Ohio Medicaid budget on track
Ohio Medicaid spending is within 0.07 percent of the original budget (HB 49) as of October 2017. Looking ahead, Medicaid enrollment is slightly below projections and per person costs also are less. As a result, Ohio Medicaid now projects it will spend $160 million less than originally budgeted as of June 2018. This amount, while significant, is only 1.2 percent below the original estimate.

Ohio Medicaid delays hospital rate reduction

Ohio Medicaid is taking steps to reduce hospital spending $1.1 billion over two years as required in the state budget (HB 49). Most of the reduction has been achieved already and an additional five percent rate reduction was considered for January 1. However, because current budget projections are sufficient to offset the remaining cut, Ohio Medicaid will delay the hospital rate reduction for six months and reassess at that time whether a reduction is necessary to keep spending within the budget’s appropriation levels.