September, 2017                                                         Vol. 10, Issue 8
Dear ,

This is a very looonnnnng Dispatch. However, it is chock full of information and activities in which you will be interested for the fall. There is something for everyone, so look through it so that you can deliver information to your Scouts and leaders.

Some of the items featured are:
  • Roundtable
  • Training
  • Scouting for Food
  • Popcorn
  • Recruiting
  • Rechartering
  • Cub Scout camping
  • Shooting sports
  • And tons more!

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If It's September, It's Roundtable Time

Thursday, September 7 is Roundtable

Unit leaders don't forget to send someone from your unit to the September roundtable meeting. It's a great time to meet other leaders, share best practices, and ask questions.

Roundtables are at 7:30, the first Thursday of every month, at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael. 

Cub Scout Roundtable

Calling all Cub Scout leaders! Hope you had a great summer, and now roundtable is back in action!! Join us at roundtable where we'll try out a fun intro-to-robotics project your Cub Scouts will love. We'll also share ideas about how to welcome new families into your packs, online
registration, the new New Member Coordinator position, and more. These sessions are always informative, a great time to share ideas, and an important reminder that we Scouters are a team. We're stronger together, our program grows richer and easier to deliver, and above all, the Scouts have way more fun!
For new leaders in particular, we want to make sure you have a warm welcome from your council and that you know about the resources out there to help you get started. Experienced leaders, please bring your pack's new leaders to a (very brief) welcome event from 7:30 to 7:50 pm at the Oct. 5 roundtable. After a short break, we'll move on to even more exciting roundtable fun and topics. New leaders are encouraged, but not expected, to stay. Please also spread the word that BALOO and Cub Leader Specific training are coming up on 10/21, which will include a break-out on the Lion program. We hope all new leaders will take advantage of the support and training our council offers. Scouting is a well-worn path, and everyone can use a guide or two. See you there!
Venturing Roundtable Rally
All youth officers, advisors, as well as other crew members, please come to our next Venturing Crew Rally. It will take place at the LDS Church on Thursday, September 7, 7:30-8:30 p.m. If you know any new and interested youth between the ages of 14 and 20, they are welcome to learn about the Venturing program in Marin and its advancement possibilities. Spread the word within your crew and Scout families!

The rally will be offered quarterly at the same time and place. Next upcoming one will be on December 7.

What Else Is New at the September Roundtable Meetings?
The commissioners will be giving out "Best Practices" information important to your units. (See Commissioner Time Line article below.) Our goal is to help organize and minimize the year end work to meet your unit requirements. There are four areas every unit will need to deal with by December 31, 2017:
  • Re-chartering
  • Simplified Service Hours
  • Journey To Excellence
  • Training
We are sending a package of information to your key 3 (Committee chair, unit leader, and charter organization representative). Our goal is to make life easier. It contains detailed information (how, when, where, etc.) on how to accomplish this without the stress.

The commissioners, will be at tomorrow's roundtable to answer questions from you.
Contact us. We're here to help our scouts become tomorrow's leaders.
Sam Guyton, Assistant Council Commissioner
Tim Wells (Venturing & Boy Scouts)
Nancy Rozell (Cub scouts, Explorers)
Chris Cardinal, Council Commissioner
It's Popcorn Time of the Year!!!

Last year, Marin units raised over $50,000 for their individual pack, troop, and crew programs and activities, including nearly $10,000 from online sales alone. And this year, we hope it will be even MORE.

Join us for the 2017 popcorn kickoff meeting: 6:30, September 7, before roundtable.

At this meeting you'll learn about Trails End's online system for placing unit orders, tracking inventory, tips on door-to-door as well as storefront sales, prizes and incentives, and the Scout portal for online sales with a possible 50% commission.

We hope all units will participate in popcorn sales to support Marin Council camp properties and program-related expenses as well as earn funds for unit activities and outings. This fundraiser also teaches Scouts to help contribute to the running of their unit and the council.

