just like the troop in the story.

Recruiting is paramount to our well being as an organization and as individual units. We are a membership organization, and without members, we will cease to exist.

There are two important areas from which to draw members. First, non-Scouts or non-Venturers. Not too long ago, a troop in central Marin was waning. Their membership had dropped, and they hadn't had Webelos bridging into the troop in a while. So they took action. They began to recruit non-Scouts at every function and school that they could. As a result, numerous boys joined who had never been Scouts, and they are again healthy.

This is a perfect time to reach out to non-Scouts as their school year is finishing. Packs can look for young Kindergarten and first graders and up. Troops can promote themselves to fifth and sixth graders. Crews can actively recruit those turning 14 or graduating eighth grade. One of the best ways to attract youth is to have Scouts bring their friends. It takes commitment, effort, and resourcefulness; however, the rewards are great.

For troops, the second area to recruit from is Webelos. (Sometimes we rely on this so heavily that we ignore non-Scouts.) Begin to contact packs, and work with the Webelos all year. Show them why they should join your troop! Supply den chiefs. Be attractive. Take them out and show them the fun and adventure of Scouting.

For more information and to ask for help, contact Nancy Rozell for Cub Scouts and Tim Wells for Boy Scouts.

Let's show them that we are out there and active! Let's open our door!

The Marin Council 2017 Membership Plan summary can be downloaded here.
Pack 1 Keeping Their Door Open

Recently, Pack 1 helped with a service project at Horse Hill in Mill Valley. They cleared quite a bit of Scotch Broom from the area and received a little history lesson as well.
Greg Reza, ranger with Marin County Parks wrote: I am sending a message of thanks and a handful of photos from the day. We all agree that it was a great day and we really enjoyed working with Pack 1. Thanks again for coordinating with your group and bringing out 40+ volunteers. It seemed like everyone had a fun time and the entire team got the positive message of community service.

Commissioner Notes

Does your unit need lifesaving?
No, you don't need to carry a rope and life buoy. But, can you recognize when there's a "critical illness" in your unit? The urgent cases you're likely to face include loss of adult leadership, no unit program, or conflict between unit leaders. Without intensive care from you, your adult leaders, your commissioner, or a team of lifesavers (executive board members), such a unit could become terminal and stop serving youth.
Watch the Vital Signs
Just as paramedics and other medical caregivers check vital signs, so should you. Watch the vital signs of your unit. Any one or a group of bad signs should alert you to a life-threatening situation:
  • Youth dropping out and/or not advancing
  • No youth recruiting or poor recruiting methods
  • No adult leaders
  • No planned program or canceled outings
  • No youth leaders
  • No discipline
  • Unit stops meeting
  • Charter lapses
  • No involvement of parents
  • Adult conflicts/poor communication
Don't wait until next month when you may see your commissioner. Don't wait until someone else suggests the perfect solution. Go into action now. Regardless of unit trauma, there are specific things you can do: consult with your commissioner. Don't know or have one? Contact me, Chris Cardinal, Council Commissioner, or Sam Guyton, assistant Council Commissioner. Touch base with your district executives, Tim Wells (Venturing & Boy Scouts), and Nancy Rozell (Cub scouts). They may have information you need. More importantly, they need to know what you now know. Plan together. Individuals can save lives, but paramedic teams are better.
Contact us. We're here to help our Scouts become tomorrow's leaders.
Marin Council Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports Committee offers opportunities for Scouts to learn safe handling of firearms and bow and arrow while enjoying the sport of shooting.

At Camp Tamarancho, we offer BB gun, slingshot shooting, and archery for Cub Scouts. For Boy Scouts and Venturers we offer .22 caliber and pellet rifle shooting, tomahawk throwing, and archery. At Camp Marin Sierra during Boy Scout Summer Camp, we offer opportunities to shoot .22 rifles, shotguns, and archery.
In addition to shooting at Boy Scout Summer Camp at Marin Sierra and Cub Scout Summer Camp at Camp Tamarancho, we offer shooting opportunities during the year at council events like Cub Scout Adventure Weekend and Tiger Expedition in the fall and Family Fiesta in the spring.
For Webelos, a special pellet rifle shooting and archery program is offered at Webelos Woods in the fall at Camp Marin Sierra.
We offer additional Cub Scout shooting programs such a special Turkey Shoot around Thanksgiving, during the Pinewood Derby Workshop in February, and another special shoot called the Bunny Shoot around Easter.
Boy Scout troops and patrols and Venturers may shoot at any time during the year by just reserving a range and arranging for qualified supervision.
Jamboree 2017 Update
URGENT! There are still possibly a limited number of openings for 2017 Jamboree. If you're interested, find out if they are available by contacting Ned Farnkopf immediately.
However, if you think it might be more fun to go to the 2019 World Jamboree instead, please consider the following information before making a final decision.
The 2019 World Jamboree will be:
Limited Space
There will be a lot more competition for the available US slots at the World Jamboree. Because the 2019 Jamboree is being held in the US, more people from the US are going to want to than went to Japan in 2015. However, we are expecting that the Marin Council will get only three (or less) slots, so your chances of being selected are minimal. If you had friends in Marin who went to the 2015 World Jamboree in Japan, they got to go because Japan was more expensive to travel to and farther away, so fewer Scouts overall wanted to participate; therefore, more Scouts from Marin were able to attend. This will not be the case for the 2019 World Jamboree!
At the Same Location
Both Jamborees will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia
Substantially More Expensive
The US and other developed countries are charged more to help offset the cost of the event for Scouts from disadvantaged countries.
No Pre-Jambo Tour
Because we will probably only have 1-3 Scouts from Marin going to the World Jamboree, it is unlikely that there will be a pre-Jambo tour.
More News


North Bay Trout Unlimited and Fish First will be again hosting their First Cast day on May 21. This is a wonderful opportunity for youth to learn all about fishing.

Their capable volunteers are there to assist everyone and to teach and guide. The event is held at the Civic Center Lagoon from 9:00-1:30, and there is BBQ. Boys and girls ages 8-18 are welcome.

If you have questions, email Larry Lack.

Youth Needed to Help with the

Summer Reading Challenge
The San Rafael Downtown Library is looking for middle school and high school volunteers to help out with our Summer Reading Challenge this summer! If you're a teen or tween who will have completed 6th grade by June, loves working with kids, and wants to give back to your community, we want to hear from you!
Volunteers are asked to commit to 2, two-hour shifts per week for four weeks in the summer. Tasks you might do include assisting younger children with the Summer Reading Challenge, entering participant information into our online program, answering questions about the program, handing out prizes, and helping set up for library events. The deadline to apply is Friday, June 9.
Pick-up a paper application from the San Rafael Downtown Library Children's Reference Desk or fill-out an application online.
Marin Council BSA, 225 West End Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901