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A Dentist in the House
Pioneering alum is politico in the Bahamas

RSDM alum Kendal Major is Speaker of the Assembly in the Bahamian House of
Kendal Major in his parliamentary gear.
Parliament, which requires him to wear a Colonial-style wig on state occasions. He's also the country's first periodontist. Find out why he hopes some day to become 
prime minister.
Dean Feldman, center, with the Big Ten dental deans.
Big Ten Dental Deans Meet at RSDM
Rutgers is newest member of the Ten

The Big Ten is known for its football teams, but it has dental schools, too.  What does it mean to belong to a Big Ten academic community? Dean Cecile A. Feldman invited her new colleagues to RSDM to discuss.  LEARN MORE
RSDM student Michael Mohr
Shoot to Drill
RSDM student trades photography for dentistry

Dentists and photographers have one thing in common: Not everyone wants to open up to them. RSDM student Michael Mohr, a former professional photographer, knows that the greatest challenge in either profession is building trust. LEARN MORE

Teamwork Time
RSDM's 'house' system fosters support, mentorship 
House members in their tees.

At RSDM, the house system organizes students into four groups - each with a mix of first through fourth-year students -- to foster a sense of camaraderie and support. It's a little like the houses of Harry Potter's Hogwarts, except there's no Slytherin.
McTeague, the dentist protagonist of film and literature, examines his wife's teeth.

Dentists & Pop Culture
Silent film classic paints portrait of 1900s dentistry

Critics hail it as one of the greatest movies of all time -- and it was about a dentist. Learn how this silent film by Erich Von Stroheim finds high drama in the downfall of McTeague, who runs an illegal San Francisco dental practice. LEARN MORE 


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