Don't miss out on all the popcorn news! Come to the September 7 kickoff. Additional popcorn sales information will be posted on our web site. Email Nancy with any questions.
Cub Scout Camping
Registration now open for our fall events 
Cub Scout Adventure Weekend
Friday night, September 22, through September, 24, Camp Tamarancho
Adventure Weekend is a weekend camping program for all Wolf through Webelos entering the 2nd through 5th grades in the fall of 2017 along with an adult partner. The Scout and adult partner will each form a team. The adult partner must be a family member or guardian over 18 years old. Cub Scouts will participate in age-related activities in dens made up of six to eight similarly-ranked boys and rotate through various activities.
Activity areas will include action-oriented scout skills, games, cooking, projects, BB shooting, archery, outdoor skills, nature, and lots of FUN! Saturday evening will have a campfire program put on by the staff and participants.
Registration is done online only. To register and find information, click this link by September 15.
Tiger Cub Expedition: The Wild Jungle
Saturday, October 7 through Sunday, October 8, Camp Tamarancho
Tiger Cub Expedition is a weekend program exclusively for Tigers--any boy in 1st grade--along with an adult partner who can be any family member or guardian over 18 years old. The purpose of this camp is to introduce Tigers to the exciting activities of the Cub Scout camping program and the beauty of Camp Tamarancho. Your Tiger will be grouped in dens with other Tigers and their adult partners.
Our theme is "The Wild Jungle." With Akela as your guide, you will explore Camp Tamarancho and take your first steps along the Cub Scout trail. Activities may include archery, BB gun, nature, outdoor skills, hiking, field sports, handicraft, and more. Saturday evening we'll have a lively campfire program filled with skits, songs, and lots of good Cub Scout fun!
Registration is done online only. To register and find information, click this link by September 29.
Webelos Woods
A fun time was had by all who attended this years' Webelos Woods. About 100 Webelos and parents attended this event held up at Camp Marin Sierra.
They had the opportunity to learn Scout skills, first aid, aquatics, archery, pellet guns, and lots of Scout spirit from singing songs and doing skits at an evening campfire. Most notably, they got to get a taste of what Boy Scouts is like up at camp.
A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success, specifically Troop 200, Crew 200, shooting sports committee, aquatics personnel, and a volunteer committee.
Upcoming 2017 Courses: Save the Dates
Merit Badge Counselor Training, October 5, LDS Church, 6:30 p.m. (before roundtable)
October 21, LDS Church, San Rafael
October 28 - October 29, Camp Tamarancho

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, Saturday, 9:00 AM - Sunday, 2:00 PM
Don't forget the online adult and youth supplemental training courses which can be accessed at

Click here to email the training chair if you have questions about training. 
Thanks for Your Help

We had an awesome, beautiful, and successful work weekend at Camp Marin Sierra this past Labor Day weekend. Many tasks were completed to get the camp ready for the winter season. It was really, really hot, but these people had infectious, enthusiastic, willing spirits, and they got the job done!

Thanks goes out to:

Logan Blue, Nevada City
Tucker Bowers, Oakland
Grant Colby, Oakland
Dillon Cole, Roseville
Alex Lerch, Grass Valley
Anthony Lerch, Grass Valley
Cait McGinnis, Grass Valley
Joey Rempe, Novato
Bill Seifert, Reno
Bradley Seifert, Reno
Chris Seifert Reno
Walter Trygstad, Davis
Grace Van Winkle, Grass Valley
Troop 1776 (7 people), San Ramon
Chris Wells, Oregon House
Dillon Wolfe, Reno
Order of the Arrow News

Summit Circle--OA Ceremonial Site  

Arrowmen at the National Jamboree: Talako sent 30 Arrowmen to the National Jamboree--a memorable and special experience for all involved.

Talako Service Project for the San Rafael Rotary: Once again Talako, along with other volunteers from Marin Council scooped ice cream for the Rotary Club at their Marin County Fair booth--over 500 hours of service.

Conclave: W3N will be holding the Annual Conclave in 2 weeks. There is still time for Arrowmen to register.

Troop elections for OA inductions will be held September 11 thru October 11. The fall Ordeal will be held October 20-22 at Camp Tamarancho.
Packs, Troops, and Crews:
Let's Add Members
It's no secret that we need members to have Scouting at all in Marin. To stay healthy, we should be adding people to our rosters all the time.
Recruiting should not be a one-time event but an ongoing, year-round activity. Yes, there are best times of the year, for example, to do Cub Scout recruiting-fall and spring. However, there are young people and parents looking for Scouting all year long. Let them know you are there; let them know what you're doing; let them know how to find you. Keep your unit sustainable.
Even as this newsletter is sent out, packs all over the county are scheduling joining events. Troops and crews should be doing the same. This is a great time to target non-Scouts to join.
Here is a link to a great blog article about Boy Scout recruiting that can also apply to crews. Not only read the article, which is short, but read the suggestions in the comments section. There are some great ideas, and it is very likely some will resonate with you as great possibilities.

