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My dears,   


Thank you, first and foremost, for letting us send you this newsletter.  

We have many updates for you.  

Some good, some sad, some hopeful.   


YOU are what has made us successful  

over the years, and we wish to continue sharing with you in the future.   


Please take a minute to read the sections below and thank you again.




Our Next Move

You may have heard it already and, we're sad to say, the rumors are true. The store where we are located will be closing. The gas station will be demolished since the owners of the land want to make an office building.


However, we expect to be out of the store sooner than the closing date. Because of several problems we've had as sub-tenants to the gas station operators, we find ourselves having to leave to avoid further abuses.


Through the years, we have not received professional treatment. The appliances, heat and electricity have broken repeatedly, leaving us with spoiled food or freezing during the winters- as some of you have experienced. Leaks are very evident now. Basic maintenance or health regulation requirements have also been ignored.


Last week, the latest grievance became an increase to the cost of sodas, chips and ATM fees. These affect all the store customers, not just mine, but there was no regard for changing things so suddenly. Thankfully, and because this happened, we signed up for Square  credit card processing and are now taking cards with a minimum of $15. This way, you won't have to pay the $3 fee now charged at the store's ATM if you forget your cash.


In addition, our phone service was shut off without any previous notice and we were left announcing the change through Twitter, Facebook, or with posters as fast as we could. We apologize if you were not able to call in your order.


We have tired unsuccessfully to better our relationship with our landlords, asking for common repairs and replacement of goods gone bad, to no avail. It is partly my fault not to have claimed these losses in a legal way or before the Board of Health, thinking that I could solve the problems by communicating and negotiating.


But to date, we have lost food and supplies in the thousands. Since May, we have found ourselves in a legal battle trying to resolve our losses. We are very, very, sorry to say we can no longer stay here for you in the little gas station store we have grown to love so much. We thought we would stay here until next summer, because that is what the owner of the land had mentioned.


Unfortunately our landlords refuse to negotiate fairly. Because of that, we have a final hearing on September 1st here in Boston. Hopefully, if the judge ruling our case gives us enough time, we will be told to leave 296 Cambridge Street by the end of September. If not, sooner. 


I was not prepared for a quick move. Although we've been looking, we have not found a location in Beacon Hill. The rents are too high for us in this area at the moment. We need to buy all new equipment and supplies, which increase our start-up costs. But as I always like to say, "the Sun shines for everyone," and I am in God's hands.

We finalize these legal woes, which shock and disappoint us, while we are also detailing our business plan to apply for grants or loans. From our research we may have found a potential spot for us. It is located in the South End.


In this place we would continue serving the food you enjoy so much, and perhaps venture into getting a food truck to roam around the city. I know it will be different, even far for some of you, but this has been the safest option we have so far. Rest assured, that while we move, our salsa will still be on sale, just as caterings and office lunches will continue. 


As you see, something will come that is good and we hope you share the next experience with us. If you feel like lending a hand to our process please let us know, too. We are looking for resources to finance a female-owned business, like grants or low-interest loans. We would also love to have a meeting with our mayor and our governor to let them know, "we need more support for small businesses in the city!"


Because the costs of relocation will be high, we are also considering a KickStarter campaign. Any donation would help us cover permit, remodeling or law-related fees we need to cover. If you think you would like to donate $1, $5, or more, please stay tuned. Or if you have ideas for potential rewards, let us know! 


You could also help us by taking a quick survey. With it, we want to register how much business we bring into the store, rate our sales and address the relocation.


Follow the link above or find it here:



In these past 14 years I have built Villa M�xico from nothing. I changed careers from law to food, trusting only the recipes of my family. Luckily, by God's hand, I have been successful and my business form Woburn ended up in Boston.   


I have met wonderful clients, who by word of mouth helped my business grow and became my friends. With this business, I have funded my daughter's education and paid my bills. I may not be rich or have everything I need to start somewhere new again; but what I do know I have is support from you, from my family, and from my little team here. And my friends, be sure that I will keep going!


So that is it, for now, as far as news on our space go. Details are developing every day and we will keep you informed. Like I said, we hope we have until the end of September to leave. Please remember we will continue our salsa sales and catering services after that. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for being such wonderful customer-friends. You are the main part of our Villa Mexico and we hope you continue being, wherever we end up.

Other updates

*We are happy to tell you El Planeta gave us the title of "Best Taqueria in an Unusual Location" just this week. Feel free to see some photos from the event where got our award on our Facebook page. This is even more encouragement to keep going and get these awards in a place of our own.


*There are various offices in Boston and Cambridge that have begun "Burrito Days." While usually held on Fridays, these yummy days are also perfect for birthdays or any office gathering. If you would like to bring Burrito Day to your office, please talk to us! We have different prices and can deliver. The number to call is: 617.957.0725 


*Remember that we are still selling our jars of salsa online. It has been very pleasant to have orders from California, Texas or Washington, so if you need some salsa shipped visit our website! Although we process payments with PayPal you do not need to have a PayPal account, you can pay with your credit card.


*On September 22nd we will be sampling our food at the 14th annual Men of Boston Cooking for Women's Health. This great event features local male celebrities serving food from local businesses. If you'd like to attend tickets can be purchased at www.menofboston.com