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Newsletter: December 2013
Middle School Field Trip
Ad Astra Rocket Company
On Tuesday December 10th, the Middle School students went to the Ad Astra Rocket Company (AARC) in Liberia, a leading spaceflight technology company dedicated to the development of advanced plasma rocket propulsion. Students learned about  the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR�),  they received small demonstrations on a few of the working principals of rockets, were able to walk through  the actual research areas, and interacted with two of the top researchers of the project. Students were greatly inspired on this journey to the future of space travel!
Holiday Concert
"Love And Its Importance Across Cultures, Religions and Nationalities"
Del Mar Academy celebrated its Holiday Concert on Friday, December 6th. Children performed music pertaining to a range of cultures, religions, and nationalities united by the theme of love.  We were also delighted by the performance of the "Russian Dance" from the Nutcracker Ballet and the DMA�s musical theater club presentation of "Beethoven Day."  The festival concluded with an amazing display of food in our shared potluck.  
Open Water Swim Practice
Manta Ray Swim Club
The Manta Ray Swim club is off to a strong start this season with its 23 members, 5 coaches, and 3 pools.  Last Sunday, the team headed into open water for a 1 km swim for the older children and a 500 m swim for the younger swimmers. Children and coaches all had a wonderful time and are looking forward to their next open water swim practice, preparing them for an open water competition in June.

Scholarship Program Fundraiser
"Noche Tropical" Gala Event
Saturday, January 11th, 2014 from 5 PM-10 PM "Noche Tropical" at Del Mar Academy campus: Live Band, Live Auction, Fun, Food, Drinks and more!

Tickets on sale at Nosara Travel and Rentals, Marlin Bill's Restaurant, Nosara Resale and Del Mar Academy. $50/per ticket buys you fabulous entertainment and fun, scrumptious food and complimentary beverage (cash bar), and 100% of proceeds go to our worthy "Fundacion para las Becas de Del Mar Academy". This is the party of the season to honor our volunteers, donors and scholarship families, while raising funds to award new scholarships and continue with our existing scholarship recipients. January 11th- Buy your tickets now, mark your calendars and plan on a great time. We will see you there to kick off 2014!
End of Year Workshops at DMA
Sponsored by the Scholarship Foundation
Dec. 23, 24, 26, and 27  and December 30-January 3rd. From from 9 am to 3 PM.  Ages are 4 years through middle school. This is taking place at Del Mar Academy. These camps are being led by 7 Mount Holyoke college student interns. They are organizing our pilot program of offering camps over the winter break and if successfully, we hope to take over the DMA summer camp program as part of the scholarship program. The winter camps are free and the summer camps would be priced similarly to previous summer camp sessions offered at DMA. Topics range from: cooking, physical education, dance, swimming, team building, physics and math, creative writing and drama, to arts and crafts, world cultures, natural sciences. For more information about the end of year camp, email .
Nosara Ecological Blue Flag 
Community Festival
On Saturday, November 30, members of the DMA and greater-Nosara community gathered at Serapio Lopez School in Nosara for the festival, "Nosara: Ecological Blue Flag Community 2013" which celebrated the achievements of the 17 ecological Blue Flags in six categories: beaches, schools, sustainable homes, protected areas, climate change and community.

DMA�s original play "El Bich�n Basur�n" was performed by the 10 ladies from the Nosara Recycling and Education Center and our students sang along with the Bich�n Basur�n song.
Five-Year Strategic Plan
Launch Party
The DMA Board of Trustees hosted a launch party on November 21 to celebrate the publication of its Five-Year Strategic Plan, which is a written plan that will guide the school throughout the next five years. The plan identifies specific goals in the areas of 1) its plan for the school buildings and land, 2) its financial plan, 3) the excellence of its school programs, 4) offering financial aid, and 5) its plan for communicating effectively. Along with these specific goals, the strategic plan identifies specific strategies for achieving each goal. We hope all members of the school community will read this document and share your thoughts with us by email or in person. 

Professional Development
English and Spanish Lessons for our Faculty
DMA is committed to having a strong professional development program for its faculty.  This year, one part of professional development is that the school and the teachers are sharing the cost of English and Spanish language lessons offered on campus after the school day.  Seven members of the faculty currently are participating.  As the bilingual program is an essential aspect of DMA's mission, supporting teachers in the further development of their English or Spanish was identified as a priority.

