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‘Beauty Sleep’ Is Real. And Proven.

We all groaned when told we needed to go to bed to ‘get our beauty sleep.’ But it seems Mother’s wisdom is being supported by scientific data. A Swedish Study by The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm demonstrated that people deprived of sleep for long periods appear less attractive and more unhealthy than those who are well rested.

During sleep, your body produces hormones that stimulate recovery and repair of muscle and tissues. Skin is your body's largest organ. It stands to reason that skin would be adversely affected by lack of restorative sleep. The first thing you'll notice is puffy, red eyes and dark under eye circles. Your skin will also look pale and washed out. With frequent sleepless nights, you'll begin to notice your skin is dry, patchy feeling, and even flaky in areas. Signs of aging will be far more evident. And worse yet, hydrating creams won't penetrate well to help alleviate it. There are many causes for insomnia. Noise, change in temperature, jet lag, PMS, menopause, pregnancy, stress, are just a few. But we can take more control of our lifestyle and environment to facilitate healthy sleep that will result in healthier skin.


The worst sleep stealer may be worrying about not sleeping! That’s why it’s so good to establish good sleep habits. The term ‘sleep hygiene’ refers not to whether you eat crackers in bed, but to the environmental things we can do to help promote good sleep. These seem simple but they make a big difference.
8 Tips To Great ZZZ’s

• Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This sets your body’s natural Circadian Rhythm.

• Exercise at least 20 minutes a day to keep stress hormones from keeping you awake. But don’t exercise just before bed.

• Keep your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet. If quiet is not possible, white noise, such as a CD with nature sounds, can help. Wear a light-blocking mask if your partner has a different sleep schedule. And keep room temperature around 68 degrees.

• Spend the half hour prior to bed in a quiet, relaxing activity such as a slow read, a warm bath, or meditation. Not TV.

• Dim the lights about an hour before you go to sleep. When you wake in the morning, get outdoors in the sunlight or turn the lights on right away.

• Keep your bed for sleeping. Don’t do work, watch TV, or read in it or you won’t think of it as a place devoted to sleep.

• Go to the bathroom right before bed. It will help you sleep all through the night.

• Get up if you’re sleepless. If you do find yourself tossing and turning for a while, get up and read or journal about stressful thoughts. Go back to bed only when you are really tired. Lying sleepless in bed for long periods of time can create anxiety about going to sleep.

If the thought of looking younger and more radiant doesn’t motivate you to improve your sleep habits, maybe this will: Research has found that those who sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night have an easier time losing weight and remaining slim. That’s because they have less of the hunger-stimulating hormone in their system.

Try This ‘Beauty Sleep’ Diet.

1. Sip Some Warm Milk.
Or try nuts, seeds, bananas, or honey. They all contain sleep-promoting Tryptophan.

2. Avoid Caffeine.
Avoid caffeine or foods containing caffeine (think chocolate!) just before bedtime. Check diet supplements or medications for caffeine also.

3. Eat Large Meals Early.
Going to bed on a full stomach is bad for sleep as well as a perfect recipe for heartburn and indigestion. Ideally, your largest meal should be breakfast. It’s best to have dinner at least 4 hours prior to bedtime.

4. Reduce Liquids by 8 P.M.
You’ll be more likely to sleep through the night without those bathroom breaks. And while alcohol can seem relaxing initially, the effect wears off and you may awaken in the middle of the night with sleep trouble.

Did you know? It’s best to use your ‘active,’ skin treatment products just prior to retiring. Your body’s natural repairing cycle during sleep will make them more effective.

Rejuven-A® is the kind of ‘active’ skin treatment that will be very effective at night. While your body is repairing tissue, high potency Retinol (Vitamin A) will help accelerate your skin’s renewal process and support it’s youthful collagen structure. Not only will your skin feel softer and smoother, but our fans tell us they’ve noticed a reduction in dark under eye circles!

Exercise is vital to beautiful skin. We’ll talk about that next time.



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