United States Interagency 
 Council on Homelessness          
February 15, 2018

Centering Youth of Color & LGBTQ Young People
It is now clearer than ever that we cannot solve youth homelessness nationwide unless we can solve it for the most vulnerable young people. In many communities across the country that means designing, implementing, and scaling up strategies to meet the needs of young people of color and LGBTQ youth.  
Megan Gibbard Kline, director of A Way Home America,  explains.  
Tools & Resources To Help Communities Applying for Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program Grant

Our Tools for Action database provides a number of handy tools and resources to help you with your application for the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
Check out these resources and explore the database.

SAMHSA Funding Expands Access to Treatment for People Experiencing Homelessness

A recently announced funding opportunity from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is designed to increase access to behavioral health care and substance use treatment - a core component in the work to end homelessness.
Policy Director Lindsay Knotts o ffers context.
Is Your Community Interested In Getting Help With Move On Strategies? 
HUD is looking for communities, multi-family assisted housing owners, property management companies, HUD Continuums of Care, and state housing agencies interested in providing Homeless or Move On preferences in HUD multi-family properties.
The application for technical assistance can be found here. 

Congratulations,  Beckley VA Medical 
Center and local partners for ending Veteran homelessness across 11 counties in West Virginia!

        Read more about it here.