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November 2016
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AJFCA & IAJVS Boards Vote "Yes"

Many IAJVS and or AJFCA members are wondering about dues for next year and moving forward...

A large part of the impetus for the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies has been the reality that dues paying membership associations are becoming anachronistic. Toward creating a modern association that is not (as) dependent on dues, much discussion has happened and much activity still needs to happen. The NJHSA wants to create revenue streams, within its collective areas of expertise and experience, in order to provide valuable service and gain revenue from these, e.g., it's possible that the NJHSA will sell market rate strategic planning services. Further, the NJHSA wants to form partnerships with entities in the for-profit world, creating win-win situations, e.g., a drugstore chain might partner with the NJHSA to provide geriatric care management for its customers. These are just two illustrations of what is possible. At this time, however, this is aspirational, and will be worked on, in full force, during 2017. For the time being the Steering Committee is asking all agencies to budget neutral for the next year, i.e., whatever you paid (or will pay) for 2016 is what the NJHSA will need for 2017. After 2017, it is fully anticipated that dues will be somewhat alleviated by alternative revenue streams.

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Advocacy Updates:  Legislative News from the Hill capital
NETWORK Member Benefits & News
Calls & Webinars (past recordings can be found here)  
  • Highlights from the 2016 Older Adult Services Summit and Strategic Partnerships Discussion | November 17th at 3pm ET | Click here to register.
  • Long-Term Unemployed Task Force Webinar | December 12th at 3PM ET | Save the Date - More information to follow
  • JVS Boston's Re:Launch Event Webinar|Wednesday December 14th at 1PM ET | More information and registration can be found here.

  • Registration for the 2017 LGBTQ and Ally Teen Shabbaton gatherings is open | Falls Village, CT and Angelus Oaks, CA | March 5th-75th and March 17th-19th | Join a weekend of fun, community, and learning, for an by Jewish LGBTQ and ally teens. Meet new friends, learn about LGBTQ organizing an identities, and celebrate Shabbat with a warm, vibrant community of LGBTQ and ally teens and adults.
  • Risks of Occupational Fraud: Nonprofit and Government Roundtable Series | REGISTER HERE There will be a total of 20 roundtables around the country to outline the costs, methods, perpetrators, and victims of occupational fraud for nonprofit and government entities.
  • National Skills Coalition releases toolkits to advance a skills equity agenda. Find out more here.
  • JFS Colorado announces new CEO. Read more here.
  • US Labor Department announces new online tool to help workers, employers understand medical- and disability-related leave. Read the full article here.
  • US Department of Labor:  When workers have a pressing problem, they need an online resource to provide quick and easy-to-access solutions. Introducing, a new tool to help workers get the answers they need, fast. DOL has launched the beta version today and it invites people to try it out and provide feedback. Read more here.
  • The White House: Celebrating Our Strides to Create a More Inclusive Federal Workforce Read the full article here.
Tools & Resources   
  • Best practices in older adult services resource guide available online 
    Older Adult Services professionals throughout the network have submitted programs they consider "best practices" in aging services since Spring of this year. The resource guide includes program descriptions and reviews and can be accessed through the  member resource library . Contact Liz Woodward, Director of Older Adult & Disabilities Services, at   with questions or to submit a program for the guide
  • Lets Talk Brain Health! Join the  Alzheimer's Foundation of America  and the National Alliance for Caregiving for a month-long social media discussion for family caregivers on brain health and memory. Read more here .
  • Grant opportunities from the Jewish Federations of North America JFNA has provided a list of numerous grants that are now available for your agencies. Click here for more information.
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  • PurchasingPoint: Don't for get that this comprehensive discount purchasing program is a benefit of membership...and at no additional cost to you. Check out the most recent PurchasingPoint newsletter here.