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August 2016
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Building Well-Being
Among us, we have some spectacular "collateral," great arguments and clever catch phrases to describe what we do, but do they work? 
You may have participated in sessions on "reframing human services" presented by the National Human Services Assembly (NHSA) and/or the Frameworks Institute.  The study that led to these learning sessions asked, "do they work" and, further, "what would work" effectively communicate the value and impact of human services.  Solid, multi-disciplinary research provided answers to these questions.
The research found that some of our language does not work, including "human services" and the ever-popular "safety net" (we get these terms but the public does not).  It found, however, that "building well-being across the life span" turns out to include language and concepts that people understand and appreciate.  They get that "it takes a village" to help each of us thrive and enable us to overcome adversity when life challenges confront us.
Nice words, nice to do, right?  No, necessary.  Human services are so poorly understood in our society that it will take a movement to ensure that "building well-being" receives its due, that it is understood as a fundamental part of our national purpose.  There's a toolkit that makes understanding and adopting the new frame eminently doable. Will your organization continue the gut-instinct, popular-wisdom method of presenting our narrative or join the movement?  Many are doing the latter.

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Calls & Webinars (past recordings can be found here) 
  • Rebuilding Financially After Domestic Violence: Housing | Friday, August 26th - 11:30am MT & 2:30pm MT | REGISTER HERE
  • Long Term Unemployed Task Force | Tuesday, August 30th - 2pm ET | REGISTER HERE | Learn more here.
  • Effective Outreach for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Beyond | Wednesday, August 31st - 1pm ET | REGISTER HERE | Learn more here. 
  • Stepwise Virtual Tutor Platform for Workforce Development & Developmental Math | Wednesday, September 21st - 3pm ET | Learn more & register here. 
  • Discussion Call: Working with Family Members to Support Adults with Disabilities | Thursday, September 22nd - 2pm ET | Register here
  • Updates from the Office of Disability Employment Policy | Wednesday, September 28th 1pm ET | REGISTER HERE | Learn more here. 
  • Keshet Leadership Project | JFCS Philadelphia | September 12th
    Learn more here. Contact: Liz Woodward.
    Limited spots available. Register today.
  • Older Adult Services Summit | JFCS St. Louis | September 25th & 26th Learn more here. Contact:  Liz WoodwardREGISTER HERE Join aging service professionals from 15 agencies across North America.
  • Engaging with Aging Conference  | Montreal | September 18th-20th Learn more here . Contact:   Liz Woodward REGISTER HERE  (This event is presented by the Jewish Federations of Canada and is a great opportunity for aging services professionals from North America to convene and learn about best practices in older adult and Holocaust survivor services.)
  • General Assembly Washington, DC |  November 13th-15th  Learn more here . Contact:   Liz Leibowitz  |  REGISTER HERE  ( The GA brings together volunteer and professional leaders from Federations across North America, along with those in the business of Jewish philanthropy from around the world.)
  • Risks of Occupational Fraud: Nonprofit and Government Roundtable Series | REGISTER HERE   There will be a total of 20 roundtables around the country to outline the costs, methods, perpetrators, and victims of occupational fraud for nonprofit and government entities.
  • The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities | Waynesboro, PA | December 12th-18th  Learn more & register here  (This is the application for the Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion, to be held December 12-15, 2016. THIS IS NOT the application for the regular University of Delaware Leadership Institute to be held in Delaware in January 2017 or July 2017.)
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  • PurchasingPoint provides discounts to non-profit agencies who choose to praticipate in this partnership.
  • CliftonLarsonAllen provides wealth advisory, outsourcing, and public accounting to non-profit agencies across the United States.