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Issue No. 101
November 2015
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-Dispute Boards: Quantification & Substantiation of Contractual Claims
-Project of the Month: Mega-Infrastructure in Iceland

New DAB Educational Opportunity:

'Intensive Dispute Board Training Programme'

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1-4 February 2016
Munich, Germany

Welcome cocktail reception to be held on the evening of 31st January 2016.

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Chern on Dispute Boards, 3rd Edition

This new 3rd edition of "Chern on Dispute Boards"  examines the law of dispute boards and their development around the world, while also covering procedural topics that are of particular concern to those utilising them. It deals with advanced practitioner issues in the emerging law of dispute boards on an international scale.

This book guides the reader through the complexities of commercial and construction disputes and their successful resolution, and also presents a way forward for the dispute board members themselves to administer dispute boards all over the world. It is therefore the number one guide for engineers and construction lawyers, and dispute board stakeholders worldwide.


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Vällingbydepån (the Vällingby Subway depot), Stockholm metro, Arild Vågen, CC BY-SA 4.0
 Vällingbydepån (the Vällingby Subway depot), Stockholm metro
Arild Vågen, CC BY-SA 4.0
Upcoming Events:
  • First Inaugural Member Event - TBA Germany
  • Intensive DAB Programme 1st - 4th February, 2016, Munich, Germany
  • PPP Programme, Hanoi, Vietnam - Spring 2016

Special Article Series on Dispute Boards: Quantification and Substantiation of Contractual Claims
Mark Entwistle_ FDBF
Starting this month, we are fortunate enough to begin a series of articles written by Dispute Board Federation member Mark Entwistle (FDBF) on Quantification and Substantiation of Contractual Claims-  principally in construction and engineering- as well as some of the more difficult and challenging aspects of Dispute Boards within this context.

The series will cover four key subject areas:
  • Additional head/home office overhead recovery
  • Claims arising from disruption or unproductive working
  • Additional site set-up/preliminaries charges
  • Interest/financing charge recovery
Several particular aspects of quantum claims will be discussed using the FIDIC Red Book of contracts as a model (although all other FIDIC Contracts can be taken as following the same model so far as financial recovery for claims is concerned).

The opening article for the series begins with  Head/Home Office Claims.    Continue to the article.

Mark Entwistle (Barrister and Quantity Surveyor) is a Fellow of the DBF and is listed in the FIDIC President's List of Approved Adjudicators. He will be pleased to address any questions or issues arising out of this paper.
Project of the Month:  Iceland's Super Dam

Iceland's Kárahnjúkar Electric Project

In a land known for volcanoes, glaciers and very few people,the Kárahnjúkar Electric Project has been Iceland's most ambitious infrastructure mega-project.

Using the power of two rivers that eventually combine into one sparked the beginning of this effort to produce more energy, which resulted in the creation of the Kárahnjúkar Super Dam. Once completed, the entire project was actually comprised of three dams, a mega-piping system and finally a hydro-electric generator plant.

The trio of dams are located in the mountains of east Iceland and include the Desjara Dam, Saudardal Dam, and the main dam (and largest) - the Kárahnjúkar. Construction started in 2003 and was completed in 2009.


Peter Rosher_ FDBF
Peter Rosher, FDBF

Peter Rosher, FDBF

Partner, Pinsent Masons -  Dual-qualified French Avocat à la Cour and UK Solicitor

Country: Based in Paris, France

Expertise: Peter Rosher  specialises in international commercial and investment arbitration.

Mr Rosher  has particular experience in international engineering, construction, energy and infrastructure as well as considerable experience in telecommunications and general commercial disputes.

He has handled arbitration cases both on an ad hoc basis (including UNCITRAL) and under the rules of international arbitration institutions (ICC, LCIA, SCC, SIAC, ICSID) in many jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Peter is an experienced advocate, having appeared before numerous international arbitral tribunals. He also sits as arbitrator.

Emanuel Cardenas
Emanuel Cárdenas

Emanuel Cárdenas González Zúñiga, PDBF
Professional Member 
Pizarro, Botto, & Escobar Abogados

Country: Peru

Expertise: Construction, PPP and Arbitration Law

Emanuel Cardenas is a l awyer specialising in Construction Law, Law of Concessions, Financial Law, Arbitration and Alternative Mechanisms Dispute Resolution, with an emphasis on advising foreign companies as investors in infrastructure in Peru. He has also served as in-house counsel in the construction consortium of Metro Line 2 of Lima and Callao.

Mr Cardenas is  currently a member of the Bar Association of Lima (CAL), International Bar Association (IBA) and the Society of Construction Law UK. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


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