Here is another link to a Scouting Magazine article on recruitment best practices:
Here are some success stories from another council regarding Cub Scout recruiting:
Here are some resources from ScoutingWire:
With new online membership applications, a parent can sign their youth up at the activity. All you have to do is obtain their email address and forward an invitation to them. Remember, people come to recruiting events because they want to join Scouting.
The staff at the council office are always willing to help you with resources and materials, such as, flyers for your recruitment events, mini-Boys' Life magazines, "Join Cub Scouts" flags, Cub Scout brochures, and positive thoughts.
Let's ensure that there is Scouting-and particularly your unit-still available in future years for the young people that will want to be part of Scouting in Marin.
What's new in Lions for 2017-18?
  • Pack meetings and activities will be open to Lion families who want to participate. Lion families said they wanted more pack involvement, and now they have the option of being included in program, skits, and more.
  • Pinewood Derby open to Lions.
  • Fundraising will be allowed as a family option. Although they don't want mandatory levels of funds to raise, Lion families indicated they do want to have the option to raise funds. If popcorn is sold by Lions, a show-and-sell approach where older boys and parents are also present is preferred. Door-to-door selling would only be appropriate if the parent is by the youth's side.
  • Uniform T-shirt won't change, but families can buy button-down if they want. Parents and boys love the Lion T-shirt and optional cap. But this change allows families to buy official blue Cub Scout button-down shirts and blue pants as desired for special occasions and pack ceremonies.
  • A Lion-specific page in Boys' Life. Parents can use this great resource to help unlock the world of reading for their child.

Every year, all BSA units (packs, troops, crews, and posts) are required to renew their membership and renew their relationship with their chartering organization. This process is called rechartering. It can be an involved process, but we hope to make it as simple as possible for you.

Before roundtable on Thursday, October 5, at 6:45 p.m., there will be an orientation about this process. This will be at the location of our regular roundtable (LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael), and it will be done in time for the regular roundtable meetings.
There are some changes to the process, so you should have a representative there to stay informed.

Every pack, troop, and crew should have a representative at this meeting. We cannot stress this enough. Without exception, every year we have people that do not attend, and they get totally lost in the process. Please, please, please find someone to attend. Much remains the same; some things have changed.

At this meeting, you will receive:
  • Instruction on how to do rechartering
  • Your access code (new every year)
  • Timelines and due dates
  • A current roster for your unit from BSA system
  • A current fee chart
  • Some adult and youth applications
  • Council purchasing authorization form
You will also be able to ask questions and learn about some of the common mistakes and pitfalls in the process.

Email with any questions.
Cub Scout Halloween
and Turkey Shoot
Come have fun at Camp Tamarancho on Saturday, October 28. The council Shooting Sports Committee will conduct the Fifth Annual Cub Scout Halloween and Turkey Shoot. Archery and BB guns will be the activities of the day. Cub Scouts (Tiger through Webelos) are encouraged to wear fun Halloween costumes.
Don't worry; no turkeys will be harmed at this event!
The fun starts at 10:00 a.m. with 30 minute sessions every 40 minutes (allowing 10 minutes of travel time between sessions) until 2:50 pm. We can accommodate 8 Cubs per rotation on each range. Space is limited, so do sign up early. Cubs should arrive at the BB Gun range 15 minutes before their scheduled session for a mandatory safety briefing. (If they miss it, they will not be allowed to shoot.) Also, allow ample time to drive up the "hill." There will be traffic coming and going. If your Cub Scout is late for his scheduled time he may miss the action.
Cost per participant is $10.00, which covers 1 session of archery and 1 session of BB's shooting.
Register soon because it will fill up quickly!
Online sign-ups and scheduling ONLY on the council web site (click this link) starting September 10. Sign-up deadline: October 24. Release forms must be filled out and signed by at least one custodial parent/guardian in order to participate. Forms are available on the council web site. NO WALK-INS WILL BE ALLOWED.
Tigers must have an adult partner with them. No one can wear face masks, jewelry, or loose clothing while shooting. Everyone must wear closed-toed shoes in camp. No dogs allowed in camp (unless a service animal).
For more information or with questions, email Steve Dutra.
Marin Council Pinewood Derby Race

Scouts had a great time this summer racing their pinewood derby cars at the Marin County Fair. The top racers from many packs participated.

