July 31, 2014    Issue 12


   Mark Moses News - Introducing CEO Coaching International



I am excited to share a few big changes happening at Mark Moses Coaching. First, we are changing the name to better reflect what we do: CEO Coaching International. Secondly, we are proud to welcome two new partners to our world-class coaching team: Sheldon Harris, expert in franchising and leadership, and David Sobel, sales growth and strategy expert. Sheldon and David are well-respected professionals bringing over 50 years of combined success and expertise that will further expand the coaching and leadership services we offer.


Sheldon Harris is a highly successful entrepreneur and executive leader who has grown and led highly respected brands from startup to global expansion. Sheldon has also been a key advisor and board member to many companies across industries as well as a keynote speaker on leadership topics. Sheldon's charisma and success in bringing out the best in people stem from his philosophy that all businesses are in the people business and that good people strategy grows all business.


Sheldon has always enjoyed adventure and fitness, and has a passion for maintaining both, regardless of what challenges may come. From homesteading in Alaska to martial arts and natural bodybuilding, Sheldon has adapted his adventures and fitness to overcome changes and challenges.   Sheldon taps into this passion to overcome obstacles when coaching businesses through change and growth. Sheldon draws on a lifetime of real-world experience, leading global INC 500 companies and turning around struggling companies to help his clients achieve greater success as entrepreneurs and leaders.


David Sobel is a highly successful entrepreneur who has built, led and expanded sales organizations for everything from startups to global INC 5000 companies. As a coach, David helps individuals and businesses achieve success by reaching three important goals: growing revenue, growing profit, and growing people. David is driven and holds his clients accountable in order to achieve their goals, ascribing to the philosophy of, "what gets measured gets done".


David enjoys coaching and teaching in other areas of his life. From Little League to martial arts, David has helped others turn a desire to win and achieve success into reality, through discipline and laser focus on what is important. David uses this same approach in creating effective sales strategy for growth and success at any phase in a company's growth cycle.


Finally, we are creating a new website to better serve our expanding community of clients. Our new website, www.ceocoachinginternational.com, will be live by September 1 and will contain detailed information about our coaching team, services and upcoming events.



                        Sheldon Harris                                          David Sobel