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This is our first  2018 newsletter, and we pray it finds you well.

We are thrilled and filled with joyful expectations to what our Lord has reserved for us in the upcoming months. It's been now almost two years from the time we heard the calling and begun our transition from Brazil to Portugal. Our deepest desire is to set our feet in Porto this coming August. We genuinely believe that " the plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the  Lord ,... (that) the heart of man plans his ways , but the Lord  establishes his steps." And this is our prayer to our most profound will are according to our Lord's desire.


Our hearts rejoice in our Lord's provisions during this transition times! We have many stories, more than we can place in a single newsletter that would illustrate how through His people our Savior has and is providing for everyone of our needs. He daily nurtures our desire to reach out to the Portuguese, and strengthens our faith that all that is necessary for our final move to Portugal  this coming July  will be given to us by His grace and for His glory.

Mila and Pedro continue to thrive in their schools where they made friendships for life.  We are so thankful that our Lord is filling up their spiritual and emotional buckets through their schools and friends for our next move. 

Luciene is deepening and enlarging her Family Coaching training by researching on Cultural Intelligence and Intercultural Relationships. She envisions serving missionary families by providing resources and assistance for Third Culture Kids and their parents in Portugal and to places where God would open the doors for her to serve. 

Luciano had a wonderful semester at Covenant Seminary, busy nonetheless with his full-time load. The faculty has wonderfully mentored him especially with research guidelines about the establishment of Christianity in Europe, its posterior down path to becoming a post-Christian continent, and also about Religion in Portugal especially related to Roman Catholicism.


Monthly Support
We are so thankful for the four new people who joined our team of financial supporters, and equal  thrilled for the four new supporting churches, 3 in Texas and 1 Brazilian church in New Jersey.

 "All new churches and individual supporters who have joined us came exclusively as a result of personal referrals."

One-Time Support
Churches and also individuals have been so generous to giving towards our one-time needs. We are only 28% to reach the goal and trusting our Lord to provide it.


If you feel led, you might be able to help us reach our full monthly and one-time support by referring us to churches and individuals. All new churches and individual supporters who have joined us came exclusively as a result of personal referrals.

We have put together an info-video and a form that you may share with churches and individuals about Portugal and our calling to serve there. 

Just click on the links below or copy and paste them into your browser to access the info-video and the form respectively.


  1. For God's provision for all of our daily needs.
  2. For our time with family in Austin during Christmas.
  3. For new churches, and  individual supporters.
  4. For the emotional and spiritual support we are receiving in our time in the States.
  5. For the new friendships, which we are so grateful for.
  1. Pray for God's continued provision of our on-going needs.
  2. Pray for Mila and Pedro as we prepare to take practical steps on our move to Portugal. They are very excited about moving, but it is a big transition nevertheless.
  3. Pray for new churches and individual supporters, that we reach the 100% of our monthly and one-time funds for Portugal.
We thank you so much, for your prayers,personal support and friendship, and pray that our Lord will continue to pour his blessings upon you and guard you under the shadow of his wings.

In Christ's love,

Luciano, Luciene, Mila and Pedro.