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February, 2016

The THSSCO has completed the newly revised Annual Report, which reflects the activities of the THSSCO during the 2015 calendar year. It was uploaded to the Head Start Enterprise System. The newly revised report will be submitted by all collaboration offices annually on January 31st.

Effective 1/4/16, the Office of Head Start, no longer requires Collaboration Offices to complete a Self-Assessment Survey. Therefore, the THSSCO Self-Assessment Survey that was completed in December/2015 will not be communicated or posted. I do want to once again, thank those of you who took time out of your busy schedules to complete the Qualtrics Survey in our efforts to collect information for the Self-Assessment. 

The THSSCO Advisory Board participated in a conference call on 1/26/16, to discuss the progress of the THSSCO Strategic Plans for Year 1. The efforts of the advisory board will further support you in your programs in the areas of communication, access and systems. It is very important that you check your email messages and make good use of the tools and resources provided.

The THSSCO is in the preparation stage to complete the THSSCO Needs  Assessment for 2015-2016. You will receive information regarding the completion, collection and submission of the Needs Assessment Survey in the coming weeks. 

Keep in mind that the THSSCO is always busy at work for YOU! Until we connect again...stay informed! Stay alert! Let your voices be heard, and continue to work to meet the needs of the children and families in our great state! 

In Service,


Alferma Giles, Ph.D.
Director, Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office

Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) Updates

Thank you so much for being a part of The Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS). We appreciate you being a part of a registry that is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality training to caregivers in the great state of Texas.
Is it already February? How did that much time pass so quickly?  The TECPDS office hopes that during your busy, hectic, and crazy days that you take some time to stay healthy and well. After all it is Valentine's month, and we should all take some time to love and care for ourselves, as well as others.
Important Trainer Update
It has recently come to our attention of some confusion about the Texas Trainer Registry approval system, and what Core Knowledge Areas trainers can associate their number with. We want to clarify this for everyone in the hope that going forward trainers will use their Texas Trainer Registry identification number correctly. Read more here:  TECPDS CKA Letter
Tips for Saving Documents onto the TECPDS Site
If you are having difficulties uploading documents to your Workforce or Trainer account please try the following solutions:
  • Only certain types of documents can be uploaded. The following are the only types of documents that you can upload:
    • Images files with jpeg, jpg, or png extensions
    • Word documents with doc or docx extensions
    • PDF documents
    • Excel files with xls or xlsx extensions
    • Make sure your document is not too big. The maximum size you can upload for one document is 1.5MB (megabyte)
    • Save regularly. Please do not spend too much time typing and uploading without saving. You may time out and loose everything you worked on; not fun we know!
If you continue to experience difficulties send an email to tecpds@uth.tmc.edu and Program Coordinator, Dr. Tracy Jones will assist you.  
TSR Online Open to Former TSR Participants!

Great news - TSR Online is now open to former TSR sites and teachers! The Children's Learning Institute is very excited to be able to offer ongoing access to online tools and resources for our former participants. Our former TSR sites and teachers join the hundreds of Texas school districts, charter schools, Head Start programs, and Texas Rising Star certified providers already participating in TSR Online. Former TSR programs and teachers -  sign up now for TSR Online for FREE access to TSR's online courses, child progress monitoring tools, and classroom activities!

Through CLI Engage, all TSR Online participants have access to:
  • CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System
  • CIRCLE Activity Collection
  • Online Courses, including eCIRCLE (BEECH courses, new infant and toddler courses, and CIRCLE CDA Training Program courses will be added later this year.)
  • CIRCLE Observation Tools (including the COT, A-COT, and CEC)
Who is eligible?
A center or program that previously participated in TSR is eligible to participate in TSR Online IF:
  • The director AND/OR the owner has not changed since their TSR participation
  • The site is in good standing with Texas DFPS Child Care Licensing
  • If the site's location has changed, the director OR owner must be the same when the site participated in TSR

**For former TSR sites, ALL teachers and administrators at the program can sign up for CLI Engage (not just the teacher who previously participated.)


A teacher who previously participated in TSR is eligible to participate in TSR Online IF:
  • The teacher participated in TSR (2003-present)
  • The teacher completed at least two years with TSR
Ready to sign up for TSR Online?
Visit www.texasschoolready.org/online for more information
and to sign-up! Welcome back to TSR!
Updated Training Modules on the Texas ITELGs!

The Children's Learning Institute is excited to launch the updated training modules for the Texas Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines! In an ongoing effort to introduce the ITELG to early childhood professionals in Texas, we hope you will download the materials and host a training in your area!

The modules include free materials for trainers to download:
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Facilitator guides
  • Participant guides
  • Handouts
The training modules include an introduction module and a module for each of the four ITELG domains: physical health and motor development, social and emotional development, language and communication development, and cognitive development. 

CLI's Winter
Lunch and Learn

"Testing: Friend or Foe?"