Race results are posted here.

A huge thank you goes out to those who sacrificed their time to ensure the Cub Scouts were able to have this race, led and organized by Brian Frack of Pack 28:
  • Weigh-Ins: Nick Goffeney, Jerome Kim, Sam Frack (who just bridged to Troop 76)
  • Race Day: Jarrod Note, Ted Katsouras, Sam Frack, and Sara Frack

Thank you so much!!!  

Marin Council Shooting Sports

The shooting sports program at Camp Tamarancho exists to teach safety in the use of firearms while having fun. We offer shooting opportunities in archery, BB Guns, .22 rifles, tomahawk throwing, and slingshots.
In the coming program year, Cub Scouts will be having opportunities for shooting at the following council events:
  • 9/23/17 - Cub Adventure Weekend: BB guns, archery slingshots
  • 10/7/17 - Tiger Cub Expedition: BB guns, archery, slingshot
  • 10/28/17 - Halloween/Turkey Shoot: BB guns, archery
  • 2/10/18 - Pinewood Derby Workshop Shoot: BB guns
  • 3/24/18 - Bunny Shoot: BB guns, archery
  • 5/19/18 - Family Fiesta shoot: BB guns, archery, slingshot
  • 6/25-29, 7/19-23, and 7/23-27/2018 - Cub Scout Day Camps: BB guns, archery, slingshot
Boy Scouts and Venturers can schedule a shoot by a patrol, troop, or crew anytime. Just complete and submit the Range Use Reservation form at least 40 days in
advance. Shooting activities available include: .22 rifles, pellet guns, BB guns, archery, tomahawk throwing, and slingshots.
In order to maintain these opportunities and teach firearm safety, we need adult volunteers to operate the ranges. Training programs take about 4 hours for BB gun and archery range masters and about 1 hour for tomahawk and slingshot range masters. NRA Instructor training takes at least 8 hours. We ask for range masters to staff at least 2 events a year. Email or call Keith Angerman at (415) 509-8687 for information. The more trained staff we have the more events we can offer.
Currently planned training dates:
  • NRA Range Safety Officer - 9/9/17 and 2/17/18
  • BB Gun Range Master - 9/30/17, 10/14/17, and 3/10/18
  • Archery Range Master - 10/14/17 and 3/10/18
  • Tomahawk Range Master - 9/30/17
  • Slingshot Range Master - 9/30/17
You may have noticed the rifle range at Camp Tamarancho is currently undergoing a renovation. This is due to a generous grant from the California Deer Association. The structure is being repainted, roof replaced and the floor decking replaced. All improvements are expected to be completed before the rainy season and in time for planned activities starting with the Cub Scout Adventure Weekend on 9/23.
Membership Fee Increase
The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
To do this - while delivering the nation's foremost youth development program - the BSA must remain vigilant in controlling costs. Although we have been successful in reducing our expenditures in many areas, it has become necessary to evaluate our annual membership fees.
Based on feedback from both volunteers and employees, the BSA membership fee will increase to $33 for all registered youth and adult leaders, effective December 1, 2017.
Membership fees support the services that are necessary to provide Scouting to youth from Kindergarten to 21 years of age. From education to high-adventure experiences you can't get anyplace else, the BSA provides unique growth opportunities at a great value.
Services include primary liability coverage for all volunteer leaders and chartered organizations, ongoing advances in technology, fundraising support, new program development and membership recruiting strategies, and support materials. In 2016 alone, the BSA served 2.3 million youth members through approximately 270 local councils across the United States and its territories.
With the help of all of our volunteers and Scouting parents, we will continue accomplishing incredible things for young people and the communities we serve.
Online Applications and BeAScout
As you may have heard, on June 6, the BSA rolled out online registration to the Marin Council along with many other councils. While there certainly are startup glitches, there are great benefits having online registration, and it's something that people all over the country have been requesting.
First Step: Set up BeAScout
The BeAScout web site ( is the place where people from any part of the country can find you and potentially register to be part of your unit. However, if your pin is not set up or the information is not accurate, it will make it difficult or impossible for them to do that.
