United States Interagency 
 Council on Homelessness          
November 15, 2017


More than 700 community organizations, churches, high schools, college groups, and others are raising awareness of hunger and homelessness in America this week.  
Locking Arms with States Across the Country to End Rural Homelessness 

We brought together leaders from 15 rural communities in Boise, Idaho, in September to better understand the challenges and opportunities that rural communities face in ending homelessness. We also wanted to help strengthen connections among rural areas to share what's working.
Communities Are Crafting Employment Strategies to Help Us Prevent and End Homelessness  
What is it going to take to ensure that all jobseekers who are experiencing or exiting homelessness can access employment and economic opportunity?  
That was the question of the day at a national summit last month that brought together five innovative communities along with local, state, and national leaders.    
Deputy Director Jasmine Hayes explains. 
You've Been Talking, We've Been Listening: Strengthening the Federal Strategic Plan 
Since we launched the newest plan revision process in July, we've learned quite a bit from you, both through our in-person listening sessions and our online portal.  
Regional Coordinator Robert Pulster highlights some of the ideas that are bubbling to the surface in order to help spark other ideas you may have.  
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Congratulations to the city of Atlanta for effectively ending Veteran homelessness!