The Metz Center for Sleep Dentistry

Are you & your practice ready
for the immediate future of sleep medicine?

If you hesitated for even a moment, take action now toward success!

In 1915, Charles Mayo said, 
"The next step in Preventive Medicine must be made by the dentists."   
I believe this will prove to be true, if we take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.

Dentistry originated in the Field of Medicine and now it is time to take advantage of the opportunity to be embraced by the medical community to resolve the public health concern of Obstructive Sleep Disorders.

Are you aware the future of healthcare can be reshaped by dentistry?
Dentistry, today, sits on a precipice. Now is the time to move toward medicine and a partnership with physicians!  Both medicine and dentistry have critical roles to fill to decrease the ravages of Obstructive Sleep Disorders.

The goal of the medical professions is to enable conditions for healing.  Dentistry has traditionally been focused on the "fix."  Today, we must move from "diagnose and treat" to "predict and preempt".

"The cultures of the physician and dentist are very different.  The fact is that physicians  
need dentists because they cannot adequately fit or maintain oral appliances. Dentistry  
needs medicine to monitor the health and medications of the patient. The two professions working together is very powerful." 
Now is the time cultivate your competency, expand your knowledge, network with physicians and grow your practice! 

How can you move forward?

"I have crafted an extended educational course with the end goal of true Competence in Sleep Dentistry!  My signature course will take you
to the level that I personally consider outstanding."

James E. Metz, DDS
"Sleep Medicine is not viable unless multidisciplinary approaches are the rule."

David Gozal, MD, MBA 
The Metz Competency Study Series is an
extended and intensive Course in Excellence! 

Why should you invest in this Competency Study Series?
  • The Only Proven Technique offered - Northwestern study will show that we are comparable to CPAP for all severity levels.
  • Technology - Most sophisticated CBCT scanner and cephalometric system available in the USA, learn to work with digital impressions utilizing the Trios 3, Home Sleep Testing with WatchPAT, and Understanding of high resolution pulse oximetry utilizing SatScreen.
    This will include a WatchPat study and 3 nights of study with SatScreen for each participant at the beginning and end of the course of study

  • You WILL LEARN to obtain superior outcomes and know you are doing the very best
    for your patient.
  • Learn Efficiency of Care - how to deliver a superior appliance in less time with stellar outcomes.
  • Access to our extensive Database - Understand what has and has not been proven;
    Learn what is opinion and what is fact!
    • Hands On experience combined with Lecture
    • "Nuts & Bolts" of the Airway
    • When to Screen and When to Refer
    • Oral Appliance for each attendee
    • Titration testing for each attendee - Improve your own health with a careful titration of the Metz Appliance, learn proper home care, and truly understand the problems with airway in your own life.
    • Proficiency in HRPO
    • Proficiency in TMD
    • Guest Speakers will lecture on Orthodontics, Staff training, Medicine, and Periodontics.
    • Research Study Results
    • CE credits and diploma 
The Metz Competency Study Series will include:
  • 13 days of Training within ten months in 2017
  • Attending 2 sessions of the Metz Center's Step Up to Introductory & Advanced Sleep Dentistry Continuum
    which feature the most elite speakers in this field.
  • Empowering Your Staff !
    An important key to a successful practice is maintaining a motivated, knowledgeable, and capable staff!  *The course fee allows participants to bring 1 staff member to our 2017 Step Up Continuums at no additional charge.
January 20-22, 2017 
April 7 & 8, 2017 - Step Up Continuum 
June 2-4, 2017 
September 8-10, 2017 
October 20 & 21, 2016 - Step Up Continuum   
All sessions will be held in Columbus, Ohio.

This 2016-2017 Competency Study Series is limited to 10 dentists!

Competency Study Series Fee: $22,000.*

* Course fee allows participant to bring 1 staff member to the two Step Up Continuum events given during the course of study at no additional charge.  
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now in this superior course of study. 

Cancellation Policy:
$5000 Deposit is nonrefundable if canceled less than 90 days from first course date.
Invest in your future and the success of your sleep dentistry practice now! Your patients will have superior sleep dentistry screening and treatment quickly and easily after you complete the series.  Begin implementing what you have learned promptly!

This Competency Study Series provides the valuable opportunity to learn by treating  
yourself to see what a "normal airway" feels like.  If you know the how and the why personally... your sleep practice will blossom!

Do you know of other professionals that would benefit from attending this exclusive Course in Excellence?  Please share this information with them!


Connect with important people in medicine and expand your horizon...and your practice.  Learn the ways of medicine and how referrals are made.

Whether you are a clinically based general practitioner or specialist, a researcher, or professor determined to stay at the forefront of practice and would also like to explore the emerging impact of airway on the science of dentistry...and want to be where new science is presented first, then the American Thoracic Society is for you!

"No progress can be achieved without the burden of scientific evidence."
 President, American Thoracic Society 
Dentists have been offered the opportunity to join with a true and knowledgeable partner through ATS.  It is a special opportunity, like nothing offered previously to a dentist.

" Joining the American Thoracic Society is a bold move for any dentist,  
really for many physicians as well.  It is demanding and intimidating  
but you will never find a group that tries harder to make other's lives better." 

     James E. Metz
  Chair of the ATS Dental Sleep Medicine Interest Group  

If you want recognition of intellect, ingenuity, and true concern for the patient, the ATS family of Assemblies offers the necessary scientific support. Dentistry is organized under the Sleep, Respiratory, and Neurobiology (SRN) Assembly; as the Dental Sleep Medicine Interest Group.
Join the ATS today.  It is a career path like no other.  It can lead to a rewarding career that furthers dentistry and helps people breathe, which can lead to a longer, more productive, and active life. 

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