Board of Directors Workshop
with DMA�s consultant Terry Edeli

On Thursday, November 16, the board of education's consultant Terry Edeli led a workshop with the Board Members on the board's roles and responsibilities in governing the school as well as on the implementation of the DMA's strategic plan.  Mr. Edeli, who is Mr. Joey's father, has been "coaching" the Board of Trustees on different topics, including the Strategic Plan creation, for several years.  He has many years of experience leading independent schools and working with boards of education.


Here we would also like to welcome our new board member Angelina Fraser, mother of DMA students Ruby and Sunny.

Aventura Nosara
Running Race
On Saturday, November 16, 16 DMA students joined the 1 km Aventura Nosara children�s race to support Nosara's volunteer firefighters. It was a great experience for them. Our youngest competitors were only four years old and completing the race was a big accomplishment for them.  Each one got a medal of participation and was honored for their participation at our school in one of our "acto c�vicos". 
Environmental Theme for this School Year
Each year DMA chooses an environmental theme that is woven into almost every aspect of our school. This year the Environmental Committee decided that it was important to choose a theme related to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, due to the opening of the Nosara Recycling and Education Center and the large threat that garbage possess in our community.  The children were presented with three different titles for the theme: "Trash is Treasure", "Re-invent" and "Upcycling". During an acto c�vico children choose by majority the name "Re-invent".  The Lower and Upper Elementary classrooms already have picked up trash at the beach and created  beautiful signs re-inventing a use for that discarded material. Many projects will be done during the year in which students use their imagination to re-invent a world with no trash. 
Open House and Parent Education Workshop
A window into our classrooms/ BePeace Workshop

On Friday October 25, we held the first "Open House" and Parent Education Workshop. The open house is a great opportunity for children to show their work, Montessori materials and classroom to their parents.  During this same day, we held an Education Workshop related to BePeace, a way for building social and emotional intelligence that we are using with DMA students.  Open houses and parent education workshops are an integral part of our school. We hope to see more parents participating in the workshops which are very valuable to help your children thrive!

Halloween Party
A fundraiser for the DMA Community Service Committee
DMA hold its sixth annual Halloween Party at Paseo del Sol with the participation of many families. This year, parents performed a spectacular dance of the "Thriller" song with the guidance of Ms. Meagan.  Proceeds from food and drink sales from this event benefit the  work of Del Mar Academy's Community Service Committee, which is partnering with the Surfing Nosara Foundation to provide school supplies to local children and schools.  The Halloween party, as always, was a social highlight of the school year!

Nosara River Mouth Clean Up
International Coastal Clean Up Day

The Environmental Committee organized a beach cleanup on the Nosara river mouth on Saturday, September 29.  Children and their parents collected more than 15 bags of garbage which were classified into plastics, glass and aluminum. Most of the trash collected was composed of plastics which were taken to the Nosara Recycling and Education Center. This clean-up activity was part of the International Coastal Clean-up day.  A data collection sheet was sent to the organizers, who publish the world wide results of this campaign.
"Jacinto Basurilla" National Campaign visits DMA
Sponsored by the CR Tourism Council
On September 24th, "Jacinto Basurilla" visited Del Mar.  "Jacinto" is the main character of a national campaign sponsored by the Costa Rica tourism chamber which teaches children the importance of having a clean country and working proactively towards preserving our natural environment.  Jacinto Basurilla also visited the other Blue Flag Schools in Nosara. 
Splash Program
International Participation
This trimester the Splash Program has hosted students from Sweden, Norway, Canada and the United States. Many children join the program without knowing either Spanish or English, but they thrive nonetheless. Splash is a program created for visiting students to our school. They take Spanish lessons in the morning and are tutored with the work they bring from their home town school in the afternoon. Splash students join our regular students for recess, lunch and extracurricular activities held in the afternoons.  Toddlers joining Splash participate in the regular toddler classroom.


Nosara SurfCam
Supporting the DMA Scholarship Foundation
Nosara SurfCam is a website that shows real time footage of the surf on Playa Guiones. By placing an ad on this website, customers receive great traffic and the profits of the ads all go to our Scholarship Foundation. We have recently begun to revitalize this website and to start working on getting more ads. Our hope and goal with this website is to be able to support at least a couple of NEW scholarship students for next year (2014 is the next time we would take applications for scholarship openings).