If you're in the Houston area, please join the Children's Learning Institute for our Winter Lunch and Learn, "Testing: Friend or Foe?," provided free of charge through generous contributions from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This event will focus on the purposes of assessment, common misuses of assessment, and how CLI is involved in this hot-topic issue.
  • Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016
  • Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • Location: United Way of Greater Houston
  • Register here!
Children's Dental Health Month

Texas Head Start Dental Hygienist Liaison
Region VI HS DHL Coordinator
February celebrates Children's Dental Health Month and I am pleased to share these oral health tips below with Head Start staff and families.  Please remember, as your Head Start State Dental Hygienist Liaison for the National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness, I am available to assist you with dental compliance issues and to give oral health presentations during your conferences. 

Tips to Develop Healthy Habits for Healthy Smiles 
Brushing Your Child's Teeth
Brushing is one of the main ways you can keep your child's teeth healthy. A parent or caregiver should brush your child's teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice each day to help prevent tooth decay (cavities) until your child is 7 or 8 years of age. Begin brushing as soon as your child's first tooth begins to show.  Use a smear (size of a grain of rice) for children under 3 years of age and pea size for children 3-6.

Choose Healthy Drinks for Your Child
Many drinks have natural or added sugar.  It is best not to put your child to bed with a bottle or sippy cup. If you do, the bottle or sippy cup should contain only water, nothing else. Children who often sip on sugary drinks are more likely to have tooth decay (cavities).  Instead of fruit juice, give your child cut-up or whole fruit.  Water and milk are the best drinks for your child.
Fluoride is Safe and Effective
Fluoride occurs naturally in soil, plants, and water. Drinking tap (faucet) water with fluoride, brushing with fluoride toothpaste, and having a health professional apply fluoride varnish to the teeth are important ways to make teeth strong and prevent tooth decay.

Give Your Child Healthy Snacks
Young children eat small amounts of food because their stomachs are small.  In addition to giving your child healthy meals, giving your child a variety of healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables at scheduled times during the day is important to keep your child healthy.  Cut food into small pieces and avoid foods that may cause choking, like popcorn, nuts, seeds, raw carrots, or whole grapes.
Free Oral Health Materials in English and Spanish are available at www.mchoralhealth.org and http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/tta-system/health/oral-health 

Source: ECLKC
February Resources for Teachers!
February may be a short month, but it's a full of observances! Teachers, explore: https://kids.usa.gov/
  • African American History Month
  • American Heart Month
  • National Children's Dental Health Month
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month 
  • America Saves Week
  • Presidents' Day

Save the Date - July 17-20 in Austin!

"Your Children, Our Future"

July 17-20, 2016 
The Westin Austin at the Domain
11301 Domain Drive
Austin, Texas 78758

THSA Call for Papers - Official Link:

If you are interested in presenting at the THSA Conference, click on the survey link to complete the Call for Papers application.

Call for Papers application due date: April 25, 2016
Save the Date!

The 6th Annual Texas School Ready Early Childhood Summer Institute is coming back to Austin in 2016!

July 6-8, 2016
Renaissance Austin Hotel at the Arboretum

Registration will open later this Spring and, as always, is free! 

The call for proposals will open soon. TSR encourages TECPDS registered trainers to submit proposals; stay tuned for more details.
Save the Date for the Head Start
Region 6 Annual Conference!

To access conference information: http://www.reg6hsa.org/ 

To view the Schedule at a Glance and access the Scholarship Application: http://www.reg6hsa.org/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=41&Itemid=244
THSSCO Tidbits
Children's Policy Conference

Texans Care for Children is hosting their annual Children's Policy Conference in Austin on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. The Children's Policy Conference brings together Texans involved in informing, crafting, and implementing state policies affecting the well-being of Texas children. The conference offers a unique opportunity for more than 200 policy experts, community leaders, practitioners, and researchers from around the state to attend interactive panel discussions featuring leading Texas voices and policy experts. Participants and speakers have expertise in child health, juvenile justice, early childhood, child protective services, and mental well-being. The 2016 conference will cover the latest challenges and opportunities for Texas kids, innovative local efforts, and state policy updates and emerging priorities.Registration is open now!

St. David's Episcopal Church Meeting Center
301 E 8th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Upcoming Events


EHS/CC Follow Through Meeting and Collaboration Directors Meeting
February 23-26, 2016
Dallas, TX

Children's Policy Conference
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
St. David's Episcopal Church Meeting Center
301 E 8th Street
Austin, TX 78701

San Antonio Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference
"Fine Arts: Making a Creative Difference"
Saturday, February 27, 2016
San Antonio Art Museum
200 West Jones Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78215
Contact: Debbie Vera at  debbie.vera@tamusa.tamus.edu

...and more!

Do you have an upcoming event that needs to go onto the calendar? If so email tecpds@uth.tmc.edu to let us know!

Click here for a complete list of upcoming events throughout the year!
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The THSSCO is busy traveling to various conferences, events, and centers with the purpose to get to know the Texas Head Start / Early Head Start community and the various groups that impact this community. Below is a list of conferences and events that our office will be attending. Make sure you say "hello!" if you are also there:

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