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                                                                                                       March 2018

We pray this newsletter finds you well, filled with God's steadfast love and sustained by His  incomparable grace. Through it we want to inform you on how we are, and the status on the fundraising and preparations to our final move to Portugal. 

Our family is doing well, all of us are in good health and as good Brazilians we are so looking forward to Spring!

Do you remember when in our January newsletter we said that " we are thrilled and filled with joyful expectations to what our Lord has reserved for us in the upcoming months"? What a great joy to it is to report to you that we are now at 83% of our monthly support.  Our  Lord is awesome, and He has been gracious beyond expectations towards us lately. Praise Him!

We have now those mixed feelings created by the already/not yet tension, meaning we are very close to reaching all the needed financial support, but we are not there yet. Nonetheless, we have begun taking concrete actions, prayerfully and hopefully, towards our moving to Portugal this coming August. These specific actions are regarding Mila and Pedro's school, to which we have to apply sooner to guaranty they will be able to enroll. Also, we have started our Visa process, which first relies on the receiving of an invitation letter from the Portuguese Presbyterian denomination. Then, we will add it to all the paperwork (including FBI background check) needed to be taken to the Portuguese Consulate in DC. (See our prayer requests below)

We are also looking forward to the Spring break in just a couple of weeks. We all can certainly rest from school work. And talking about school, Pedro was just recently asked to draw his perspective on perseverance. Ours and his teacher's hearts were moved by the way Pedro pictured a season of challenges and delight. As we are now much closer to move to Portugal than we were last May when we first arrived in the US, we'll let Pedro's drawing about perseverance speak for ourselves.


Monthly Support
God has really blessed us in these last couple of months. We are now very close to reaching the 100%, and we ask you to join us in prayer for the remaining 17% to come soon, so that our final transition to Portugal can go smooth.
 "All new churches and individual supporters who have joined us came exclusively as a result of personal referrals."

One-Time Support
We experienced also an increase in our one-time gifts since our last report. We still count on your prayers for us to reach the total amount budgeted. It will be used with Visas fees, Arline tickets, and settling in Porto.
If you feel led, you might be able to help us reach the 17% remaining of our full monthly and the 25% remaining of the one-time support by referring us to churches and individuals.  All new churches and individual supporters who have joined us came exclusively as a result of personal referrals.


The two medias below (Video & Form) have proved very useful to inform people of who we are and of our call to Portugal, as well as giving an easy and fast way to sign up to partner with us in God's mission through prayer and/or financial support.  Would you prayerfully consider sharing them with your family, friends and/or church?


If you haven't seen our
info-video yet,
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  1. For God's provision for all of our daily needs.
  2. For new churches, and  individual supporters.
  3. For the emotional and spiritual support we are receiving in our time in the States.
  4. For the new friendships, which we are so grateful for.
  1. Pray for God's continued provision of our on-going needs.
  2. Pray for Mila and Pedro's school application process. That they may be accepted at the school we're looking into. Also, pray for their emotional health as they deal with the transition.They are very excited about moving, but it is a big transition nevertheless.
  3. Pray for our visas. That we may accurately gather all the necessary documents. And that our visas be granted by God's grace.
  4. Pray for new churches and individual supporters, that we reach the 100% of our monthly and one-time funds for Portugal.
We thank you so much, for your prayers, personal support and friendship, and pray that our Lord will continue to pour his blessings upon you and guard you under the shadow of his wings.

In Christ's love,

Luciano, Luciene, Mila and Pedro.