When someone goes to the web site, they can put in the zip code for where they want to find a pack, troop, or crew. Then, the map will show pins on it with the various unit numbers. When they click on the pin, it will show the unit contact information that you designate.
To set up your BeAScout pin, you must be the charter representative, committee chair, or unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor). Log in to, and from the top left corner, click Menu > Legacy Web Tools > BeAScout.
A screen will appear where you can adjust all your settings and information. Follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the Unit dropdown box displays your unit.
  2. Change Unit Pin Mode from council to unit
  3. Change Unit Pin Status to active
  4. Set you Apply Status to active
  5. Enter your web address (if known) in the Unit Web Site box.
  6. Add primary contacts.
  7. Check unit meeting address for accuracy (defaults to charter org address)
  8. Add addition information/logos and so on as desired.
  9. Select the fields to display on the pin
  10. Save all changes
If you have problems setting this up, email or call 972-580-2489. At the Marin Council office, we can help you with the process. However, if there are error messages or web site glitches, please call or email the above places to get help.
Using online registrations can be accessed through Menu > Your Unit. There you will find your Application Manager (manage online applications), Invitation Manager (invite people to join using their email addresses), and Organization Manager (settings for your online application process).
You can also download a helpful Online Registration Unit Guidebook by clicking this link that has detailed information.
Make sure your Scouting Door is Open!
In the Spring of 2017, we launched the Open Door Membership Campaign to grow Scouting membership in the Marin Council to over 2,000 young people over the next two years.
The Open Door campaign is designed make Scouting more visible in our communities, to let families know about Scouting in their neighborhoods, and invite them to join. We hope that every unit has an Open Door.
Having an "Open Door" comprises a few key elements. It means that your unit has a Community Presence (marching in parades, attending public functions in uniforms), has a Social Media Presence (a public Facebook or Instragram page, parents and families routinely posting about Scouting on their own feeds), and is visible in Serving the Community (school and community service projects). It also means that families can easily find a local Scouting unit online, so we ask you to take full advantage of BSA's
portal which also allows online registration. And lastly, having an Open Door means that your unit literally opens its doors through consistent recruiting activities held at different points in the year (back-to-school nights, camping displays at the neighborhood park, invitations to unit events for non-members).
The Open Door campaign runs in two cycles each year, resetting on July 1 and Jan. 1; steps need to be taken each six months for your unit's Door to be considered open.
We would like to congratulate the following units whose Doors were open (2/3's open or fully open) between January 1st and June 30th of this year:
  • Packs: 1, 7, 27, 33, 34, 53, 85, and 186
  • Troops: 15, 43, 50, 73
We'd also like to congratulate those units that achieved membership growth compared to 6/30 of 2016:
  • Packs: 7, 28, 34, 48, 59, 76, 79, 85, 186
  • Troops: 15, 50, 101, 200
  • Crews: 215, 333, 335, 533, 1220
  • Posts: 61, 74
We are also pleased with the strong start to the fall with the following units already reporting progress:
  • Packs: 27, 28, 33, 34, 42, 43, 48, 50, 53, 59, 76, 85, 186
  • Troops: 38, 43, 101, 200
  • Crews: 333
And the following units already confirming that they have an Open Door for new members:
  • Packs 27, 33, 34, 48, & 186
  • Crew 333
Every young person deserves the opportunity to join Scouting, but they will only join if we open our doors to new families. To find out more about the Open Door campaign, click here (2017 membership plan). For ideas about social media presence, click here (social media flyer).
To update your unit Open Door status for the period of 7/1/17 through 12/31/17, click this link. The survey can be updated multiple times through the period as you make progress and make Scouting available throughout Marin.

