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Welcome to our first edition of the PAA Monthly Newsletter. This is also the first month of the term of the new slate of PAA officers. It is the new leadership's intent to keep the membership and the community well informed about what PAA is doing now and in the future. Members are encouraged to become contributors to these newsletters; so let us know when you have news or features you would like to see published here. Click to email suggestions.

This is a great opportunity to see and learn a lot about the world of photography from som eone deeply involved in the art and craft of the medium. He will be making a dramatic presentation using the state of the art projection equipment at the ArtCenter of Plano.

Robert Galindo has served as a professor of photography at Richland College and is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has both a BFA and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He previously taught at Collin College in Plano. He has exhibited in dozens of noted exhibits in Texas and California. He frequently hosts photography workshops and guest lectures at major colleges and universities.

Grants, Fellowships and Awards:  
Fulbright Group Travel Award, India; 2011 Visions of Excellence Award recipient; 2007 Graduate Fellowship, San Francisco Art Institute; 1992-1994 John Collier Award in Photography; 1993 Murphy Fellowship, San Francisco Foundation for the Arts Network of Hispanic Communicators Scholarships; 1990-1991 Merit Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute; 1991 Sobel Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute, 1990.

Commercial assignments have included: photography and video services, designing, filming/video and photographing presentation packages for weddings and other occasions. Art Work includes: Video-Collages, Sound Portraits, Street Documentary, and Multimedia Travelogue.

125 SHOW 2017

It's time to enter the Plano Art Association 125 Show 2017,  
exhibited this year at the  
ArtCenter of Plano. This is a great opportunity for recognition and cash awards.

Entry deadline is July 12, 2017.
The 125 Show 2017 is open to all artists living  in a community within 125 mile
s of Plano. Judges will select the top 60 works for the show in the ArtCentre Gallery in Downtown Plano (902 East 16th Street, Plano, TX 75074.) The show runs July 26 through August 25. Reception is August 5 at 7:00 p.m. 
First, second, and third monetary prizes will be awarded in each of 3 categories (2D, 3D, and prints/photography), as well as a Best of Show award. A special Peoples' Choice Award will be presented, along with Certificates of Merit to three finalists in each art genre category. You may enter up to 3 works at $30 per work.
PAA members receive a discount when submitting more than one entry. 
Design by Will Heron for mural to be painted on the West wall of Georgia's Farmers Market
Design by Wes Hardin to be painted on the West wall of Vickery Restaurant facing DART. 

The Downtown Plano mural project, directed by the Plano Art Association through a grant from the City of Plano Heritage Commission, is coming to life. Two of three mural designs and locations have been approved for production. A third design is now under development. The two selected professional mural artists are set to begin work within the next 30 days. The murals are being created in collaboration with the Historic Downtown Plano Association and with downtown property owners. These very large murals will be a major tribute to the Plano Art Association and the major efforts of the mural committee over the past year. Thanks to Soheyla Rashidyan, Mike Korman and Gene Dillard who serve on the mural team along with Alex Hargis of HDPA and Joshua King, project administrator. And, thanks to all the PAA members who contributed to the project. Stay tuned for more updates. You can watch the artists at work very soon.

Beautiful new home of the
ArtCentre of Plano


June Members Meeting
June 27 - 6:30 at Art Centre of Plano

125 Show 2017
Exhibit July 26 - August 25 at Art Centre of Plano; reception is August 5 at 7:00 p.m.

July Members Meeting
July 24 - 6:30 at Art Centre of Plano

New PAA Website Launch
(To be announced: FYI, a temporary site will be posted for the period of development of the new site. It is not a reflection of what the new site will look like!)

International Festival PAA Exhibit (Multicultural Exhibit)
October 15 - Courtyard Theatre Gallery

PAA Plein Air Event in the Park
(To be announced)

PAA Members Show
(To be announced)

PAA Fundraising Event
(To be announced)

Maureen Jistel is the new Secretary of the Plano Art Association. She has been a member for four years and has been very active in participating in PAA events and exhibits...and a frequent winner in PAA competitions.  


As with all artists, I have been drawing since childhood. Portraiture has always been my passion.  I was fortunate to be able to study for one year at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., which afforded me the opportunity to learn life drawing skills. Unfortunately, fine art painting was not something they encouraged. I left to continue to paint on my own.  At that point, life intervened and marriage, family and supporting that family took center stage.  

  After retiring from nursing, I made the
commitment to paint full time. I was thr il led to be able to study in group sessions with Anna Rose Bain, until she stopped teaching to prepare for the birth of her daughter.   That was the first time I was able to paint people from lif e. Realizing the vital importance of continuing to paint from live models, I contacted Gene Dillard and thus began my journey with Thursday Night Live and the wonderful support of Gene and all my fellow artists at TNL. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become proficient in painting. I have found that to be true. It takes time to appreciate what you don't know.  
In the last year I have been fortunate to enter into local art competitions. With my first competition, Thursday Night Live Artists Exhibition 2016 I won First Place Painting for my painting, Childhood: Want To Play Ball? In the Plano Art Association Members Show 2017, I won Best In Show for the painting, Oil Study of Rojin. In the RCAS Spring Show, 3rd place in Oil/Acrylic for Oil Study of MarMar.
Accepted into the RCAS Regional Exhibit for Oil Study of Rojin. 

Pictured at right are the new officers elected at the end of May: (L to R) Howard Greisdorf, Treasurer; Linda McCarley, Vice President; Gene Dillard, President; and Maureen Jistel, Secretary. This team has been busily working on transitioning to a new term and to shaping agendas for a "post gallery" era.

Among the things that we are working on is a bit of a rebranding of the organization. With the adoption of a new Mission Statement and the need for sustaining the position of the association as a vibrant part of the community, we will be presenting new ideas for showcasing the association. This will include a new website, a new logo, and new branding graphics for a new look and feel for all communications. We will look to members to help us shape these new concepts.

Please give us your feedback on all your ideas about how you would like to shape PAA to be what you want it to be.
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The Plano Art Association is dedicated to encouraging the visual arts development of the membership, and inspiring awareness of the visual arts by sharing the joy, passion and beauty within and beyond our Plano community.

PAA is sponsored in part with a grant by the City of Plano. 
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