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For a Child with Facial Deformities, Straight Teeth
RSDM Orthodontist Publishes Case Study
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The 11-year-old patient had Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can cause severe facial deformities and an abnormally small jaw. Although the boy, "C.A.,'' had several symptoms of the disease -- he couldn't close his mouth entirely and had difficulty eating -- one bothered him most of all. "He said, 'I have crooked teeth,'" recalls RSDM Dr. Thomas J. Cangialosi. 

Eoin Halpin, left, and Mike DiOrio

Dental Dubliners
RSDM Students Visit Irish Dental School

Mike DiOrio had never heard the term "atraumatic caries removal" until he visited Ireland. But at Dublin Dental School, it seemed symbolic of Ireland's approach to oral healthcare, says DiOrio. Last month, he and student Eoin Halpin got a close up look at how the Irish train dentists in a program funded by the International College of Dentists. LEARN MORE



Cavity Free
Sealant Program Helps Newark School Kids

Student Charmy Patel described the process this way to her second-grade patient: "Have you ever had your nails done? It's sort of like that. We paint the sealants on your teeth with a brush." Pupils from University Heights Charter School were among 150 Newark school children who got a check up, teeth cleaning and dental sealants to help prevent cavities last month.
Lessons In Diversity
RSDM Cultural Competency Courses get Recognized
"No one is ever done becoming culturally competent," says Dr. Rosa Chaviano, who teaches a course called Culture and Communications in Healthcare. "It's a continuous learning process. More than anything, it's having those conversations where we're recognizing what we're bringing to the table -- the baggage, the biases -- and discovering how we work with that to improve ourselves and become better health care providers. The success of RSDM's cultural competency courses was featured in the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger last month. LEARN MORE 
RSDM Dean Speaks out on Reducing Student Debt
Burden is too great, says Feldman

Dean Cecile A. Feldman, an outspoken advocate of student debt reduction, tackles the issue in this month's Journal of Dental Education. According to Feldman, easing the burden of student debt can potentially result in more dentists who treat the undeservedLEARN MORE


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