Several packs and troops in Novato showed their community presence in the Fourth of July parade.

November is the time for giving thanks. It is also the time of year to give to those in need. It's amazing how many families and people are food challenged in Marin-more than you think. The BSA national service project of Scouting for Food benefits millions of people every year.

This year, the Bay Area councils will do this service project on the first and second weekends of November--11/4 and 11/11. The weekend of 11/4 is when we distribute the door hangers; Saturday, 11/11 is when we pick up the food and bring it to the Food Bank. This year again, the need is great--perhaps greater than ever.

Since 1988, the Marin Council has gathered well over a million pounds of food for the Marin Food Bank. Last year alone, we contributed over 27,000 lbs of food when all the totals were in, during one of the rainiest days of winter! What an awesome way to teach our families how to give and to serve their community. It is a very tangible way to see giving in action and leaves everyone feeling like they have contributed significantly.

Since November 4 is immediately following the November roundtable (Nov. 2), we probably will not be able to do the orientation then to hand out the door hangers. It's just too close to the event. We will give further details in the October Dispatch on how we will handle details. We probably will have units pick up their door hangers and instructions at the council office during October.
Email Tim with any questions.
Camp Staff
Now Is the Perfect Time to Apply
Don't miss your opportunity for one of the greatest adventures you can have: working at camp. Fall is a great time to apply. Interviewing begins after the first of the year.
Marin Sierra
Applications are already flowing in! We are seeking over-21 people to staff waterfront, COPE, climbing, shotgun, rifle, kitchen, and other areas. Over-18s can work as area directors or assistants in shotgun, rifle, COPE, climbing, and kitchen. Over 16s can be lifeguards. 15-year-olds can work all summer and be paid. Counselors-in-training are 14 years old and work for 2 weeks. There is something for everyone!
For Cub Scout day camp at Tamarancho, we are seeking the same age groups for a myriad of positions as well.

Applications for Boy Scout resident camp can be downloaded by clicking this link. Cub Scout day camp applications can be found at this link. Also you can email Nancy Rozell about Cub Scout camp or Tim Wells about Boy Scout camp.
These camps our your camps!

Commissioner Fall Timeline
Welcome to another year of learning, fun and excitement for your Scouts! We appreciate your time and devotion to helping youth in Marin.
To help facilitate Scout activities for your unit, Marin Council is going to focus its efforts on four key best practice areas in the 2017-18 Scout year:
1) Rechartering. Online rechartering (see article above) will be available for your unit on October 1. There will be a complete orientation to the process before the October roundtable on October 5 at 6:45. Make sure someone is there to keep you informed of new updates and changes. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Marin Council or your commissioner.
2) Simplified Service Hours Reporting. An online recording system has been problematic to record hours and difficult for council to assist units (passwords, etc). We are going to go "old school" and simply ask that you complete a form (which we will provide) and email/send to Tim Wells or Nancy Rozell.
3) Journey to Excellence (JTE). JTE is a measurement of your health as a unit to show you where you are being successful and where you can improve. Your unit commissioner can provide to you the most recent JTE form and can discuss your unit goals for 2018. While traditionally this was done around the end of the year, we welcome beginning these discussions at any time, beginning at roundtable.
4) Training. Key to any successful program are the trained leaders. Marin has made great strides last year to ensure all leaders understand how to work with youth with Youth Protection Training. Did you know that BSA has resources to help leaders with their specific function? Did you know it is required? Online reporting can now give you a detailed list of the training by leader to share with your unit at
Special note: there is a great deal of training available, and it is easy to get a little overwhelmed by all of the options. In light of this, click here to view a simple roadmap of what training is needed by position for your reference.
If you do not know who your commissioner is, please email our council commissioner Chris Cardinal, and he will make sure you have that contact information.

The Marin Council is striving for an even more successful Scouting year. If you have any suggestions or would like to help out with any of these key areas, please speak with your commissioner, Nancy Rozell, or Tim Wells.
Unit Money-Earning Application
Don't forget to fill out the Unit Money-Earning Application for your fundraisers. It can be found on the council web site here. This form is required for any fundraiser not sponsored by the council. It helps us answer questions when people call and allows us to point them your way when they want to make a purchase! No need to fill one out for popcorn since that is a council-wide fundraiser.
Contact our office with any questions.

Search and Rescue Exploring

Explorer Post 74 wrapped up their 28th annual Marin Search and Rescue intensive summer camp training. This year due to the uncertainty of the Detwiler Fire, they made a last minute venue change from Yosemite to Marin Sierra. Things turned out great with lots of technical terrain that was new to them at Donner Pass. They invited an 11-year-old whom they rescued last winter when she fell 10 feet through the snow into a creek by Castle Peak. She trained with them all week and completed her first rappel.

The Explorers completed several challenging steep-angle evolutions along with an extended rescue scenario. They also covered a number of other core SAR skills. With well over 2500 hours of training logged, they are well prepared when the phones goes off for the next SAR mission!
If you or anyone you know (adults or youth) are interested in learning more about this Explorer Post, please contact Nancy Rozell

What's Tradin' at the Tradin' Post

Our extended fall hours will be beginning on September 14 and will run through October 28:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday--10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday--10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday--10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Marin Council Office and Store Closures
The Marin Council office and store will be closed on the following dates:
Monday, October 9
Friday, November 10
Thursday and Friday, November 23-24
Marin Council BSA, 225 West End Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901